No Black Person is Married Despite a Marriage License

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Traditional marriage is the primary problem. President Obama’s view on same-sex marriage is a red herring.” — Alton H. Maddox Jr.

Today is Election Day in America.  Vote and vote for Obama.  No sense in cutting your nose to spite your face.  Malcolm X said of George Romney, Mitt Romney’s Father, “Romney is a Dixie governor.”  The apple doesn’t falls far from the tree.

Black Churches and “Activists” are now relying on our Legal Mis-Education to self-hatingly denounce Obama. Marriage is a State’s Right.  Governors and State Legislatures can legislate Gay Marriage not Presidents.  Yet not one Black Church or “Activist” denounced “Gay-Marriage” Cuomo even though the Freedom Party, an independent Black-led party, was running against him.  It’s self-hatred.  Alton H. Maddox Jr., the attorney-at-war, below explains this intricacy, including the reality that our people can’t even marry yet we’re yapping against Obama’s Freedom of Speech.

We need to approach the problems of the day with Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.  It will always be wise to choose “Can” over “Won’t.”  After that, we need to take lessons in Politics 101 and forge Political Organization to get our Political Agenda realized.  Most of our poverty is due Political Mis-Organization.  Vote, then Organize.  The doors of the African Blood Siblings are open.  Join us in creating African Blood Siblings Community Centers to make Organization and Love, Knowledge and Wisdom more present.  Do not be without an Organization.  Malcolm X said it.  Kwame Ture said it.  The Law of Nature dictates it.  Organize and “Can” will be “Will.”  Subscribe, share, love.

No Black Person is Married Despite a Marriage License
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Many Black preachers are still demanding that members of their congregations cast votes against President Barack Obama on November 6. They disagree with his opinion on same sex marriage. President Obama has a right to express his personal opinion and Black preachers have a right to express opposing opinions on same-sex marriage. The First Amendment decides this issue.

I had hoped that Black selected officials and leading Blacks had done their homework on the institution of marriage but everyone is looking for a “freebie”. In the white community, white attorneys would have already authored a legal memorandum. We are reduced to fussing and fighting.

There are already too many myths and fallacies about this institution. Blacks live in a mythological colony. We prefer to support carriers of myths and fallacies than to support a myth buster. White supremacists also support carriers of myths and fallacies. They amount to psychological chains of slavery

Until the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, enslaved Africans were barred from marrying. In the meantime, white women were also burdened because of gender. A white woman, regrettably, suffered, from a pimp-whore relationship. They were not only disenfranchised but any inherited property of the woman was controlled by the man. Any rape was legitimate

Myra Bradwell was excluded from the practice of law because of her gender. In 1873, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against her in Bradwell v. Illinois. In a concurring opinion, Justice Joseph P. Bradley said “the law of the Creator” limits the obligations of a woman to “the noble and benign offices of wife and mother”.

During the height of my defense of Tawana Brawley, I asked Rev. Al Sharpton and attorney C. Vernon Mason not to make any comments about Steven Pagones. Seditious libel is a complex subject. I would carry all of the weight against New York.

“You may be morally innocent but legally liable” under Herrara v. Texas. I was afraid that this would happen to Sharpton and Mason if they opened their mouths. It did. The jury verdicts against Mason and Sharpton misled the Black community about the veracity of Tawana’s claims.

The Tawana Brawley case was more than the rape of a fifteen year-old Black girl by six white men in Dutchess County, NY. John White was more than the killing of a white man on Long Island. Both of these cases were about the institution of marriage and Black preachers ran for the tall grass. In both cases, New York refused to support the institution of marriage.

If Black preachers choose to criticize the personal views of federal officials on same-sex marriage, they should read the U.S. Constitution. This “Supreme Law of the Land” makes no mention of marriage. Thus, marriage falls within states rights and Blacks have not fared well under states rights.

It is curious that Black preachers have not urged their congregations to vote against white governors who favor same-sex marriage. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a statute which permits same-sex marriage in New York. No white governor who has signed into law a statute permitting same-sex marriage has been criticized by Black preachers.

President Barack Obama has never signed into law a statutory provision permitting same-sex marriages. If he did sign such a measure, it would be immediately struck down as unconstitutional. Free speech should not be exercised by a Black president of the United States to express a view that Black preachers oppose but the view is available to any white governor. More than a dual standard, this sounds like self-hatred.

Legal dictionaries define marriage as a union but no one defines marriage as a partnership and for good reason. It would be an unconscionable contract. Suffice it to say that when a white husband has non-consensual sex with his wife, it is deemed “legitimate rape”. Cong. Todd Akin did not break new ground when he used the term this summer.

When six white men raped Tawana Brawley in November 1987, New York State Attorney Robert Abrams said that no ground existed for statutory rape. This was twenty-five years ago this month. She was only fifteen years of age. Twenty-five years later, white men can still enjoy their privilege of “legitimate rape”. Thus, Tawana’s account of what happened was easily dismissed as a “hoax” despite overwhelming evidence of a forcible rape.

Glenda Brawley had to flee the state in 1989 after she refused to reveal any conversation that she had with her daughter, Tawana, about the rape. The parent-child relationship is based on the deference for privacy. Slaves do not enjoy the right to privacy even including in a marriage.

In Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage was a “noble” and “sacred” relationship and no state could violate the privacy rights of marriage without proving a compelling reason. Until 1865, slaves could not marry. Since 1865, any union between a descendant of enslaved Africans and another person continues to be a “badge of slavery”.

An example of a “badge of slavery” was an attempt by John White to protect his family and home against armed, white trespassers. In slavery, no legal reason existed for an enslaved African to protect himself against an armed, white intruder. The uncle of Emmett Till knew that Mississippi would not allow him to protect his nephew, Emmett Till, against a lynch mob in August 1955.

John White “accidentally” killed a white intruder while he was protecting his wife and family from the lynch mob. It was of no moment that he had not bothered anyone and that the white intruders came to his home to lynch his son for getting too fresh with a white girl. In New York, the “Stand Your Ground” law does not apply to Black homeowners against white trespassers who constitutes a lynch mob.

An all-white jury in New York convicted John White of homicide. This jury verdict was upheld by the state’s intermediate appellate court. The appeals court ruled that White should have called the police or fled his home. He should not have killed a white person. This was contrary to a ruling by the conservative U.S. Supreme Court.

Only United African Movement and One Hundred Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care stuck with White until he finally received a commutation of sentence while he was imprisoned. He still has a criminal record. Marriage has to include the right to protect one’s family and to protect property. Otherwise, a home is a “slave quarters”. New York still follows slave jurisprudence.

During the 1950’s, it was often said that the freest persons in the United States were the white man and the Black woman. My uncle, Madison Simms, was obviously aware of this saying but he later found it to be a half-truth. My uncle was a high school principal and his wife was an elementary school teacher in Coweta County, Georgia in the early 1950’s.

She believed that the white school superintendent should chastise her husband for his alleged behavior at home. He summoned my uncle to his office and read him the “riot act”. My uncle told the superintendent that he had no business meddling in the affairs of his home. His home was within his personal jurisdiction. He quit his job on the spot and jumped on the next train smoking that day out of Georgia. He never looked back.

Until that day, my uncle apparently believed that he was the man of his home. That day, he found out that no Black man is the man of his home. My uncle had only tolerated a proxy marriage. The white man was the elephant in the marriage. My uncle never remarried.

Since that date, over half of all Black men are unemployed and several million Black men are in prison thanks to kangaroo trials. Those men who are not unemployed or who are not in prison are on banana peels. So much for the institution of marriage. All Black men are in sham marriages.

All of these marriages are subject to states rights. “Negro” preachers are unable to defend their own homes. After the Civil War, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that the Confederate States of America had won it. Most of us had to return to plantation life or flee the South.

As a teenager, I remember an incident involving a married, Black couple. A white man went into their apartment and the Black man fled the home temporarily. I was told that this flight from one’s home was customary. This is what happened under states’ rights. If the Black man had reported this incident to the “authorities”, the Black man would have been prosecuted for sundry crimes and sent to prison.

Black preachers have bigger fish to fry than to encourage their congregations not to vote for President Barack Obama because he only expressed an opinion on same-sex marriage. It takes a governor to put same-sex marriage legislation into law. A same-sex marriage bill signed by the president of the United States would have the same legal effect as the Emancipation Proclamation.

I am the only person in the United States to have risked both my legal career and my life to defend marital “rights” of Blacks while most Blacks were clueless. Only a few Blacks have supported me but by remote control despite my unprecedented achievements in the law for Black people. The overwhelming majority of Black preachers, rabbis and imams have avoided me. This include those who are high-profile.

My disbarment was based on a bill of pains and penalties signed by white members of the New York Legislature. Apparently, no Black attorney is aware that a bill of attainder or a bill of pains and penalties is expressly prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

Clients only praised my legal performance. I had never been convicted of a crime. These are the only grounds for disbarment. White judges came to the disciplinary proceeding and praised my legal acumen. I made no money from these cases that affected the Black community. No Black attorney has designated himself or herself as a pinch hitter since my illegal disbarment.

I have been banned from all commercial newspapers in addition to radio and television. Rev. Al Sharpton heads the powerful Madison Avenue Initiative. Any member of a Black news outlet that allows my views to be published will lose all advertising. This is why Rev. Sharpton is on radio or television seven days per week. He is both a Republican and a Democrat.

It is my hope that my “legal memorandum” get to all Black voters by November 6. No lie should be able to live forever. A state will issue a marriage license to anyone for a fee. This is a revenue measure. This mere fact that a Black preacher conducts a marriage ceremony is not evidence of a marriage. For most Black preachers, this has become a racket.

Under the law, a marriage is valid only when the state decides to enforce not only all duties but also all rights. This will never happen to any Black couple. The state will demand full compliance with all duties but will not enforce all rights that should accrue to all Black, married couples. This is not a valid marriage.

Stated differently, any marriage of any Black person before the law is a sham marriage. Marriage is like being pregnant. No woman can be a little bit pregnant. Similarly, no Black couple can be a little bit married. Marriage is based on an “all or none” principle. Black preachers are putting the cart before the horse. Traditional marriage is the primary problem. President Obama’s view on same-sex marriage is a red herring.

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