The Man Who Rapes Men in Prison — A Play

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“The function of Propaganda is to identify the target’s forces and enemies.” — Onitaset Kumat

When it comes to Propaganda, the Caucasian is beatable but nearly unchallenged. This play is a vocal challenge against his agenda. We need to be clear on who among our people are our viable forces and who aren’t. Are same-sex predators for the African Family or are so-called homosexuals agents of African confusion and European Culture? I do not doubt that this is a sensitive subject in the West, where Africans will not wince at the repeated utterance of ‘Nigger’ but will feel uneasy whenever one says the word ‘Faggot.’ However Martin Luther King, Jr. had said “Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular – but one must take it simply because it is right,” and I tend to agree. We as a Race will not excel if we hide behind Cowardice, Expediency or Vanity. If any Organizer can not announce to the world that the Caucasian is your enemy and Homosexuality is exclusive to the Caucasian’s culture, then that Organizer is unfit to Organize you. And if you understand the wholesale rape in prisons fostered by Caucasian oppression and the wholesale homosexualization of African men and women not yet in prison or dead, but you still feel repulsed by any ‘anti-homosexual rhetoric’ then I wish you better understanding in the years to come. However for now I will make it clear. We can not afford to sacrifice our traditional Family structures for a pat on the head regarding our ‘tolerance.’ A people should never be ‘tolerant’ of their destruction.

