“We don’t just give our money to anybody”

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.” — African Proverb

The game of capitalism is simple. It has one rule: Money Empowers. However, despite the simplicity, it’s neither intuitive nor common knowledge. People are deliberately oriented toward Consumption; whereas it’s through Production capitalism is played. What’s more Capitalists spend fortunes shaping the minds of consumers, particularly indoctrinating consumers with Individualism and Selfishness. Most people in America can finish the sentence “Survival of the . . .” with “fittest” as this was one of the main instructions given them. Few can finish the sentence “A Community without a Community Center is . . .” with “dead” because this is never instructed by Capitalists.

Despite the lack of instruction, “A Community without a Community Center is dead” (“Vata dikôndo mbôngi diafwa”) is an African instruction ironically adopted by every other group in America but Africans. Oftentimes other groups will tell you, “We only support our Race” and we as Africans may mirror them without looking deeper into the proclamation. Realistically speaking, without a public forum with regular meetings and tests of virtue, it may not benefit you to trust every member of your Race; and whereas it may never benefit you to trust any member of another Race, supporting a Community-Minded African of Virtue is the true goal. For instance, investments are about spending money to receive greater benefits (oftentimes more money.)  Yet if one is not careful, one can invest and gain nothing in return; especially if those with whom they invest can not be held accountable through Social Organization. This is why the African Blood Siblings needs to increase its membership and create more African Blood Siblings Community Centers.

The basis of the following story was told to me by an African Blood Siblings member who spoke to me about her daughter. I embellished it a little. Though I call them “Asians” most people call them “West Indians.” They did an interesting protest that I felt deserved a story. Not surprisingly many groups are like this. Claude Anderson told a similar story on Hidden Colors 2. See the clip below.

Please donate to and join with the African Blood Siblings.  Learn particularly that without a Community Center our Community is dead.

“We don’t just give our money to anybody”
Based on a True Story
By Onitaset Kumat

It was a soft whisper from one Asian to the next, but after I heard it my stomach twisted and my five senses kicked in. The odor to the drink I was gulping suddenly overwhelmed my nose. It’s taste was foul. I wiped the beverage from my tongue after requesting a napkin from the unwilling hostess.

$16 dollars for this cup and I have to beg for one napkin?

I looked over to the Asians, mingling at this baby shower, greeting us and smiling, and wondered what was it one said to the other before “We don’t just give our money to anybody?”

I sat, thought and watched. It was my granddaughter’s baby shower. She had given birth to twins. Her partner is an Asian by way of the West Indies. His family did not arrive on time though they are fastidious; they did not drink at the bar though they are heavy drinkers; they did not eat any dinner though it was free; each made a scene, coming together, but showing no appreciation for the venue. The venue I spent $250 to rent.

It was pretty.

What did they say before “We don’t just give our money to anybody?” Do they mean Europeans? What’s it matter who holds the venue as long as it’s pretty? So we had paper cups and paper plates? So the drinks were overpriced and merely little drops? So the food was served in their venue? So it was $250 for something tacky, it looks pretty doesn’t it? So the bar serving Europeans on the other side had tall glasses, and cheap happy hour, and an ambiance of general service? So Europeans don’t like us? It was pretty! Isn’t that what is important?

The nerve of these people! They showed up late to my granddaughter’s baby shower–together!! This was deliberate!!! Organized!!!! How dare they?!!! And none of them ate?!!! None of them drank?!!! They embarrassed me!!!!!!

“Hello, how are you? Yes I am glad that you can make it. Good to see you too.”

That was close. I have to calm down. Maybe they already ate. Though they should not have. It’s probably their culture? Maybe they already drank. That’s possible. I don’t know. Perhaps they don’t drink at baby showers? Although, my daughter’s partner did question my choice here. He said “We have our own places.” So what? Is it pretty? But thinking of what he said. This can just be a family conspiracy. But all of them? That’s unlikely. No family is so Organized. No family I know anyway.

“Hey! It’s good to see you again! Have fun! The drinks are great here!”

She was just smiling. What’s her deal. Oh, she needed to get her coat. All these Asians are grabbing their coats. Well here comes the Father of the twins now.

“Oh, you’re heading out? Where? An Asian place? Have fun!”

And now they are all leaving. We can still have fun. So many of our guests arrived hours late; and left hours early. We can still have fun. I paid $250. I paid hundreds for catering.  We must have fun.  I’ll walk around to keep everyone cheerful.

“Oh that? They said they were coming late. And leaving early. It’s ok. It’s what their people do. Do you want another drink? Too expensive? Well, alright. I’ll talk with you again.”

“We don’t just give our money to anybody.” I need to think on that.

But now these Europeans are telling us to clean up after ourselves. $250 to get paper plates, paper cups, expensive drinks, no food, and now we must clean up after ourselves? $250 for late guests and early exits? And they are now drinking and laughing and carrying on somewhere else!

“We don’t just give our money to anybody.” What could possibly have been said. I remember a child was there, looking at the food on my plate, maybe that was it? He was telling his children how not all that glitters is gold and he would sacrifice for his Race. What was I telling my children? All that glitters is gold? Sacrifice for another Race? I’m stuck with the bill. $250 is not cheap.  Catering myself is not cheap.

“I cleaned up, Miss. Have a nice day!”

I don’t know this European woman. I never saw her before. She made me beg for napkins after I paid $250 and bought drinks for everyone. I had to beg for napkins! I bet those Asians know the owner of the venue at their after party. Why do I give my money to anybody? Why are my own people nobodies to me? What do those Asians have different? Is it their Community Center? I noticed that a long time ago; even before I noticed them. It must have been the first building they set up.

What did he say after? Oh, let me ask my Mother what that Father said to his Son. She was right beside them.

“We don’t just give our money to anybody. We are Asians by way of the West Indies. While I was in the Caribbeans, this Community financed your mother and my trip to America. It was the work of the local Community Center. Since then I have visited the Center every week I could and supported the people who weekly attended and improved this Community and back home. Hold your hunger, my Son. We’ll soon be in an establishment that cares for us. The owner has been a family friend for decades.  We don’t just give our money to anybody. We give our money to our friends. Friends we made and strengthened in the Community Center we built.

“These Africans give their money to just anybody. That is why in a short time we came to dominate them. Know this son and teach your sons. Money empowers. Those who empower their enemies ask for their own oppression. We don’t just give our money to anybody.”

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