Excerpt from “A View from the Bridge” in “The Destruction of Black Civilization”(1974) by Dr. Chancellor Williams

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

I wrote a book (click here) because of paragraphs like this.  Our people need to properly put into perspective how deep-seated European hatred for Africans is.  Constantly am I asked whether Europeans are deplorable.  I just quote one of my two-minute poems and my inquirer becomes reminded.  Chancellor Williams here presents his style of reminding.  Subscribe, and encourage your Siblings to subscribe, for many more; and be sure to check out the “related posts.”  For we’re building African Blood Siblings Community Centers and we want you to write to see how you can help.

Excerpt from “A View from the Bridge” in “The Destruction of Black Civilization”(1974)  by Dr. Chancellor Williams

The “view from the bridge” thus far has been a re-focus on the futility of our continuing and child-like faith in the white man’s justice, the belief that our protests, marching demonstrations, singing and praying will change his six thousand years of hostility to us; and that the Negroes who frantically battle for admission to white suburbia, and to its private clubs, golf courses, swimming pools, etc., will never be welcomed even though they may be “near-white” in color.  The final focal point in this connection is that the masses, from the blackest of the Blacks to the lightest of the Lights, do not care at all about socially mixing with the whites.

They, the whites, on their part, have no reason or inclination to do more than make token concessions from time to time, thus quieting noisy “leaders,” but never changing the inferior situation of the masses.  They still own and control the wealth of Africa, directly and indirectly, and from it, along with that from other areas of the world, they have developed technologies and a world commerce–all fully protected by governments, also under their control, that assure them of continued white supremacy.  This phenomenal success, this unquestionable “position of strength,” derived from their conquests of other peoples and their wealth, has led them to believe that they are, as a matter of fact, the superior people and, therefore, the rightful rulers of this planet.  Why, then, should they be expected to yield?  “Human Rights?”  “Equal Justice?”  What are these but narcotic slogans for the masses–even the white masses–which are quickly conceded as “ideals” and “principles” everywhere?

The masses of poor whites also live on these slogans and ideals of equal justice.  They are a pitiful people, often half-starved themselves, yet living and having their being in the happy thought that they are members of the white conquering race, and that the once enslaved Blacks among them are living evidence of their own superiority.  They enjoy the glory reflected from the domination and power achieved by the ruling minority of their race, too ignorant to realize that they are used as the tools of hate to support the wealth and power concentrated in relatively few hands.  When these poor whites secure the kind of jobs that move them up in that gloryland called “Middle Class,” they get the most concrete evidence of their innate superiority: They find that the economic system is so structured that, (1) to secure better jobs and advancement, the number one qualification is to be white; (2) that even where only a token number of non-whites are employed, they may be required to have college degrees (and sometimes the Master’s) while the higher salaried whites, including the supervisors, may not have a high school education.  These are not merely “may” and “may not” theories.  In the United States the official statistics show that, nation-wide, Black college graduates not only earn $1,040 a year less than white high school graduates, but they earn less than a white 10th grader.  The white college graduate averages $3,095 more than the black college graduate; (3) Blacks must pay more to live than whites.  The lower wages they receive and the higher prices they must pay are built-in guarantees that they will always occupy an inferior place in the society.  Merchants now generally have two prices for the same goods, one “black” and one “white.”  With the uneducated Blacks they are having a field day.  They are equally successful in robbing the educated Black “Middle Class” because of its abiding faith and status-striving complex.  These are the “Negroes” who readily pay $225 a month for a house just vacated by whites who rented it for only $125, and “Negroes” who buy $25,000 homes listed to whites for from $5,000 to $10,000 less–provided, of course, that “white folks previously lived there.”  And the “Inner City” food markets charge higher prices for cheaper brands of canned goods and equally high prices for leftovers from their first class stores in surrounding white suburbia; and (4) the insurance companies face this economic war on the Blacks boldly and actuarially.  They simply charge Blacks more for less benefits.  Blacks must pay much higher premiums than whites for life insurance, for example, because it has been determined that their life expectancy is 10 years less than that of the whites.  For the insurance industry it is strictly a matter of business.  They know that the total economic system is so structured against the Blacks that it is impossible for them to maintain proper health standards.  Being Black, they must die first–by 10 years.

All this gives comfort and assurance tot he poor and once-poor “silent majority.”  They feel that they have every reason to be silent, for does not this silent and secret war against the Blacks, carried on every hour of their existence and deeply structured in the very fabric of national life, public and private–does this not reassure them every day that they are, indeed members of the supreme ruling race?

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