The Man Who Rapes Men in Prison — A Play
By Onitaset Kumat

Guru: You really quiet for a nigger locked up. (Pause). Nigger why you don’t talk? (Pause) Nigger!
Amipon: (To himself) I’m not a nigger.
Guru: What you say?
Amipon: I said I am not a nigger.
Guru: Well you look like a nigger.
Amipon: Well alright buddy.
Guru: (Pause) Can’t believe a nigger said he ain’t a nigger. (Pause) Hey nigger how you figure you ain’t a nigger?
Amipon: My name is ‘Amipon,’ not nigger.
Guru: Oh, you funny, Amipon. (Pause) They call me ‘Guru.’ (Pause) On the count of me reading all the books here.
Amipon: Here? There are no books here.
Guru: You are funny. In the library.
Amipon: Is there a library here?
Guru: Every prison has a library. Well every prison I have been to.
Amipon: How long have you been in prisons?
Guru: Twelve years now.
Amipon: I see.
Guru: You should check out the library. Good books in there.
Amipon: I do not plan to stay that long.
Guru: (Loud Laughter) Nigger how long they give you?
Amipon: Crackers don’t give me anything, I create.
Guru: Nigger, you in prison ain’t you? How long they say?
Amipon: They said indefinite, no time limit, multiple life sentences, but I never believe a word a cracker says.
Guru: Nigger, you in prison ain’t you? What’s there not to believe? Think Whitey going to just free you?
Amipon: No, I never look at crackers for my liberation. No, I know our people are going to free me.
Guru: You funny. What they charge you with? Insanity? Being too funny? Being ridiculous?
Amipon: Man, shut up!
Guru: (Getting up) What you say nigger?!?
Amipon: I said shut up. I am not afraid of you.
Guru: Nigger you soon will be. Keep up your funny talk.
Amipon: “The hunter in pursuit of an elephant does not stop to throw stones at birds.”
Guru: Nigger I oughtta–
Warden (off-stage): Be quiet in there!
Amipon: You talk so big to me, but you are silent when your oppressor speaks. (Pause) Really silent.
Guru: You’ll learn.
Amipon: I doubt it.
Guru: Whatever man. (Pause) What they got you in here for?
Amipon: The book: Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Inciting a Riot, the book.
Guru: So you are a murderer?
Amipon: I murder the Whites in Black minds, so yeah.
Guru: Nigger was you a poet?
Amipon: I’m just an African in America.
Guru: Nigger, you funny. (Pause) But we going to have to get serious now. I’mma need you to come suck my dick.
Amipon: I beg your pardon?
Guru: Nigger you in prison now, I ain’t have a cellmate in a while, you a small looking Nigger, I’mma need you to come suck my dick.
Amipon: You must be out of your African mind.
Guru: Well I’m about to beat your African ass.
(They fight: Amipon is victorious.)
Amipon (agitated): You stupid fool. You some kind of faggot?
Guru: (Whimpers unintelligibly to self)
Amipon: Answer me! You some kind of faggot?
Guru: I ain’t no faggot.
Amipon: So what was that?
Guru: Nigger–
Amipon: Don’t you call me a ‘nigger’ again.
Guru: Amipon, this is prison.
Amipon: What you trying to say?
Guru: I didn’t like when I was raped, but neither did my rapist, but ni–Amipon this is prison.
Amipon: So someone rapes you and you don’t kill him?
Guru: You don’t get it.
Amipon: Instead you, yourself become a rapist?
Guru: You don’t get it.
Amipon: Sound like you are just a faggot.
Guru: I’m not a faggot man.
Amipon: Then you are just a punk.
Guru: (Whimpers unintelligibly to self)
Amipon: I am not worried about your ‘gang’ here, I’m not even staying here.
Guru: You can kick my ass, but you ain’t doing shit to the guards.
Amipon: Let me worry about that. (Pause) Guru, ha. Why am I not surprised a fool would be named ‘Guru?’
Guru: I’m not a fool.
Amipon (no longer agitated): How you figure?
Guru: I read every book in this library, I know everything that goes on here, I am not a fool.
Amipon: Every book crackers approved for a prison? Everything that goes on in a prison? Man that’s not impressive and it’s not even true. You read every book? What do the prison logs say? Who are their personnel, what are their shifts, how much do they get paid? Every book! And everything that goes on in this one little institution? Yeah sure. If you knew that and didn’t find out how to escape for twelve years, then you are a fool.
Guru: (standing up) Ni–
Amipon: Don’t get beat again!
Guru: (sitting down) (Whimpers unintelligibly to self)
Amipon: You know what makes you a real fool? You are a Whitened man and you don’t even know it. (Pause) Black as you are, you’ve been Whitened in these walls. You turned White and became a faggot rapist and I bet you, you worship Whites, too.
Guru: I only worship God.
Amipon: ‘God’ is what Crackers gave you. ‘God’ is not Olodumare, Nyame, or Amen, ‘God’ is what the Cracker gave you to worship Crackers.
Guru: You can’t talk about a man’s God.
Amipon: You ain’t a man. You a punk faggot. Besides, I defer to no Cracker God. No Caucasian!
Guru: I see why they locked you up.
Amipon: Well I am getting out of here, punk.
Guru: You ain’t going nowhere!
Amipon: I will. How you let this Cracker reduce you so much?
Guru: What are you talking about? I ain’t never been shit anyway.
Amipon: You have been a lot before. You have been a Healer, a Hunter, a Protector, an African! You have been a lot before! But now you are you. Reduced. You don’t heal. You don’t hunt. You don’t protect. You have been reduced. And you let the Cracker reduce you!
Guru: Man.
Amipon: You’ve been something before, but you ain’t much now. You’ve been reduced. (Pause) You ever thought of that man? How this Cracker got you preying after your Brothers but praying over Crackers? Have you ever thought about that man? How you make your Brothers worthless pieces of meat for you to nut; but Crackers are your ‘almighty?’ Have you ever thought of this man? Guru? Imhotep! You fool! You ain’t never been a faggot before this White man trapped you in this cage; you ever thought of that African! When a beast is caged, it adopts the culture imposed upon it. This White man reduced you to a beast. You adopted his culture. You adopted his faggot ways. You became a punk. (Pause) The weakening of the Black race. (Pause) You lived this life a boy. You never became a man did you? This Cracker! You let him change you–into a confused fool–you let him change you!
Guru: You don’t understand.
Amipon: No you don’t. (Pause) I’m getting out today. Because I ain’t never been no punk. (Pause) You a prisoner of war because you ain’t had no sense to prepare for war. But me I’m getting out today.
Warden (off-stage): Lock everything down. There were explosions in sector C.
Guru: Somethings happening.
Amipon: No shit Imhotep!
Warden (off-stage): Everyone calm down, everything is under control!
Amipon: On the outside, fools say faggot ways is natural.
Guru: Man . . . something is happening!
Amipon: Faggot ways are natural with crackers. That’s no doubt.
Guru: You hearing this rumble?
Warden (off-stage): Secure the prisoners!
Amipon: But Brothers, they were never faggots on the outside but this changed them.
Guru: You hearing this?
Warden (off-stage): I need back-up here now. We’re being overwhelmed! Back-up! Back-up!
Amipon: This intense concentration of cracker ways, cracker supervision, cracker culture transformed them.
Warden (off-stage): Oh my God!
Amipon: This is the White man’s plan, the weakening of the African race It’s global; not limited by prison walls.
Warden (off-stage): Retreat!
Guru: They are retreating! Black men are fighting and killing and winning, what is this?
Amipon: Too many punks in our race.
Guru: Not these guys! Who are these guys!
Amipon: Those are my brother warriors. (To others) Guys let me out! (Gets released from cell)
Guru: What the? Can you take me?
Amipon: You must be out of your African mind. You know damn well you don’t want freedom. If you wanted it, you’d have warriors coming for you.
Guru: It’s not that easy.
Amipon: I did it. And I didn’t even read every book they gave me. (Laugh) The gate is open. Do what you will. Shem ee em Hotep.
Warden (off-stage): It’s over. We won! What was all that about? Anyone missing? (Pause) Hey Guru! Close your celldoor! Where’s Amipon? Guru!!! I need back-up Amipon is missing. Guru is free and unresponsive. Guru where is Amipon?
Guru: (To Himself) I’m a Man! I don’t worship Crackers. They locked me away for 12 years, limited me, tortured me, REDUCED ME. I’m a Man! A Man!
Warden (on-stage): Back up, I need back-up!
Guru (To Himself) I can run out of this cage, I’m free. Free by my Brothers and Sisters, from 12-years of chains, no 32-years of chains.
Warden (gun fixed on Guru): Guru, where is Amipon? I’m warning you Guru!
Guru (To Himself): I can run. I am free. A man would fight his enemy to his last breath. They’ll shoot me, but I’ll be a free man. I can run. I can fight.
Warden (gun fixed on Guru): Guru, what are you thinking?
Guru (To Himself): A man would run; ain’t I a man?
Warden (gun fixed on Guru): Guru what are you doing, we’ll shoot! (Pause) Guru! Guru! (Pause)
Guru: I think Amipon ran that way.
Warden (gun down): Good boy.

