Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa — Chapter Six: “Myrkya or Esad?”

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa

Chapter Six
“Myrkya or Esad?”

The tip of a spear glides through the air at the height of Zuberi’s abdomen. He narrowly avoids the blade by sinking backwards as flat as a table. A sudden downward slash gives Zuberi only enough time to flip backward and avoid certain death. “Good dodging,” Faraji tells Zuberi as he tries to stab and slash at his evasive competitor. “Hold still,” Faraji exclaimed, but Zuberi kept moving and eventually went on the offensive: Zuberi stabs at Faraji, Faraji hits Zuberi’s spear point to the side. “Nice try!,” but Zuberi wasn’t finished. Using the momentum of Faraji’s deflection, he spun and kicked Faraji on his arm causing him to tumble over.

“You talk too much,” Zuberi explains in triumph.

“Ah I missed these,” Faraji said from the ground. “It’s too bad you are no longer a Protector. We can’t go on too many missions.”

“You still talk too much,” Zuberi repeats, helping his friend up. Faraji pulls at him, urging him to sit beside him. “I will be a Protector once more, Faraji; and sooner than you think.”

Faraji asks, “Myrkya? This is the woman you want?”

“She cooks well. She speaks well. She sleeps well.”

“That is what you want in a woman?”

“Yes,” Zuberi admits without delay.

“All you want? Didn’t your ex-wife do those?”

“At first.” Zuberi gets up, his failed marriage wasn’t his favorite topic for discussion. “I do not know what I look for, except that I yearn to return to Africa and plant my seed there. And truly I do not know if Myrkya is the best I can do here.”

“Are you thinking of Esad? She’s joined the Maa Nation because of you.”

“Ha!,” Zuberi laughs. “Esad is confused.”

“And yet I have never seen a Black man blush,” Faraji jokes at Zuberi’s poor attempt to hide interest. “Do not rush things Brother. Be careful.”

“I intend to,” Zuberi pulls Faraji up. “Now pick up a sword. Let us finish this session with Fencing.”

The two clash blades until nightfall.

Only ten of the first 25 chapters will be freely available. You can read all 25 here: https://www.createspace.com/7214395

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