“Did We Sell Each Other Into Slavery?” by Oscar L. Beard

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Europeans and Asians have kidnapped us before, we’re being kidnapped often today.” — Onitaset Kumat

In today’s article we discuss whether we sold each other into slavery.  When thinking on this question, we must also wonder whether in America we betrayed one another.  In “Grievances,” we see that Meritorious Manumission made us betray one another.  It’s still in effect.  We must organize under a principals and ethics, to be assured no more betrayals.  Promote the African Blood Siblings!

Many of us want to know whether we were so devious as to sell one another into slavery.  Frankly, we weren’t.  This essay below is written by Oscar L. Beard and it’s sufficient for addressing the matter.  I wish to further put an idea in your head.  When reading of the three races, Originals, Occidentals and Orientals, you should keep in mind their fundamental natures: Harmonious, Genocidal and Enslaving, respectively.  Truly, it is the Oriental who enslaved us.  The Occidental was a party to this enslavement.  After all, the governments of the Occidents were, prior to the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, Original and Occidental[1] and preyed upon by Orientals for slaves.  In fact, even throughout our enslavement in the Americas, the likes of Germany and Ireland were being raided upon for slaves.  Orientals are enslavers[2].  Not coincidentally, however, the Occidental always ‘flips the script.’  So truly he enslaved himself, calling even blue-eyed, blond-haired Germans “Negroes” for the buck, but to me, this news isn’t important.  If I got money for every time that an Occidental lied, I would not need to promote my own book.[3]  Enjoy.

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Did We Sell Each Other Into Slavery?

A Commentary by Oscar L. Beard, Consultant in African Studies
24 May 1999

The single most effective White propaganda assertion that continues to make it very difficult for us to reconstruct the African social systems of mutual trust broken down by U.S. Slavery is the statement, unqualified, that, “We sold each other into slavery.” Most of us have accepted this statement as true at its face value. It implies that parents sold their children into slavery to Whites, husbands sold their wives, even brothers and sisters selling each other to the Whites. It continues to perpetuate a particularly sinister effluvium of Black character. But deep down in the Black gut, somewhere beneath all the barbecue ribs, gin and whitewashed religions, we know that we are not like this.

This singular short tart claim, that “We sold each other into slavery”, has maintained in a state of continual flux our historical basis for Black-on-Black self love and mutual cooperation at the level of Class. Even if it is true (without further clarification) that we sold each other into slavery, this should not absolve Whites of their responsibility in our subjugation. We will deal with Africa if need be.

The period from the beginning of the TransAtlantic African Slave so-called Trade (1500) to the demarcation of Africa into colonies in the late 1800s is one of the most documented periods in World History. Yet, with the exception of the renegade African slave raider Tippu Tip of the Congo (Muslim name, Hamed bin Muhammad bin Juna al-Marjebi) who was collaborating with the White Arabs (also called Red Arabs) there is little documentation of independent African slave raiding. By independent is meant that there were no credible threats, intoxicants or use of force by Whites to force or deceive the African into slave raiding or slave trading and that the raider himself was not enslaved to Whites at the time of slave raiding or “trading”. Trade implies human-to-human mutuality without force. This was certainly not the general scenario for the TransAtlantic so-called Trade in African slaves. Indeed, it was the Portuguese who initiated the European phase of slave raiding in Africa by attacking a sleeping village in 1444 and carting away the survivors to work for free in Europe.

Even the case of Tippu Tip may well fall into a category that we might call the consequences of forced cultural assimilation via White (or Red) Arab Conquest over Africa. Tippu Tip s father was a White (or Red) Arab slave raider, his mother an unmixed African slave. Tip was born out of violence, the rape of an African woman. It is said that Tip, a “mulatto”, was merciless to Africans.

