Single, Double or Triple Oppression of the African Woman?

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature.” — African Proverb

If a domestic cat could go to a European or Asian school, she would be taught that her oppressions are triple: sex, class, race.  True.  A domestic cat is treated differently if she be female or if he be male.  True.  A domestic cat is treated differently depending on her Master’s (Employer’s) wealth or her lack of a direct Master.  True.  A domestic cat would be treated differently if she were not even a cat, but a dog or a turtle.  But in the end the domestic cat will only return to its natural order through other cats.  The educated fool-cat will reason that as a woman she suffers an oppression similar to the Race of her Master’s women and die trying to seek to communicate to those women her struggle and distancing herself from her Brother-cats.  The African man and woman do not need this Mis-Educated outlook.  We need to realize that our oppression is singular: Racial.  The following article elaborates further.

Single, Double or Triple Oppression of the African Woman?
By Onitaset Kumat

On the physiological level, there are dis-eases and there is Cancer.  An empowered immune system eradicates both, yet the two are not one and the same.  One is a mutant.  A systematic error.  An irredeemable flaw.  On the physical level, Cancer is the Occidental (European) and Oriental (Asian).  We, the Original (Africans), are the immune system.

It has been stated that the African Woman is twice-oppressed.  She is oppressed Racially and also Sexually.  Some may go so far as to say she is further oppressed Classically.  The idea being shared is that the African Woman is thrice-oppressed.  Depending on who is asked, the statement has its merits.  “Sexism” they would reason has a hold on African, Asian and European women.  “Classism” has a hold on the lower-classes.  “Racism” has a hold on Africans and Asians.  All said, the African woman must be afflicted by all three.  And if she be affected by all three, she can find alliances near anywhere and everywhere.  For sharing “Sexist” oppression she, Asian and European women share a “struggle?”  And sharing “Classist” oppression, she and the lower-classes share a “struggle.”  And sharing “Racist” oppression, she and “people of color” share a “struggle.”  This is far from the truth.

In the natural order, male and female share different roles as according to their natural roles.  This natural role is expressed in the natural habitat of the species.  Nothing in its natural state is oppressed.  Female lions, for instance, hunt for the food and care for the young near exclusively yet they are not oppressed; and Male lions, defend against hyena attacks near exclusively yet they are not oppressed either.  The natural order also has class differences or roles for each class yet no species is oppressed in its natural state.  In hyena societies, for instance, there is a “queen-mother” with more privileges than other females.  Neither the Queen-Mother nor her Sisters are oppressed.  What could oppress the Lion or Hyena is to live in an unnatural state, like Zoo Lions live.  But this unnatural state would be “Racial Oppression” and nothing more.  It would be Zoo Lions being forced into the race mores (which are sexual and classical) of a Race of Humans (usually Europeans and Asians.)  Much like domestic pets are racially oppressed and can not find any like struggle across racial boundaries with their oppressors (the female cat’s oppression is no different from the male’s.)

When we look upon the claim of Sexism or Classism among Europeans and Asians, we quickly see that in their natural state that is how they treat themselves and propagate.  Said differently, the Asian and European do not face “Sexist” oppression or “Classist” oppression.  What’s known as Patriarchy or Caste (Sexual and Classical Oppression respectively), for instance, has been their way of life from their inception; just as physiologically, Cancer does not harm itself but behaves a certain way and that way is its way.  Neither “Sexism” nor “Classism” are terms to use for the African or non-African’s condition, “Racism” is the only real oppression on African people, men or women.  For what’s known as “Sexism” and “Classism” are only cultural habits of European and Asian Races, much like what’s oppressing the Zoo Lion or the domestic feline is the cultural habits of European and Asian Races.  What’s more, the imposition of another Race’s culture on women equally harms men and imposing another Race’s culture on the lower-class equally harms the upper-class.  Cancer harms the whole system, like Europeans and Asians harm the whole Earth.

