Play: Inevitable Daughter — Act 2-1

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Inevitable Daughter Act 2-1
An African Blood Siblings Play

Characters: Nigeria, Isiah
Setting: Isiah’s House (no table, two chairs)

(Scene opens with Isiah seated then walking to the left as if answering a door)

Isiah: Who is it?
Nigeria: Nigeria.
Isiah: Who is Nigeria?
Nigeria: Open this door!
Isiah: Oh you!
(Nigeria walks in and sits on a chair)
Nigeria: Whatcha mean, “Oh you?” That’s no way to talk to your woman.
Isiah: My woman? My woman?!? My woman?!? So today never happened?
Nigeria: What are you talking about?
Isiah: What am I talking about? You going to stand here and tell me you were not sittin’ in the cafe with some White man?
Nigeria: Man, you trippin’.
Isiah: No, you trippin’! How you gonna play me like that?
Nigeria: Ain’t nobody playin’ you, I was at work.
Isiah: Work? You think I’m stupid? You goin’ sit down there with Mister and Misses Cornbread, and when I walk by, you can’t even say “Hi.”
Nigeria: I said “Hi.”
Isiah: Yeah, “grunt grunt” is “Hi.” I can’t believe you’d come to my neighborhood with a White man and let all of our friends see as you got Mister Mister ordering drinks for everyone and they mama like some big shot. That ain’t right. I have half a mind to —
(Nigeria stands)
Nigeria: Half a mind to what?
Isiah: Who you standing up to?
Nigeria: I love you man, what’s all this?
Isiah: That’s why you out with a White man?
Nigeria: I told you, I was at work. I was thinking of you all day. Don’t you love me?
Isiah: I’ll think about that. I can’t believe you.
Nigeria: Don’t say all that.
(Nigeria tries to kiss him but he resists)
Isiah: Na, you can’t be doing that. You can’t be saying that you love me, then playing me once you find some White man to eat lunch with.
Nigeria: It ain’t like that, come kiss me.
Isiah: I actually think you should leave.
Nigeria: Don’t say that.
Isiah: No, get out, I don’t ever want to see you again.
(Isiah points to the door)
(Nigeria takes a handful of money out)
Nigeria: Then I guess you don’t want any of this.
Isiah: But there’s a really good chair over there, love of my life, sweet object of my affection, wonderful, wonderful Nigeria.
Nigeria: Come kiss me you big lug.
Isiah: I thought you’d never ask.
(Nigeria and Isiah kiss)
Nigeria: Come sit down.
Isiah: Yes, my sweet.
Nigeria: Don’t over play it.
Isiah: Ok.
(Isiah sits patiently as Nigeria admires him)
Isiah: So how much is it?
Nigeria: I don’t know.
Isiah: You didn’t count it?
Nigeria: No.
Isiah: Where did you get it from?
Nigeria: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Isiah: Can I count it?
Nigeria: Sure, count it in my hands.
(Isiah counts the money)
Isiah: Where did you get $ 4,900?!?
Nigeria: I gets money.
Isiah: Where do you work?
Nigeria: Over at Puxt’s.
Isiah: Oh yeah, Puxt has a lot of money. You ain’t do nothing funny for this money?
Nigeria: How dare you?!?
Isiah: I’m just saying, I ain’t never heard of no one making $4,900 from one day of work without doing something funny. Though I’m sure Mr. Puxt makes a lot more. Dang, my woman knows how to work.
Nigeria: Better believe. Kiss me.
Isiah: With pleasure!
(Nigeria and Isiah kiss passionately)
Nigeria: I need you now.
Isiah: You sure is rich.
Nigeria: I really need you.
Isiah: Them folk down there really rich. Remember about four years ago when there was that whole ruckus down there?
Nigeria: I have no idea what you are talking about.
Isiah: You remember, there was that kidnapping and those guys demanded $100,000 for a White woman? You remember? They demanded $100,000 be left in a Park and they made out with the money but returned the girl. Remember? They got caught, yeah, but for a few days they were the richest Black men in the city. Whatcha dazin’ out for, you paying attention?
Nigeria: Yeah.
Isiah: Then what did I say.
Nigeria: Isiah, I need a man right now.
Isiah: Nigeria, you never listen to me.
Nigeria: Hear me out. I need a real man right now.
Isiah: I’m about as Man as they come. Nigeria, I can provide for all your needs, and then some.