The first act against Africa by Whites was an unilateral act of war, announced or unannounced. There were no African Kings or Queens in any of the European countries nor in the U.S. when ships set sail for Africa to capture slaves for profit. Whites had already decided to raid for slaves. They didn’t need our agreement on that. Hence, there was no mutuality in the original act. The African so-called slave “trade” was a demand-driven market out of Europe and America, not a supply-driven market out of Africa. We did not seek to sell captives to the Whites as an original act. Hollywood s favorite is showing Blacks capturing Blacks into slavery, as if this was the only way capture occurred. There are a number of ways in which capture occurred. Let s dig a little deeper into this issue.

Chancellor Williams, in his classic work, The Destruction of Black Civilization, explains that after the over land passage of African trade had been cut off at the Nile Delta by the White Arabs in about 1675 B.C. (the Hyksos), the Egyptian/African economy was thrown into a recession. There is even indication of “pre-historic” aggression upon Africa by White nomadic tribes (the Palermo Stone). As recession set in the African Government began selling African prisoners of war and criminals on death row to the White Arabs. This culminated as an unfortunate trade, in that, when the White Arabs attacked, they had the benefit of the knowledge and strength of Africans on their side, as their slaves. This is a significantly different picture than the propaganda that we sold our immediate family members into slavery to the Whites.

In reality, slavery is an human institution. Every ethnic group has sold members of the same ethnic group into slavery. It becomes a kind of racism; that, while all ethnic groups have sold its own ethnic group into slavery, Blacks can’t do it. When Eastern Europeans fight each other it is not called tribalism. Ethnic cleansing is intended to make what is happening to sound more sanitary. What it really is, is White Tribalism pure and simple.

The fact of African resistance to European Imperialism and Colonialism is not well known, though it is well documented. Read, for instance, Michael Crowder (ed.), West African Resistance, Africana Publishing Corporation, New York, 1971. Europeans entered Africa in the mid 1400 s and early 1500 s during a time of socio-political transition. Europeans chose a favorite side to win between African nations at a war and supplied that side with guns, a superior war instrument. In its victory, the African side with guns rounded up captives of war who were sold to the Europeans in exchange for more guns or other barter. Whites used these captives in their own slave raids. These captives often held pre-existing grudges against groups they were ordered to raid, having formerly been sold into slavery themselves by these same groups as captives in inter-African territorial wars. In investigating our history and capture, a much more completed picture emerges than simply that we sold each other into slavery.

The Ashanti, who resisted British Imperialism in a Hundred Years War, sold their African captives of war and criminals to other Europeans, the Portuguese, Spanish, French, in order to buy guns to maintain their military resistance against British Imperialism (Michael Crowder, ed., West African Resistance).

Eric A. Walker, in A History of Southern Africa, Longmans, London, 1724, chronicles the manner in which the Dutch entered South Africa at the Cape of Good Hope. Van Riebeeck anchored at the Cape with his ships in 1652 during a time that the indigenous Khoi Khoi or Khoisan (derogatorily called Hottentots) were away hunting. The fact of their absence is the basis of the White “claim” to the land. But there had been a previous encounter with the Khoi Khoi at the Cape in 1510 with the Portuguese Ship Almeida. States Eric A. Walker, “Affonso de Albuquerque was a conscious imperialist whose aim was to found self-sufficing colonies and extend Portuguese authority in the East&He landed in Table Bay, and as it is always the character of the Portuguese to endeavor to rob the poor natives of the country, a quarrel arose with the Hottentots, who slew him and many of his companions as they struggled towards their boats through the heavy sand of Salt River beach.” (Ibid. p. 17). Bartholomew Diaz had experienced similar difficulties with the indigenous Xhosa of South Africa in 1487, on his way to “discovering” a “new” trade route to the East. The conflict ensued over a Xhosa disagreement over the price Diaz wanted to pay for their cattle. The Xhosa had initially come out meet the Whites, playing their flutes and performing traditional dance.

In 1652, knowing that the indigenous South Africans were no pushovers, Van Riebeeck didn’t waste any time. As soon as the Khoi Khoi returned from hunting, Van Riebeeck accused them of stealing Dutch cattle. Simply over that assertion, war broke out, and the superior arms of the Dutch won. South African Historian J. Congress Mbata best explains this dynamic in his lectures, available at the Cornell University Africana Studies Department. Mbata provides three steps: 1) provocation by the Whites, 2) warfare and, 3) the success of a superior war machinery.

