Of Understanding and Benefiting From African Nationalism

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.” African Proverb

African Nationalism (AKA Black Nationalism) must precede Pan-Africanism and it remains the only means to African Power (AKA Black Power.) However African Nationalism is near Universally misunderstood. A Nation is an Organization. As an Organization it has Complementary Advantageous Roles. In a Nation these are called Classes. The rest of the discussion comes from Ancient Wisdom and calls for your Assistance in African Nationalism. “There grows no wheat where there is no grain.” No one will give you Power. You must create it. The African Blood Siblings is the Organization for African Power. Subscribe, share, love.

Of Understanding and Benefiting From African Nationalism
By Onitaset Kumat

Wheresoever Greed rules, it compels men and women into Slavery. For Greed’s perception of Peace involves the endless Seeking of Possessions and when Greed Governs it immoderately takes from the Governed. This causes Poverty and “Poverty is Slavery.”

As a Chicken on a farm perceives itself as receiving the best medical care, the best food, the cleanest water and the easiest life; so too does the African in America as compared against other Africans. Yet though at a Farmer’s whim a Chicken can become dinner, the Chicken is more Powerful on a Farm than an African is in America. The African in America perceives herself Blessed to be Exploited, constantly convinced that things are getting better and this nation is the greatest in the world. Christopher Jordan Dorner himself, rejected by Europeans then burned to death in his Cabin, wrote in his Manifesto, “This is America. We are not a perfect sovereign country as we have our own flaws but we are the closest that will ever exist.”

Malcolm X left a legacy of Wisdom behind. Here he speaks directly to this theme,

“You tell me what kind of country this is. Why should we do the dirtiest jobs for the lowest pay? Why should we do the hardest work for the lowest pay? Why should we pay the most money for the worst kind of food and the most money for the worst kind of place to live in? I’m telling you we do it because we live in one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on this earth. It’s the system that is rotten… It’s a system of exploitation, a political and economic system of exploitation, of outright humiliation, degradation, discrimination-all of the negative things that you can run into … under this system that disguises itself as a democracy …And you run around here getting ready to get drafted and go someplace and defend it. Someone needs to crack you up ‘side your head.”

The Trinity of Liberation is Politics, Economics and Culture. These Correspond to the Three Complementary National Classes: The Peace Seeking Class, the Possession Seeking Class and the Consciousness Seeking Class, respectively. The Cooperation of these Classes form Nations, where Nations are the sole expressions of Power. As such African Power comes from African Nationalism which comes from the Cooperation of African Peace, Possession and Consciousness Seekers. Today Africans, especially in America, Cooperate with European Peace, Possession and Consciousness Seekers. This is European Nationalism. Not only the wrong Nationalism, but the Empowerment of those Chancellor Williams describes as “the implacable foe, the traditional and everlasting enemy of the Blacks.”

Unbeknownst to most, there are Two Nations in America. An African Nation and a European Nation, of which the latter is Powerful and the former, Powerless. Their Power directly relates to whom participates in their National Classes. Today, most Africans participate in and identify with European Peace, Possession and Consciousness Seekers. For instance, European Law Enforcement, European Businesses and European Government, respectively. Hence most Africans are unwitting European Nationalists. However in that participation in and identifying with African Peace, Possession and Consciousness Seekers is the requirement to African Nationalism, African Power is achievable within a Generation. This is the mission of the African Blood Siblings.

Marcus Garvey articulated on the benefits of Power: “The only protection against INJUSTICE in man is POWER—Physical, financial and scientific.” Power also decides who will get the Food, Water, Medicine and Energy when any become scarce. Frederick Douglass commented on the theme admirably, “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” That People can Enslave People is itself a testament to Power. That People can remove their shackles is another testament. Power is National–Nations are Classes. African Nationalism as articulated by the African Blood Siblings can Liberate African people. Africans need only Apply. The Ancients had said, “Peace is the fruit of activity, not of sleep,” and “There grows no wheat where there is no grain.” John Edward Bruce put it, “A strong nation has never in all its history voluntarily weakened itself by making weak races their successful rivals in the game for power.” Marva Collins get’s the last word, “Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail.”

11 thoughts on “Of Understanding and Benefiting From African Nationalism

    1. Sister Janet,

      In the African Blood Siblings Pamphlet “Maroon and Build For Self,” there is a prophetic quartet reading,

      “So we have one need: A Philosophy
      Let praxis be self-determination
      Then we may pacify their predation
      Reclaiming, at last, our legacy.”

