Of Prime Access — The ethics of Africans marketing for Europeans

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Turncoats will not dine with us!” — Onitaset Kumat

A tragedy of our condition is how our own people embrace turncoats.  The African Blood Siblings Community Center is the only bastion of ethics which allows us to distinguish turncoats and educates us on how to truly address them.  Build one in your area.  In the mean time, read this story of Prime Access.  Note, too many of us are not acting.  Act.

Of Prime Access — The Ethics of Africans Marketing For Europeans
By Onitaset Kumat

As I try to emphasize, we Africans need an ethical philosophy for we are often mis-educated into doing against our interest or enabling our own oppression.

In our ideal aspirations, we Africans would never need to patronize Europeans.  Unfortunately, we remain in a situation where patronizing Europeans is difficult to get around.

Nevertheless, some of us go out of our ways to patronize Europeans.  An example of this is Prime Access Inc.  http://www.primeaccess.net/index.php?ni=1

I came across this site from a listing of the “top Black companies.”  I looked into its work and noticed its pride at working for Europeans.  It makes advertisements for European corporations so that Europeans can better profit off of Africans, Americans and homosexuals (an odd pairing.)

Quite naturally, some object to criticisms on an African company, seeing how no one criticizes a European company for the same thing.  The problems are different or the problem is more defined.  So to speak, it’s a different problem when Europeans try to profit from Europeans.  Moreover, where are the European companies trying to make Africans profit off of Europeans?  Finally, and most importantly, a just people must war against all injustices: African sell-outs ought be punished.

Without an ethical philosophy Africans are doomed as a people.  It’s one of the first things robbed from us.  I am on a mission to inculcate morality specifically because most of us have forgotten what goodness is.  This corporation here vaunts its complicity in our poverty; yet we as Africans don’t even have the philosophical basis on which to object.

We are in a shameful state of affairs.

Beside from emphasizing the need for Philosophy, I urge how we must be critical of Africans too.  Ideally, we will patronize Africans exclusively but on our terms.  Turncoats will not dine with us!

Help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.

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3 thoughts on “Of Prime Access — The ethics of Africans marketing for Europeans

  1. “Without an ethical philosophy Africans are doomed as a people.”

    “yet we as Africans don’t even have the philosophical basis on which to object.”

    Mr. Neely Fuller has some interesting things to say about philosophical CODES … Are you familiar with his ideas? For example: JUSTICE means – no one is ever mistreated and those who need the most help should receive the most help.

    It doesn’t get any more philosophically basic than this, in my opinion. And if that’s correct, then its just a matter of getting Africans – everywhere – on board with this simple philosophy.

    Truly adopting this code would mean abandoning the ways/codes (INSATIABLE greed/lust ..) that were introduced to Africans by the colonizers.

    Thank you for all of the work, insight and knowledge you’re putting into this blog!!

    1. Sibling Matari,

      I have not familiarized myself with Dr. Neely Fuller’s philosophical codes. But for a reason. I have learned of Originalism, our ancient belief system, and unfortunately, while browsing our thinkers, I saw that most of us did not. We all come in to this world for a reason. Mine was to espouse our ancient ways. This way then correctly defines key concepts.

      To be explicit, “justice” as defined by “no one is ever mistreated and those who need the most help should receive the most help” necessarily confuses. The word ‘mistreated’ is not defined, and ‘helping’ is not defined. In today’s confusion, without these terms defined, two opposite gestures can be seen as ‘mistreating’ or ‘helping’ and no one would be the wiser.

      Truly, “justice” is “the victory of morality” for which morality merely needs to be defined. That is what I did and do; though at the moment, that definition is not public. Either way, in this definition, we properly put justice as the end result of morality’s triumph over immorality. And further, in understanding our people as inherently just, we can better inspire them to action with a definition requiring their triumph rather than ‘doing no wrong.’ So to speak, ask yourself who is innocent/blameless? The person who does no wrong or the person who opposes all wrong? In time, I should retype here the “Ten Codes of the Blameless.”

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