The African Proverbs Game App Preview

Edit: The game is available here:

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in Peace,

“The Black man and his BlackBerry.” – Anonymous

A few years back I heard a brother make the above remark. We laughed. How can a grown man be addicted to a non-essential object like a phone? In 2016, going on 2017, phones are no laughing matter. Organizing has been transformed. When once mailing out invitations and meeting in a home may have sufficed; that angle doesn’t make the cut today. Instead, the Black man and the Black woman are now inseparable from their Androids and Iphones. Yet for the most part, these devices are heavily monitored and deeply politicized by the wrong people.

We are in the Age of the Phone. Yet despite the length of this age, the number of African beneficiaries, particularly Pan-African Nationalist African beneficiaries, has yet to become significant. We’re understandably not doing the heavy work like manufacturing phones, setting up satellites, or constructing towers. But we’re also not doing the light work, like repairing phones or even programming Apps.

Well, although late, Onitaset is playing with the idea of creating Apps. Here’s what I developed so far,

The African Proverbs Game App
By Onitaset Kumat

The above is a preview of what the game looked like a month ago.  It’s actually much wider than a typical phone screen, so it had to be modified.  But that’s what it looked like on a computer.

That’s what it looked like on a phone.  There was a lot of bugs between the transfer from computer to android.  But I got it to work and it works great.  I’m interested in modifying it pretty heavily.  So that the game doesn’t load right away and even so that the player isn’t expected to fill out all 200+ proverbs at once [maybe limit it to 20 at a time.]  But so far, that’s the state of the app.

I’m not likely to put it on Iphone anytime soon–since Iphone is way more expensive.  But hopefully, when the apps are published on android [if they are published at all] they can generate enough income to finance an expansion onto the Iphone and then some.

Also, if anyone is interested in learning this type of programming–namely Python and Kivy–let me know in the comments.

My other app ideas–assuming this one finishes–may involve allowing your phone to remind you to exercise, give you a daily proverb, encourage you to read and also give you a daily mission.  We are just getting started.

Let me know what you guys think.  Also let me know what you think can work economically.  Like what kind of app you want to see or what kind of app you would buy.  Also what are your opinion on ads?


3 thoughts on “The African Proverbs Game App Preview

  1. Good video. It looks pretty good. I know what you mean by putting it on an IPhone. That can be a bit pricey. But I do think ads are a good thing. It looks like you’re off to a great start though. You’re definitely on the right path.

    1. Peace King,

      Thanks. It’s very non-intuitive but it’s worth it. I don’t know how to implement ads, but if people can use the apps I make I’d be more than happy.

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