      (Emphasis mine)

      It is necessary to “Practice what we Preach,” especially if we are serious about Pacifying their Predation. In this respect, I’m busy recruiting and reflecting. It’s not enough to read and write articles while our people suffer. Rallying by way of recruitment is necessary if we are serious about racial uplift.

      Please check out the archive, encourage donations and consider becoming a recruit. Our condition won’t get better without our initiative. Please assist however you can.


      1. Sister Janet,

        You are appreciated. I try to update the posts only on the third days of a month (3rd, 6th, 9th . . ..) I intended to wait until the 27th of February or the 3rd of March, but one will come in less than an hour today, and I plan for one on the 27th and a 10-Part Series throughout March. Stay tuned and keep me informed on how you enjoy upcoming and earlier posts.


  1. Brother Oni,
    The nature of greed is an incessant desire for material possessions. It also leads to slavery as you have pointed out. I was watching the Melissa Harris-Perry show this morning, with Joy Reid sitting in for Melissa Harris-Perry. Part of the discussion was the quest for more and more power in order to control the mindsets of the people. The focus this morning was on the Koch brothers. They are each worth about 34 billion dollars. In addition to buying “elected” officials, they set up foundations affiliated with colleges/universities. In exhange for the huge sums of money the schools control through the foundations; The Koch brothers say who will be hired and thereby what will be taught. Below is a link to the show. The Koch brothers are discussed after the Iraq war:

    It’s too bad that Christopher Dorner and other Blacks identify with America. Indeed, this is our downfall. Blacks were never meant to be citizens of the United States, regardless to what the 14th amendment says. This is more trickery. Words on paper are worthless, unless reality coincide with the words. Unfortunately, Dorner bought into the trickery, hook, line and sinker.
    If he understood the true status of Blacks, he would have survived the wickedness and betrayal. As Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael) said: “(Have You Heard”)We Are At War”.

    It is a paradox that the only way Blacks will overcome is through thinking of themselves as a nation, thus harnessing their power. However, the present status of things is that Blacks in general resist thinking of themselves as a nation; Even when Whites have written many books detailing to us that we are a nation within a nation.

    1. Sister Dallas,

      Chapters 8-11 of Blueprint for Black Power touch upon the whole Koch subject. From “the special-interest process” to “the policy-formation process” to “the candidate-selection process” to “the ideology process.” The methodology is older than the Koch’s. The methodology is “as American as apple pie.” The methodology can be traced back to “Occidentalism” and the European Asili ( https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/directory/abs/lore/races/occidentals/ ). As the saying goes, “Boys will be boys; dogs will be dogs; and White men will be White men.” Tribalism is the name of the Occidents. Melissa Harris-Perry in the form of Joy Reid does no favors in hiding the typicality. In the clip, the White man especially exposes the Nature of Whites when he points out how the Democrats have overfunded think tanks too. What the Koch’s are doing is only being disreputed because they follow a different White Tribe (“Conservatism” and “Libertarianism.”) Yet the Clinton’s and the Kennedy’s and the Roosevelt’s activity doesn’t bother them. It’s upon us as Africans to either exploit this divide or ignore it; however we must never fall into the obfuscating Tribalism. Our problems are Europeans; not the individual flavors of Europe.

      Insomuch as we don’t see this clearly, our problems are formidable. The object of our labour is to detail the reality of our oppression that we may achieve Self-Determination.

      I am thankful to you for your contributions thereto, intellectual and otherwise,

    2. i dont think it matters much if people identify with it, as more than (mere) words, they operate in allignment with it, almost daily. all the while, as it holds our basic drives and desires captive, there arent many alternatives ot this white supremacist, euro-orientated domination

    1. The alternative to (and opposition of) Oppression is Self-Determination. Self-Determination is Seeking and Developing one’s own Peace, Possessions and Consciousness. In Oppression, Africans Seek and Develop European Peace, Possessions and Consciousness. I.e. Europeans are the Peace Developers (Police Officers who Order us), Possession Developers (The Producers from whom we Consume), and the Consciousness Developers (The Educators who teach us their Mythologies.)

      In a condition where Africans Seek and Develop African Peace, Possessions and Consciousness, Africans are Self-Determining, free of Oppression, Liberated and in Control. The difference has been laid out many times. Cheikh Ante Diop did so here:


      I outlined the more recent example in Suriname:


      And created a few examples here:



      I hope this helps.

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