The Corruption of African Spirituality

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“African people are both the Original race and the Original Philosophers, living both by humanity’s and philosophy’s origin.” — Onitaset Kumat

Today I provide a synopsis on Brother Ashra Kwesi’s lecture available on Youtube to answer how Original spirituality was corrupted to make Occidental and Oriental religions.  African Sibling, your life lead you to this writing; it’s time to join the African Blood Siblings’ fight of recreating our ancient ways.  We are building African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Write the ABS to assist.

The Corruption of African Spirituality
By Onitaset Kumat

Brother Ashra Kwesi is considered Dr. Ben’s protege.  Here is a synopsis of this video:


We are incarcerated through religion.  We hardly know that modern religions are corruptions of ancient African spirituality.  To wit, there are many creation stories and spiritual centers from Ancient Africa.  Two of which are Waset and Memphis (he gives their original names [listen to video].)  In the latter, Ptah, the creator deity, says “Let there be light” just as does the Biblical deity of Genesis.

In the Metropolitan Museum in England, one major piece is the “Memphite Theology Stone.”  That stone tells of Ptah creating the universe.  It was stolen from England.  One first hears of this stone through Shabakah, who found it; it was already old to Shabakah.

In the Memphis theology, man and woman were created simultaneously; not separately.  There was no misogyny in our genesis story.  Also, the first couple, Asar and Aset, ate from the “tree of divine life and wisdom” rather than the “tree of good and evil,” as Adam and Eve supposedly do.

The story of Adam and Eve places the menstrual cycle on women for their sins.  It’s hateful to women.  Unlike our story.

Many of the Hebrew stories are corruptions of Nile stories.  For instance, circumcision is an ancient African practice.

There’s a myth of Jews being enslaved in Egypt.  This is relevant to the Hyskos invasion, where Orientals invaded and enslaved the Original Kemetics.  The expulsion of the Hyskos may connect with the Hebrew narrative of Exodus.  Interestingly, the Occidental Freud had postulated that “Moses” was invented.

More the villainzed Pharaoh of the Bible, Ramses, has a temple which shows his army against the Hittite army, where the latter is flooded.  It’s interesting as the Bible claims that Moses flooded the former’s army!


All of the biblical stories have roots in the Nile Valley civilizations, thus all ‘religious’ should look at their African identity first.

Though some of us are studying biblical calendars; we do not know that biblical chronologies are Egyptian chronologies.

A caller calls to ask for Brother Kwesi to address the idea of South America hosting the oldest pyramids.  Brother Kwesi points out how it’s ridiculous and part of a ploy to claim Africans as being less creative than they are.  Even pointing out how there is a myth circulating of extra-terrestrials building the pyramids in Africa.  Brother Kwesi then names the traveller to the Americas and the prototypes for each American pyramid in Africa.  He even points out the cultural continuity, for instance, the painting of elephants in Americas, though there are no elephants in America.

Another caller congratulates him.  Brother Kwesi continues explaining how in Ghana one can see the story of the African navigator for Columbus.  He also says that though the West Africans were in America, European scholars downplayed the likenesses claiming that the tools required to make “American” features were insufficient.

A caller talks about Totem Poles and their biblical symbolism.  In short, Totem Poles were erected all over the world, where at the bottom is a snake, in the middle is a man, and at the top is a bird.  He gives his translation.

Brother Kwesi then speaks on the self-hatred taught through religion.  For instance, the story of Ham.  It was created in 90 AD.  It was a story created to take Black land (Caananites).

Another caller asks about Heru.  The background is that Asar’s brother Set kills him (like Cain and Abel) but Aset turns herself into a bird, finds her husband’s seed and impregnates herself (thus a holy birth and an immaculate conception.)  Thus is born the holy child Heru (this parallels Jesus.) This represents a spiritual resurrection of Asar through his son Heru.

Also, he explains the Behdet, the symbol for “Know Thyself,” the sun disked wing, that represents Heru who destroyed evil, it’s seen over all of the temples, it represents that one leaves all evil behind when entering.  It was corrupted into Angels, with the Sun disk behind their head.  Very interesting.

The Sun is the key to reawakening the third eye in the Brain, from the pineal gland.

He further explains why a Falcoln was chosen to represent Heru.  Essentially, it stays in the sky, as does the Sun, and oftentimes flies toward the Sun.  It’s not a matter of worshiping animals.  He uses a word that I am unfamiliar with.

There’s also a third video:

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    1. I thank you Trishia rouse. And yet like Harriet Tubman turned back to free others, or Nat Turner planned the end of our enslavement, with your knowledge, it’s fitting to turn around and raise up other Africans.

      I call upon you to serve our race. If you shall answer this call, please email me:

      With the truth, we shall plan for our redemption.

    1. Peace,

      It looks like it was removed. It’s sad that we use their video resources; as whatever we put up they can take down. Even this site can be removed one day and there’s not much to do about it.

      But thanks for revisiting. The struggle needs commitment.

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