There are several instances in which Cecil Rhodes, towards the end of the 19th Century, simply demonstrated the superiority of the Maxim Machine Gun by mowing down a corn field in a matter of minutes. Upon such demonstrations the King and Queen of the village, after consulting the elders, signed over their land to the Whites. These scenarios are quite different from the Hollywood version, and well documented.

It has been important to present the matters above to dispel the notion of an African slave trade that involved mutuality as a generalized dynamic on the part of Africans. If we can accept the documented facts of our history above and beyond propaganda, we can begin to heal. We can begin to love one another again and go on to regain our liberties on Earth.


Oscar L. Beard, B.A., RPCV
Consultant in African Studies
P.O. Box 5208
Atlanta, Georgia 31107

Source: http://www.africawithin.com/maafa/did_we_sell.htm

[1] The Allegory of the Pitied ChildMoorish Lesson
[2] “Our Sacred Mission” by Dr. Leonard JeffriesEducational Racism
[3] Maroon and Build For SelfA Need

For more on this topic, see:


The former shows the European’s genocidal nature, answering what happened to those Africans enslaved in Europe?  These were the bodies whom withstood experiments, finally completely dying.


Some of them were shipped out to the New World. But not all. As Gerzina’s research showed, 167 years after Queen Elizabeth had shipped out the Africans, “in 1768 Granville Sharp and others put the number of black servants in London [alone] at 20,000, out of a total London population of 676,250.” So where are the descendants of these African “servants”?

Hugh Thomas tells how in 1799, the then British prime minister, William Pitt (a great abolitionist himself) had taunted the anti-abolitionists during a debate in the House of Commons: “On this occasion,” Thomas reveals, “[Pitt] said ironically that the opponents of abolition evidently thought that ‘the blood of these poor negroes was to continue flowing; it was dangerous to stop it because it had run so long; besides, we were under contract with certain surgeons to allow them a certain supply of human bodies every year for them to try experiments on, and this we did out of pure love of science’.”

There is the rub! The Africans were used for medical experiments by European surgeons! But surely not all of them disappeared under the surgeons’ knives? So where are their offspring?

All said and done, nobody gets reparations paid to him on a silver plate. To this day, Africa has done almost nothing about this matter. Bernie Grant, the Labour MP in London, laments the striking indifference of African leaders in the matter. “But I’m not waiting for [them]”, he says. “I just carry on with what I’m doing. Because the issue at stake is more important than that. It’s to do with the people of African descent, and not necessarily the people from Africa.”

— Baffour Ankomah

8 thoughts on ““Did We Sell Each Other Into Slavery?” by Oscar L. Beard

  1. I am interested in finding out how the Africans got so brainwashed to an extend of being able to sell the other. What is the psychology employed by the Europeans and also the mental reasoning of the Africans to accept to participate in the slavery market when it involved the suffering of their own race.

    1. Sibling Rai nzeny, I come in peace,

      The answer to how the Europeans enslaved us is shown clearly in how the Asian enslaved us. Truly, it is the Asian who enslaved us. The Asian continues to enslave us today. The Asian is the Enslaver of both Europeans and Africans. This is an overlooked though ancient truth. The African Blood Siblings is building African Blood Siblings Community Centers to teach our people the nature of Africans, Europeans and Asians and teach us to embrace the first and reject the last two. Join in the struggle.