The African Woman faces a Single Oppression–Racial Warfare, sometimes called “Racism.”  And only African people are Oppressed today.  Therefore, to eradicate Racism by the African Man’s side will be the sole gesture which can return the African woman to the throne of Earthly Harmony.  For an African Woman to see an alliance outside of the African Man is for an Immune System to see an alliance with Cancer.  One Oppression: Racism.  One Partner for the African Man and Woman: Themselves.  We share two enemies: Europeans and Asians.  We have one goal: Abibifahodie (African Liberation)!  The day when the domestic cat chooses her Master over her brother or sister needs to be over.  It’s upon those under Racial Oppression to create their Armies to end it!  Men and Women of our Race join the African Blood Siblings today!

5 thoughts on “Single, Double or Triple Oppression of the African Woman?

  1. Single, Double or Triple Oppression of the African Woman? I would have to say: Quadruple.

    The African woman is oppressed: 1. Racially 2. Sexually 3. by Class 4. by the African man

    1. Racially

    Your race defines how well you live on this corrupt planet. If you are African, you are from the original race that has the land with the richest resources and that makes you a target for the European, Asian and Indian races. The African woman is the mother of the race that poses the greatest threat and so her oppression by these races ensures that her race will be too weak to rise.

    2. Sexually

    The African woman was not sexually oppressed in the past because the African man saw her as his complement. She was neither ahead of him nor behind him, but beside him. Today, the African woman is oppressed by her gender as a direct result of the invading foreigners whose Christian and Islamic religions devalued the worth of women. European and Indian men have always oppressed their women and unfortunately because of slavery and colonialism, African women have become entangled in their misogynous practice.

    3. by Class

    The words of the poor make no sound in the ears of the rich and without a voice, poor people perish. The African woman is forced to live a lower class life because the wealth of her land is in the hands of foreigners and the men of her people have no military power in which to put an end to it.

    4. by the African Man

    Let us not be too sensitive to admit that the African woman suffers oppression by the African man. No other race of man will verbally and physically abuse his race of woman out of frustration for his powerless… or worse, for entertainment purposes… but the African man will. No other race of man who becomes financially stable is quick to abandon his race of woman to protect and defend another race of woman, but the African man is. The African woman suffers oppression through abuse and abandonment by her own race of men.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      It’s upon us to investigate whether oppression by Sex, Class or “the African Man” are separate from oppression by Race. The article was written to evince the point.

      You write for oppression by sex that the non-Africans oppress his own woman and for the oppression by class the non-African oppresses his own poor. Yet I want you to consider whether it is oppression, truly, or a different form of social organization. I.e. is nature ever oppression? And is the devalued woman or the silent poor a natural phenomena or a phenomena of oppression? Were nature universal, one could reason the latter. But it’s been known for a while that the silent poor and the devalued woman are natural phenomena of the Eurasian. For this reason, the Eurasian woman or poor are not oppressed; and if they are not oppressed by sex or class then neither can the African woman be. She is oppressed by her Race/Culture/Nature. Nothing more nothing less.

      As to oppression by the African Man. It comes with Racial Oppression. His Order were replaced with their Disorder. We need look to Cause, not Effect. Once we note its the Disordered, we can be Ordered. As long as we look elsewhere we will continue in confusion.

      1. Ahhh… I overstand. The African woman’s oppression by Sex, Class / the African Man, are NOT separate from the oppression by Race, they are all part of it.

        It is true that European, Asian and Indian men by NATURE treat their women differently due to their gender and class… and this trait is distinctive to these races. It is natural for these races to behave this way because it is their culture and that is why European, Asian and Indian women are not oppressed… instead they are living in accordance with the nature of their race. However, the nature/culture of Africans is different. In African culture there is no subjugation of the African woman or devaluing of the African woman by class, so although these other races do not see the African woman as being oppressed, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t oppressed. She is oppressed because she is from a race whose nature is culturally different from Europeans, Asians and Indians, but she is having to live within their culture.

        My first 3 examples regarding Race, Sex and Class was with a view to the African woman being oppressed by foreigners, however my last example was in regard to the African woman being oppressed by the African man… but now that you’ve enlightened me, I now realise that the African man’s abuse and abandonment of the African woman is as a direct result of being oppressed by Race because he is also having to live within a foreign culture.

        I stand corrected. It is a Single Oppression of the African Woman. She is oppressed, but only by Race.

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