Poem: “Those Who Know” by Marcus Garvey

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“A person who knows
And knows that they know
Is wise–follow them”

— From an Ancient KMT Poem

I had the recent privilege of finally researching Marcus Garvey’s “Those Who Know” poem. This great ancestor truly speaks intimately with me. Read this poem and recognize that I, Onitaset Kumat, am one who knows, who, when you truly commit to the African Blood Siblings, will make you know too. This is what greatness is. This is the battle that must be fought. You can not have a Community without a Community Center, and you can not liberate a Community without an African Blood Siblings Community Center. Do not fall for any jest. Trust your heart. Write the ABS and liberate your Community. See also “The Law of Morality” and “KMT Self-Knowledge and Cosmic Wisdom;” because I want you to know. Subscribe, share, love.

Those Who Know
By Marcus Garvey

You may not know, and that is all
That causes you to fail in life;
All men should know, and thus not fall
The victims of the heartless strife.
Know what? Know what is right and wrong,
Know just the things that daily count,
That go to make all life a song,
And cause the wise to climb the mount.

To make man know, is task, indeed,
For some are prone to waste all time:
It’s only few who see the need
To probe and probe, then climb and climb,
The midnight light, the daily grind,
Are tasks that count for real success
In life of those not left behind,
Whom Nature chooses then to bless.

The failing men you meet each day,
Who curse their fate, and damn the rest,
Are just the sleeping ones who play
While others work to reach the best.
All life must be a useful plan,
That calls for daily, serious work-
The work that wrings the best from man-
The work that cowards often shirk.

All honour to the men who know,
By seeking after Nature’s truths:
In wisdom they shall ever grow,
While others hum the awful “blues”
Go now and search for what there is-
The knowledge of the Universe-
Make it yours, as the other, his,
And be as good, but not the worse.

Source: http://www.inspirationalstories.com/poems/those-who-know-marcus-mosiah-garvey-poems/

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