The Allegory of the Headless Chicken

Listen Sibling, I come in peace,

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the writing on the wall–The European doesn’t want you to.” — Onitaset Kumat

Today I answer whether we benefit from Western Imperialism by examining the killing of a chicken.  You laugh?  It’s an allegory with a video attached, which if you don’t wish to watch, you don’t have to watch.  The lessons here are clear and deep, showcasing the advantages of leadership from a Philosopher King.  Do not hesitate with sharing this story with loved ones.  If you did not yet realize, subscribing to this newsletter and connecting our people, will expand your consciousness and overnight, with dedicated individuals, our righteous cause will bear fruits according to our traditional tastes.  For the African Blood Siblings follows our true tradition of Originalism, meaning, unlike any other organization of today, the African Blood Siblings returns Africa to us.  Subscribe and subscribe others.  Write to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, Share, Love.

The Allegory of the Headless Chicken
By Onitaset Kumat

The video will attest that on farms, farmers sneak behind chickens, cut the chickens’ heads off, then laugh as the chickens gesticulate until their death.

This scenario educates us on our role in so-called “Global Capitalism,” better enunciated under the African Blood Siblings as “Occidentalism.”

First, let’s think of where the chicken called its home: the farm.  But in a final analysis, despite what crumbs the chicken may have considered luxurious, was the chicken profiting from the farm system?  When the farmer decides that it’s time for chicken meat, the chicken is decapitated.  So who really profits in this process?

We call this an allegory, not because we are concerned with whether chickens are profiting from Farmers, but to show the parallel with our people.  This parallel is old.  During our enslavement, it had been pointed out that the European feeds Africans, and that food of course comes from the profits from our enslavement.  But it’s a fool who thinks that Africans profit from their own enslavement.  Similarly, in our modern so-called post-enslavement case, the European can kill you at any time, and keeps you alive only insofar as you are profitable to him.  Europeans have documented our fate as rejected.  They call us “the underclass.”  This means that he wants to kill us, but civil society frowns on genocide, so he kills us subtly, all the while taking every penny he can from us, because we allow it: for instance, in the prisons, in the grocery stores, in the commodities, and so forth.

Another part of this story is how the chicken gesticulates after a beheading.  It’s comical to these Europeans.  This has another parallel.  The head of a community is its leadership.  The farmer beheads the chicken, just as the European beheads the African community: cutting off its leadership.  We’ve seen Garvey deported, King and Malcolm killed, Maddox censored and disbarred, Toussaint imprisoned, and countless other examples.  These should tell you one thing the African Blood Siblings teaches: The European views you as his Property.

More, that we gesticulate as a community in a comical fashion without our leadership is no surprise.  Few Africans, even your most ‘organized,’ can tell you how much money goes into their neighborhoods, and few have any sense in how to keep that money inside the Community.  Members of the African Blood Siblings have quizzed young people on the streets, surprising them with the outright deficit of communal efforts and education.

Now lastly, and the most important lesson of this whole allegory is the first detail of the killing.  The farmer finds it ‘humane’ to sneak behind the chicken and kill him–so that the chicken never sees death coming.  Now what do you think that the European is doing to you?

The African Blood Siblings didn’t just name it’s pamphlet “Maroon and Build For Self” because it sounds good.  It’s an instruction, Maroon and Build For Self with the African Blood Siblings.  Because it doesn’t matter if you can’t see the writing on the wall–The European doesn’t want you to.

Subscribe all of your loved ones.  We need to take a stand.

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4 thoughts on “The Allegory of the Headless Chicken

  1. This “Allegory Of The Headless Chicken” seems to fit the country of Haiti. The United States and it’s western allies have been hell bent on destroying this country since it’s overthrow of French. The following video is telling.

    1. Haiti was the enslaved nation that ran away.

      True to the European’s modus operandi–where “justice” is tribal–a captured runaway is inhumanely abused.

      We, as Africans, must aid the runaway Haiti. We here her being beaten with a lash we forgot; but we sit and serve those sanctioning the torture without realizing that the tortured, enslaved African is us.

  2. It is worth reading the Haiti Blogger. Speak of being leaderless, and evildoers standing back and laughing at the carnage and helplessness and flailing around like chickens with their heads cut off of the Haitian people. This is genocide in the making. This is the definition of hypocrisy and evil.

    1. Thank you, Sister.

      I should share some of that content on this site. This video is an open display of Occidental aggression, that, surprisingly, may surprise even people in Haiti!

      Our ancestors had said: “Routine and prejudice distort vision. Each man thinks his own horizon is the limit of the world.” — KMT Proverb (see Table of Contents)

      This means that we must broaden our people’s horizons, especially when it comes to activities toward our liberation. In the following video, we see that too many Originals have died for us to be slow with the expansion of our organizations.

      We have a struggle!

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