14 thoughts on “The Man Who Rapes Men in Prison — A Play

  1. Yes. I don’t understand why brother’s are running scared instead of fighting back. I saw what a whole community of people in China beat some police to death for attacking a woman.

    Sent from my Apple iPhone Sherlon Smith


    1. Peace,

      I heard an Elder opine on African docility. The video is here:

      As the Elder reasons, when Africans knew we came from nations, civilizations and aspirations, we weren’t docile. For instance, when Africans were kidnapped from the Songhai Empire, we taught our children that we were from the Songhai Empire. When families understood our noble backgrounds, we rebelled and fought back.

      However, when Europeans started taking us from our parents at birth, and lying to us that we came from jungles and savagery, we followed suit and no longer fought for nationhood, at best we fought for self-respect, and most times we didn’t even do that.

      The ancestors have said, “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” We have to understand what problems of consciousness we have. I think Chancellor Williams put it succinctly, “whites are the implacable foe, the traditional and everlasting enemy of the Blacks.” We must really ask ourselves, do Black people subscribe to the idea that whites are their implacable, traditional and everlasting enemies? On the real, many Black people look to Whites as their ‘savior’ both literally and figuratively. Hence the docility. And you can almost always here this when the fools among our race speak.

      Thank you for commenting!

    1. Peace,

      That’s a very eloquent way of saying that.

      But absolutely, Black Manhood needs to be re-affirmed. Our Kupigana Ngumi needs to be studied again. We, and our Sisters, need to be Warriors again. Too many of us are soft and misdirected. And we have to understand that Crackers have an agenda that we need to separate from. Like I said, so many Brothers are going into Prisons and turning Homosexual. It’s alarming. And folk on the outside barely faring better. I do not even want to go into detail. Brothers need to ‘Man-up’ and Sisters need to ‘Woman-up’ cause things are getting really bad really fast.

  2. Which is why I have always said, when it comes to these white demons turning the other cheek is not an answer

    1. Peace Baba,

      I am thankful. You are so inspirational so I am very appreciative of your feedback. I wrote a vignette I’m currently promoting about African Manhood, Womanhood, Community and Pan-Africanism. I’m publishing the first 10 of 25 chapters here. They are short but impactful. If you can look at those I’d be very obliged. If you could publish it, I’d be even more obliged.

      But so much salutes. You’re one of the Ankobia!


  3. This was very powerful Onitaset! A lot of our people are still not aware of the power of propaganda. Which is why I bring it up so much. Baruti??? Wow! That’s a great honor to have him drop by your blog. Peace and thanks for the great read.

    1. Peace,

      I was surprised to see Baruti too! I had to reread the post myself. I really need to get back to writing that well! Not only are the ancestors watching, but the Ankobia as well.

      1. That is a huge honor brother! You are officially the real deal!lol I have chatted with him a few times on Youtube myself. He’s a very down to earth man.

    2. Peace,

      I was surprised to see Baruti too! I had to reread the post myself. I really need to get back to writing that well! Not only are the ancestors watching, but the Ankobia as well.

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