We Are Nbogboni

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“When you teach a boy, you teach a person; but when you teach a girl, you educate a nation.”  — A traditional proverb

I like to recruit my subscribers off of the streets.  A few recruits are under 14.  These are often the most convinced for change.  The African Blood Siblings is about improving their future.  I recall conversing with one and asking her, in light of her teachers being European women, who would teach her to be an African woman?  At our level of mis-education, we like to think that her mother and aunts will teach her.  But this neglects to acknowledge how dis-empowered Africans are in European systems.  Particularly, though we live in a Patriarchy, our traditions are in Matriarchy.  This is a power shift that is largely unknown in our community.  This is because only the African Blood Siblings organizes to expound upon this tradition!  It’s for this reason, among many others, that you and yours should subscribe, read ABS diligently and support it financially.

On the subject of being an African woman, I recommend the lecture “To be an Afrikan Womyn” by Marimba Ani.  She finishes the hour-long lecture with her daughter reciting the pledge below.  This pledge, and other affirmations, need a wider influence.  To make pledges have wide influences, our people need African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  The African Blood Siblings is actively trying to create African Blood Siblings Community Centers for beautiful pledges and affirmations, among other political, economical and cultural ventures.  Readers who want African Blood Siblings Community Centers, who want true education and who want to positively impact the lives of Africans, please support African Blood Siblings and write. We need more organizers and we need more supporters.  Subscribe, share, love.  Here is the pledge Marimba Ani’s daughter reads at the end of the lecture:

We Are Nbogboni
As translated by Akua Ma’at

We are Nbogboni preparing to be who we must be
We are Afrikan women
We are Neith, Aset, Het Heru, Asase Yaa, Yemoja, Oya and Osun
We are Ma’at, the truth in all things
We will seek justice for our people
We will balance the scales
We are Afrikan women
We are warrior women
We are Yaa Asanetewaa, Nehanda, Nanny , Harriet and Fanny Lou
We are Mawu – complementarity, reciprocity, wholeness, intuitive wisdom, creativity and love
We are nurturing, caring, proud, determined and serious.
We are the teachers of the way.
We are the blood of our people
We are Afrikan women
With our men, we will build families for the future and, with them, we’ll produce Afrikan children so that our nation may grow and the ancestors may be reborn.
We are the continuity of our people
We are Afrikan women
We are preparing to be the organizers, revolutionaries, visionaries and nation builders of tomorrow.
We are accountable to the ancestors and we will avenge their spirits.
We will live for our people and die for them, if necessary.
We are the destiny of our people.
We are Afrikan women.
We are the healers of the race, the spirituality of our people.
We are nbogboni preparing to be who we must be!

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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