Nigeria: Take a seat, I have something to tell you.
(They sit down)
Isiah: This money is funny, huh?
Nigeria: I’m you’re woman, right?
Isiah: Of course.
Nigeria: Do you trust me?
Isiah: Of course. Do you trust me?
Nigeria: No doubt.
Isiah: Ok, how did you get that money?
Nigeria: It’s my pay. But let me ask you, do you want some money?
Isiah: Yes!!!
Nigeria: Look man, I want to be as honest as possible, my boss tried to rape me!
Isiah: WHAT!?! I want to kill him. Let me at him!
Nigeria: I’m glad you say that.
Isiah: I’m a real man. Of course I’mma kill someone who tries to rape my woman! He didn’t right?
Nigeria: No, he didn’t, but he tried to. And now I don’t feel safe going to work.
Isiah: I wouldn’t either. But he won’t soon enough.
Nigeria: No he won’t.
Isiah: You tell me where he is. I can’t believe that man.
Nigeria: Yeah, whatcha say about us kidnapping him and getting some money for it? $200,000: $100,000 each.
Isiah: I like the sound of that. We don’t even have to split the money. You’re my woman for life. I can’t believe that punk would attack my woman. I’m there in a heartbeat.
Nigeria: Ok let’s write the ransom note.
Isiah: You don’t have to tell me twice. We gonna write it up right now.
Nigeria: Yeah, I think I know who to blame it on too?
Isiah: Who?
Nigeria: The African Blood Siblings.
Isiah: Who?
Nigeria: His girlfriend talks about them.
Isiah: He tried to rape you and he has a girlfriend?
Nigeria: He told me 400 years of Oppression should make me little wonder.
Isiah: That’s true. He told you that, though?
Nigeria: I’m as confused as you.
Isiah: Sounds like scum. I want to kill him right now.
Nigeria: Good, I’ll write the ransom note.
Isiah: Yeah, I’mma call my boys, we gonna kidnap that stupid White boy and get him.
Nigeria: Keep that energy!
Isiah: You so down. That’s why I love you.
Nigeria: Great.
(Isiah and Nigeria kiss)
Isiah: Really, nothing you can say now can make me stop loving you.
Nigeria: Isiah, the White boy is dead.
Isiah: Say what now?
Nigeria: I killed him.
Isiah: Hhhuuuuhhhh?
Nigeria: We gotta get rid of the body.
Isiah: We?!?
Nigeria: Oh yeah, you a real man.
Isiah: Let’s hold on a second–why did you kill the man?
Nigeria: Weren’t you just down to kill him?
Isiah: That’s what I said–but you killed a White man?
Nigeria: He tried to rape me, remember?
Isiah: Sweety, woah, no, you should not have done that!
Nigeria: Well, it’s done. Ain’t you going to help your woman, man?
Isiah: I — I — I . . ..
Nigeria: Ok, forget it. I’ll just go out there by myself.
(Nigeria stands)
Isiah: Nigeria, you shouldn’t have done it.
Nigeria: Bye, Isiah.
(Nigeria motions to the door)
(Isiah stands)
Isiah: Wait.
Nigeria: Yes?
Isiah: I don’t feel right about this.
Nigeria: I noticed. Take care.
Isiah: But, I love you Nigeria. So I’m going to help.
Nigeria: That’s what I wanted to hear.
Isiah: But I am only doing this because I love you.
Nigeria: I love you too. Now, I’mma work out the details, they won’t discover us, they won’t even suspect us, I’mma sit in the office like nothing is wrong, and they won’t even know that I did it. Just show up tomorrow night and help me take out the body.
Isiah: Yes, Ma’am.
Nigeria: Silly. Just show up tomorrow night. I’m going to deliver the ransom note at work. There’s a secret entrance into the building. If we go in that way and go out that way no one will know we were there.
Isiah: Yes, Ma’am.
Nigeria: Man, man up! We are going to be rich.
Isiah: Yes, Ma’am.
Nigeria: I love you, Isiah.
Isiah: Do you?
Nigeria: Man up!
Isiah: I’m sorry. This is a lot. I need a drink.
Nigeria: Here. $4,500. Buy yourself something and put it somewhere safe.
Isiah: Yes, Ma’am.
Nigeria: I love you.
Isiah: I love you, too.
(Nigeria kisses Isiah on the head)
Nigeria: Don’t worry, we won’t get caught. I can promise you that.
Isiah: I hope that you are right.

(Nigeria exits)
(Isiah sits down)

Isiah: I’m a man, aren’t I? What kind of man doesn’t protect his woman? I love her. I love her, don’t I?

(Scene ends)

(Isiah and Somal block the stage with a white sheet up to signify a scene change)

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