How “Free” Public “Education” Harms African Motherhood

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“When you teach a boy, you teach a person; but when you teach a girl, you educate a nation.” — African Proverb

Teaching a girl used to mean teaching a nation, but under European and Asian Domination, teaching a girl is just teaching a girl. It’s not even teaching a ‘person’ because most of what she learns she forgets. This is detrimental for a people who rely upon Maternal Wisdom to survive. Africa has a population of a billion people and there are less than one-hundred million Africans in the Western Hemisphere. Not all of Africa is African. So maybe there is 700 million Africans in the World; maybe only a billion. Globally that means we are outnumbered between seven-and-nine-to-one. We had global supremacy before. Whatever we are doing today we are doing wrong. It’s been time to Organize. One reform is Education. Yet their “Education” is leading us to Genocide.  We have “Free” Public “Education” why?  The hint is where was your Mother when you did your homework, what was your impression of Africa when you graduated and who taught you to add fractions?  Either we make our own answers to this or another people will; and their answers Mis-Organize us into Self-Genocide.

How “Free” Public Education Harms African Motherhood
By Onitaset Kumat

The safest place in a community should be its Community Center. The second safest place should be its homes. Inasmuch as men, endowed by our Creator as more capable warriors, should be the most engaged in warfare and hence the most endangered members of a community, the Community Center and the homes are the domain of women and children. As women share their space with children, the burden of childhood education primarily falls upon her. In African Communities of today as designed by Europeans and Asians this scheme of things is non-existent.

The first traumatizing experience for most African children is their placement into a Mis-Education System (an Education system designed by non-African people.) From that point forward, a wedge is drawn between the African child and her Mother and as the child advances in her “mis-studies” she retreats from her Mother. More devious, as existinginexile puts it, “THE SCHOOL was set up to teach us to worship White Women. The first school you attend will likely be run by white women. There will be a white School Mistress and white female teachers. We learn to listen to, respect and adore white women from childhood… and this belief system remains with us into adulthood.”[1] As to say, the child spends her formative years socializing about pleasing a seemingly wise and powerful European or Asian woman while her African Mother is in the background of her classroom, homework and educational experiences.

On the surface, to those who partook in the mis-education system, this predicament is harmless. To many, the cost of modernity is worth the gadgets and the “freedom.” It’s hard to deny a wedge between Mother and child; it’s hard to deny the worship of White women from African boys and girls; it’s hard to deny our Mothers were in the background of our educational experiences; yet it’s easy to say, given whose mis-education informs us of Africa, “At least we’re not in Africa.” Nothing in Nature grows optimally outside of its Environment. Nothing. The lesson “At least we’re not in Africa” is the most repeated lesson in Public School European or Asian. In the European’s case, she teaches History from Greece forward, she teaches Math from Italy forward, she teaches Science from Galileo forward, she teaches Fashion from France forward, she teaches Literature from Shakespeare forward and she teaches Technology from the Industrial Revolution forward. Despite that History, Math, Science, Fashion, Literature and Technology started and peaked in Africa, the European teaches herself and our children that they all started and peaked with Europeans. The trauma of the African child is reinforced when her Mother approves of this Mis-Education, for even worse than the White woman teaching African inferiority, the Mother’s approval teaches the biggest lie I know “White is Alright.”

Unknown to most of us, History began and peaked in Africa among African people. During Ancient times, Africans were the World Power not only in Africa but in Asia, Europe and the Americas too. Africa’s reign spans tens-of-thousands of years, one-hundred times modern America’s reign. And the world, inasmuch as Africans were concerned, was in peace. In Ancient Times, this peace was challenged by Europeans and Asians and after a thousand-years of Warfare African Power was lost. Going from a state of a hundred-thousand-year peace under African Power to thousands of years of War under European and Asian Power, “White is Alright” is a terrible lie for an African Mother to teach her child. Yet as she hands her child over to Europeans and Asians, the child learns not only “White is Alright” but coupled with lessons of African Inferiority “White is Right.” Thereafter the African Mother is an embarrassment to the African child. Because the education was “free” the African Mother lost the love of her child for the rest of her life.

The African child is not the only person to learn “White is Alright;” the African Mother learns it too. Her reasoning differs from her child’s. To her, the European and Asian provides a “free” “Education.” Truthfully, the “Education” is not “free” but tax-supported[2]. Yet to the African Mother who pays her taxes the “Education” is free and the school-provided breakfasts and lunches are free. Africans today brag about how the Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 70s provided free breakfasts for African children thus leading the Public Education system to co-opt their program. Yet this goes to show how deeply confused “White is Alright” made us. We demand Education and Breakfast be free. Yet this demand reflects a backward (and dangerous) thought process which dictates that neither the Education nor the Survival of her child should cost the African Mother anything. This partly explains why this very article you are reading doesn’t cost you anything.[3]

It is at the University level when Education begins to cost something, yet even at this juncture, the Education costs the child more than it does the Mother. At no point under European or Asian domination does the African Mother have to pay a reasonable amount for her child’s Education. Certainly field trips, graduation gowns and library fees are economical demands made on African Mothers with younger children, and textbooks, activity fees, applications and travel expenses are requested from older children, but that cost is miniscule compared against other people’s expenses and compared to what the costs should be to each African Mother. Her trouble, however, begins with her refusal to Organize a Educational System for her child.