      A valuable resource for the fact of Asians being enslavers is seen here (Case Study for Oriental History: Islamic Enslavers): https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/case-study-for-oriental-history-islamic-enslavers/

      Remember that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade followed the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade. Read the Allegory of the Pitied Child: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/the-allegory-of-the-pitied-child/

      It’s not solely Islamicists who enslaved us. European Jews (who adopt an Oriental identity) were responsible for our enslavement too. See “Our Sacred Mission” by Dr. Jeffries: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/our-sacred-mission-by-dr-leonard-jeffries/

      The Jews and Muslims are not the only one. King Leopold, a self-described Christian, explains how he used Christianity to colonize Africans. See “Letter from King Leopold . . .”: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/letter-from-king-leopold-ii-of-belgium-to-colonial-missionaries-1883/

      Finally, the enslavement from Asians is ongoing today and demands a response from our people. There are tons of examples to bring up. But one remarkable read is “The Solution to the Rape of Our Women:” https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/a-solution-to-the-rape-of-our-african-women/

      The solution to our race problem with Europeans and Asians, Occidentals and Orientals, is Separation. The Philosophical Basis is seen here: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/the-philosophical-basis-of-racial-separation-and-the-means-to-achieve-it/

      I hope that this has solved your problem. If it had, please write the ABS about helping to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center where you are. That way, the ongoing enslavement of our people can be halted. Because do not, do not, do not forget that Africans from America are training Africans in the Congo to kill African children in the Congo this very hour. Not until we take responsibility for our actions can we expect the consequences for our inaction to stop.

      For more on the Congo read “Blood Coltan Video and Political Strategy;” https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/blood-coltan-video-and-political-strategy/

      Thanks for sharing, I go in peace,

  2. In reality, slavery is an human institution. Every ethnic group has sold members of the same ethnic group into slavery. It becomes a kind of racism; that, while all ethnic groups have sold its own ethnic group into slavery, Blacks can’t do it. When Eastern Europeans fight each other it is not called tribalism. Ethnic cleansing is intended to make what is happening to sound more sanitary. What it really is, is White Tribalism pure and simple.

    Yep. I got duped by that one. Appreciate the correction!!!!
    Note, Fanon and co also correctly read the Nazi empire as white terrorism turned inwards.
    Guess thats where the AUstralian boomerang got to.

    1. In reality, that passage reflects the “Occidentalist” mindset that we should avoid. Who cares what Europeans say of us? More, it’s not actually true that Africans were enslaving Africans. Though for you, in Europe, I considered the second passage more relevant to your experience. It’s a horror often unmentioned. But the earliest Africans brought into Europe, contemporaries of those whom were brought to America, seemed to all have disappeared. I’m guessing that you are maybe a second-generation in England, right? It seems many Africans are either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation in Europe because the Europeans killed those whom would have had a legacy off.

  3. I’m so glad to see some folks actually research and get the answers about “africans sold africans into slavery”. I mean, we took that at face value and just ran with it with no debate. I’m like… why is it so easy to lie to African people?

    1. Sibling,

      ” “They saw themselves as others seen them. They had been formed by the images made of them by those who had, had the deepest necessity to despise them.” — James Baldwin

      An aspect of Culture is Identity. Our Ignorance of our Identity makes us do Erroneous things like trusting our Enemies to give us a beneficial sense of Identity. For what it is worth, many Africans in America identify as “Americans” or “African-Americans” and this confuses. For if one of those, America can be trusted and is not an enemy. And with this falsehood, what can be true? If nothing else our responsibility is to reacquaint African people with a sense of their enemies and their forces. Without this, we can be easily overcome.

      1. Mmm…mmm. That… that is a good point. I never thought about the naming issue in regards to race. It’s like this one guy said (Umar Johnson I believe). ‘If I identify as a muslim, then the arabic woman would be my sister before the sister I grew up with”. That is a real good point.

      2. Superb King,

        “Discipline in war counts more than fury.”

        “He is overcome with difficulty, who knows how to recognize his forces and those of the enemy.”

        https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/general-rules-of-warfare/ (Rules of Warfare)

        It matters not how furious you are made if you can not recognize your enemy.

        See this remarkable story,


        An African woman is raped by an Asian and is confused. She thought he was her Brother in Islam. Little does she know about Islamic History.


        Organization is necessary particularly as an agent of discipline. So if ever you want to be of service in this task, let me know. I continue to be of service to all of us.

        HTP (Peace)

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