“March Madness” Equals Black Servitude by Alton Maddox Jr.

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“There are six subjects that whites will never teach Blacks in public schools and Blacks refuse to build schools that teach their children how to think and to employ survival skills in a white supremacist society.” — Alton H. Maddox Jr.

Today’s article addresses the sports industry, with a feature article from the Attorney-At-War Alton Maddox Jr. In “Maroon and Build For Self,” I describe the unchanging nature of Europeans, especially when rooting for our harmless athleticism. I wrote it out of a respect and love of our people, who unfortunately by and large do not recognize this blatant continuity from our enslavement. However, it’s worth realizing that critiquing another culture’s influences upon you, should not substitute praise for your own personal culture. That said, I will offer a critique on a related video, utilizing the wisdom of Originalism, and the wisdom of Alton Maddox Jr. Here is his article–see below for a video and critique )and contact me if you want more messages from Alton Maddox Jr. (Also, the emphasis are mine, particularly to showcase the importance of the newsletter and your subscription.)  Write to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, share, love.

“March Madness” Equals Black Servitude
by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

When you turn on the television in March, you are reminded of the key role that Blacks play in commerce and modern slavery. You are also reminded that white people will never throw away a successful formula. To understand a formula, you must also understand concepts. This understanding is the foundation for winning. No ethnic group has a monopoly on winning.

There are six subjects that whites will never teach Blacks in public schools and Blacks refuse to build schools that teach their children how to think and to employ survival skills in a white supremacist society. Black parents also refuse to make a demand on public schools for these subjects. In short, Blacks lack the philosophy to be true educators. “Hot air” will not do the trick.

In order for any Black person to be successful in any endeavor in this country for the benefit of other Blacks, this person must master philosophy, logic, ethics, military science, business and history and not his story. None of these subjects are taught to Blacks in public schools and for good reason.

The first lesson that Blacks must learn is that they must stop financing and endorsing their own oppression. Whites have created a financial system which gives rise to various scams to bankrupt Blacks. This is a silent killer. Plantation politics is also a system that is guaranteed to promote Black, political suicide. Our condition worsens as we put more “Black faces in high places”.

We need the “Negro” media to warn us of the “Negroes” that have been employed to promote Black suicide. This is not an original purpose of the “Negro” media, however. The “Negro” media is a slave to the white media. Any person that is highlighted in the Negro media works for the white establishment. The “Negro” media gives credibility to Black faces in high places but don’t boycott the “Negro” media before you understand the system. Blacks still need training wheels.

In short, everything that glitters is not gold. Fool’s gold is always highlighted in the “Negro” media. Most Blacks automatically take everything at face value. They are unable to separate plants from weeds. This is a dangerous combination. “Live and let live” is not good advice. We should never put two-legged weeds before two-legged plants. This militates against natural law.

Most college basketball players are Black. Every basketball player is presumed to know basketball rules. Ignorance of basketball rules is no defense to losing a basketball game. Blacks study basketball rules as opposed to simply reading them. At best, most basketball players read everything else in life.

College basketball programs, in most white colleges, fail to connect the dots between success in basketball and Black survival. Unfortunately, most Blacks are only interested in rules when they can connect them with Negro wealth and white women. This is “Negro” servitude.

Connecting legal rules to black survival after basketball is unimportant. These seminars on Black survival must be one hundred percent “free” before Blacks will consider them. Blacks refuse to bear any costs for their own liberation. The primary focus is on hedonism.

Every Black person is presumed to know all legal rules. Ignorance of any legal rule is no defense in a court of law. Any Black person who is ignorant of legal rules will either end up in the prison-industrial complex or will be forced to labor under peonage laws. Frederick Douglass said it best: “You may not get everything you pay for but you will pay for everything you get”. We will pay for a pair of basketball sneakers but we refuse to purchase a legal dictionary.

Video and Commentary:

This video comes from the Occidental Philosophy and it highlights the University of Texas’ Vince Young who despite playing a major role in his coach’s over 2 million dollar salary and his schools over 40 million dollar profits, makes no money for himself, though as Maddox says, has the hopes of “Negro wealth and White women.” This is the Occidental Philosophy because Originalism has age-grades. Young Originals like Vince Young should not be participating on the sports field but on battle fields. What’s important is that battle fields need Generals who need to be subjected to leaders. Hence the necessity of a Philosopher-King, the most qualified leader, such as myself.

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