I would be the last to say that the African Woman never Organized an Educational establishment for her child since the Maafa[4]. In this newsletter alone, I record the Educational Programs of the Mumininas of Committee for United NewArk as well as the brilliant Marva Collins and Marimba Ani. However when we realize that African World Power will be brought about by African People and African Genocide is the aim of Europeans and Asians, who now outnumber Africans 7-9 to 1, the effort to African Self-Education isn’t strong enough. It also stands to reason that until that effort is strong enough “African Motherhood” will continue to be an insignificant appellation to the masses of African people. We have work to do. As the Poem I penned long ago proclaims, we must “Pay for what we need.”

[1] existinginexile also wrote “THE CHURCH was set up to teach us to worship White Men. Jesus is presented as a white man. His 12 disciples are white men. The Christian God is a white God. We learn to honour, respect and obey the written words of white men from childhood… and this belief system remains with us into adulthood.” I commented there (as Onitaset) “Ironically enough, African women are more present in Churches and Schools (going back at least a century).”

[2] Every African working for Europeans are forced to pay taxes. That comes to 98% of working Africans in most European dominated societies.

[3] Although feel free to donate.

[4] Maafa is Kiswahili for “Disaster.” Marimba Ani uses the term to refer to the beginning of African Enslavement under Europeans. This isn’t to absolve the Enslavement of Africans under Asians which is ongoing to this day.

16 thoughts on “How “Free” Public “Education” Harms African Motherhood

  1. panther love baby! the truth is … parents teach children — AND if they teach them to learn, they’ve done their job. walking within the ethical or logistical structure one chooses to live by, takes the fortitude of the cosmic energies and the more connected one is with that and the world they see, the better they can interact however they please!

  2. Reblogged this on Niki.V.all.ways.My.way. and commented:
    #500wordrulexclusionnnnnnnnnn =) panter<3

    because …. if we understand the only decision that matters is the one in the moment and we need to learn to listen to the true voices of love, equality, liberty, freedommmm and all that jazz before we make the choice we think our mother or father would make … or at least what their words taught you to make and their life gave you the experience you had … be balanced and be your own inner parents when making ethical decisions — and EVERYTHING, on some level, is an ethical decision! #ethicalrenaissance

  3. Black mothers are no longer known as the talented storytellers and educators of their young children because they have lost sight of the true meaning of African motherhood and have resigned from their position as skilled teachers to take up roles in domesticity and subservience. The effect on their children has been catastrophic.

    The first 7 years of a child’s life are the most important. It is the root of their being because it lays the foundation for how the child will grow. Our ancestors knew of the significance of children being taught by their mothers at the beginning of their lives. The mother had birthed the child into the world and so it was left to the mother to introduce the child to life. The role of the mother was to be the First Teacher of her child. She would nurture her child, spend time playing and speaking to her child. She would encourage her child to learn from her and her child would grow to trust her judgement and to respect her decisions. But her child’s education would not begin and end with her because her husband would take over as Scholar to teach wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This is the African Way, but in exile, the African Way is made null and void by the Government which requires a Work Force to keep the economy ticking over.

    In exile we need money and so black mothers are bribed with the opportunity of FREE schooling for their children so they can go out and earn money, but while they are earning, foreign women are gaining control over the minds of their children to think as they do. This is where the brainwashing of black children begins and it ends with them having no clue as to who they are, what their moral code is and how they were denied the chance to grow in the African Way.

    How can black children appreciate the magnificent minds of their mothers if its magnificence is unknown to them?

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      Your summary is impeccable! The Oppressors have put into our mind that everything ought to be free. This cripples a Black Economy. If Africans want to teach they must compete against the costless; it’s a trick! Can I charge a Mother for a math, history, literature or science course if she is promised a free tuition? So what must I do if I wish to teach? Sell the priceless at no price?

      It’s upon us to pay even when unrequested. Because payments to Black people are fertilizer for Black Growth. If we expect to Organize without making sacrifices we hope for defeat. If there is anything our people should take from this article, it is as Douglass said, “Men may not get all they pay for in this world; but they must certainly pay for all they get. If we ever get free from the oppressions and wrongs heaped upon us, we must pay for their removal. We must do this by labor, by suffering, by sacrifice, and if needs be, by our lives and the lives of others.”

