Yoruba Philosophy Of Self-Development

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The quest for knowledge is the quest for instruction.” — Onitaset Kumat

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Yoruba Philosophy of Self-Development
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The Alaashe provide examples of right living as handed down ny Yoruba egun

1). Ifarabale: composure

2). Owo: respect

3). Suturu: patience

4). Eso: caution

5). Imo: knowledge

6). Ogbon: wisdom

7). Oye: understanding

There are 13 guidlines for self-development

1) There is to be no practice of wickedness. Those who sow the seeds of wickedness plant them upon their children. Ashes fly back in to the faces of he who throws them.

2).There is to be no stealing. Even if man does not see; Oludumare sees

3). There is to be no selfishness. Those who are selfish will come to bare their loads alone

4). There is to be no covenant breaking or falshood. The covenabt breakers will be carried away by the earth. The sacrifices of covenant breakers and liars are not accepted

5) There is to be no hypocrisy

6) There is to be no acts of atrocity to be committed against one’s neighbor

7).There is to be honor and respect to the elders. The relationship of service between elders and youth is to be strengthened continuously. The hand of the young does not reach the high shelf. That of the elder does not go into the gourd

8). There is to be protection of the women. Women are the flowers of the garden, men are the fence around them

9). There is to be truthfulness and uprighteousness. Those who are fruitful and upright have the blessings of the divinities

10). There is to be kindness and generosity. Kindness begets kindness

11). There is to be sensitivity with respect to person to person relationships

12). There Is to be chastity in respect to mates. Man, do not seduce another man’s wife; woman do not seduce another woman’s husband

13) There is to be hospitable directives


Black Gods- Orisa studies in the New World by John Mason

Four New World Rituals: John Mason

Imoye: A defition of the Ifa tradition: Baba Ifa Karade

Storms of the Orisa: Baba Ifa Karade

Yoruba Ritual: Margaret Thompson Drewal

Ifa: Wande Abimbola

Olodumare: God in Yoruba belief: Bolaji Idowu

Flash of the Spirit: Robert Ferris Thompson

Remember this, no book can ever replace the first hand experience and guidance of a competent and dedicated Babalawo

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  1. I like destee.com, it’s just the layout that deters me. It’s like it’s from 1995 or something. It can get pretty confusing. I have found valuable information there. Thanks for this blog, and commenting on my article. I’m adding you to my blogroll!

    1. Thank you, Blessed Sister Helese.

      But honestly, whereas I love all publicity, I will have to admit Sister that I am about to turn up the fire on my site. So fair warning, I’m letting out the spirit soon (dealing with those vile rapes in Somalia.)

      But yes, Destee is amazing. Not only the site but the namesake. I have pure love for her.

      Keep writing and being your beautiful self!


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