Nigeria’s Oil Spill and Pan-Africanism

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The Greatest Weapon Used Against the [African] is Disorganization.” — Marcus Garvey

The call for Pan-Africanism is very evident in the following rant.  From oil spills on to deliberate infections of diseases, Europeans and Asians harm us and we are defenseless.  Not any longer.  If you stand up and build an African Blood Siblings Community Center, you can protect many communities by expound Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.  Write for more information.  Subscribe, share, love.

Nigeria’s Oil Spill and Pan-Africanism
By Onitaset Kumat

Apologies, but perhaps ranting is contagious.  :)  I will here provide a slew of websites for you.  In the comment section, add some more to the tune of ‘Why Pan-Africanism’ and let’s be real to the tragedies of Occidentals on we Originals.

It’s not at all strange nor inconceivable that 40,000 barrels of oil will be spilled into African waters, and not even the most regular viewers of CNN or MSNBC, “non-racist,” “leftist” channels, have heard of the story, though the barrels threaten both wildlife and our lives.

It’s not at all strange nor inconceivable that searching for “Nigerian oil” in Google [News] gave me a site on “Libya’s recovery” because it now pumps oil near a pre-war rate (  “Recovering” though the Africans of Libya are now treated worse than ever.  Or that I got a site on Nigeria’s oil drying up in 35 years ( and how its economy is today one-direction, that of serving the West. Or how Oil companies are being congratulated for trickling down a bit of their tremendous profits to Nigerian Youth that they can too exploit our people (; Or that I only found one site on the Nigerian spill itself,, the story being there published five days after the spill was discovered.

It’s not at all strange nor inconceivable that searching “oil spill” in Google [News], led me to a site where Brazil sued Chevron for its Oil Spill,, and another where New York sued BP and another where Cameron, a company involved in the BP spill, wishes to derail a nonjury trial for its guilt in that spill:

However, it is strange and inconceivable to me that Africans will not advocate for Pan-Africanism, in light of the lack of defense of ecological attacks in Africa and on African people.  How often do we turn these ecological terrorists to trial and lose.  I am sickened that, say, Pfizer tested experimental drugs on 200 children in Kano, Nigeria.  Four died, some went deaf, mute or blind, some became mentally impaired.  Through it all, Nigeria sued for 7 billion dollars ( and got 35 million dollars (  This is how Occidentals view our children, and how we allow them to be abusive when we are not united.  Brazil sued Chevron, will Nigeria sue Shell?  How much will we get?

Pan-Africanism means a united front.  It means that top notch litigators will be at the employ of Africa.  It means that African companies can use Africa’s resources, rather than the endless list of abusive European corporations.  It means that African women will not look at African women from America as “exotic” for wearing their hair naturally (; the former group spending as much as $800 on hair extensions.  It means that we do not need to suffer “Western Medicine” that oftentimes has Occidentals who purposely inject us with diseases as severe as AIDS (  It means that the war in the Congo can stop–for we’ll no longer fight for Coltan (  It means that we do not need to be ignored or abused in the media we frequent.  It means that when the Sudan has a drought (, Africa responds, not no one.  Really, it means too much to enumerate.  Still, give it a try.

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