      1. King

        The belief that ‘everything ought to be free’ is an AFRICAN belief. The African Way is for education to be FREE, food and water to be FREE, resources to be FREE, people to be FREE, wildlife to be FREE, EVERYTHING t to be FREE. But NOTHING is FREE when it comes to Europeans. Everything has a price. The European’s main objective is to make a profit. If Europeans had power over the sun, they would make us pay for sunlight and sunrays.

        The European education system may be publicised as FREE but it isn’t free. It is paid for by taxpayers. In the UK, the National Health Service is also publicised as being FREE but that too is paid for by taxpayers.

        When it comes to the education of black children it is far from being FREE because the cost to our children’s minds is extremely high. The foreign learning methods used goes against their African thought process and the indoctrination into foreign culture alienates them from everything African. The only solution to stop the rot is to organise and create black schools, however we exist in a monetary system and so fees would have to be imposed. If we want our children to benefit from attending black run schools we are going to have to contribute to the cost of setting up these schools. Buildings cost money to rent, heating and lighting costs money, classroom and office furniture costs money, stationery, recreational equipment etc. all costs money. Plus there are teacher and staff wages to be paid.

        As long as we remain in exile, every school we set up for black children will have to be a fee-paying school… that is until a free-thinking African multi-millionaire deems otherwise.

      2. Peace Queen-Mother,

        Very true, everything ought to be ‘free’ yet ‘free’ as in ‘payment’ is non-monetary. For instance, in traditional African society, a spiritual leader may communicate with spirits on an adherent’s behalf, and that adherent may leave gifts and food for that leader. Or in another sense the blacksmith may design a sword or hoe for the farmer but this is because the farmer farms for the collective community. There’s no one who does for the Community and the Community does not reciprocate. The leaders of the male initiation were once initiated and their fathers are active contributors to the boy’s training. As the ancients said, “for every joy there is a price to be paid.”

        It was “free” in one sense, but what we have today are demands that it be ‘free’ in a literal sense and that paralyzes African Economics. We need fee-paying schools and technically we always had fee-paying schools. In a Community, everyone is Responsible to everyone else and that’s the fee of Community benefits. We punished, exiled or killed strangers, traitors and criminals. “Free” was “Free” to those who were Community Members where Members did deeds for the Community.

  4. Black mother’s must be re-educated and reprogrammed from the effects of their own miseducation through right knowledge of self and our magnificent history so they can teavh and pass this knowledge on to their children as an ante-dote against eurocentric indoctrination and brain.washing by the free public schools. We also need to encourage more black children to become Afrocentric teachers and as tax payers demand that African history be taught in public schools as a mandatory subject.

    1. Peace,

      Dr. Leonard Jeffries demanded a decade ago, the demands were unmet:

      It’s upon us to build a nation with its own institutions which are so popular and prominent that few African parents if any will look outside of that nation for any support for their children.

      I consider the Community Center the first step toward Nationhood, ergo I put African Blood Siblings resources into that endeavor.

  5. You said… and I quote:

    ‘“Free” was “Free” to those who were Community Members where Members did deeds for the Community.’

    To which I say… BRAVO.

  6. If we can remember that sciences and mathematics developed at the feet of the mother, the current crisis of African motherhood and education can be understood. Look for example at the Ishango Bone, most probably created by women who also added a lunar calendar on the other side of a primer of prime numbers, multiplication and division 20,000 years ago in DRC:
    Our people will not succeed scientifically or technologically as long as our women buy into Western patriarchy which is alien to African culture. African mothers have always been at the forefront of our educational development as a people and we must reclaim our status in African society.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      “The seed includes all the possibilities of the tree.
      The seed will develop these possibilities, however, only if it receives corresponding energies from the sky.”
      — African proverb

      The Ishango bone is a clear indication of the mathematical ability of early Africans, yet despite our over two-hundred centuries of mathematical knowledge, neither our men nor our women are convinced that we have anything to add to the high sciences.

      When I studied among Europeans in Astrophysics, I was amazed at how unqualified they were to be at the forefront of the discipline. Yet there they were, overrepresented where Africans once ruled.

      There’s so much we as a people need to do to regain our supremacy and so much we have to do after. Yet we are still mis-organized.

  7. Gwiz. appreciate this piece. we have started to ask the question of african womanhood suggesting that females who do not educate their young as inadequate in their femininity
    “real women grow their children”

    1. Peace,

      Part of Initiations and Rites of Passages in Africa were instructions on Womanhood and Motherhood. The dividing line between Girlhood and Womanhood is the ability to reproduce and the responsibility to ‘grow’ the community’s children.

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