How Global Warming Promotes African Extinction and Why You Forgot

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Why might developed countries care enough about climate to do anything about it? The answer depends on how much people in developed countries care about people in developing countries and on how expensive it is to do something worthwhile. Abatement programs in a number of econometric models suggest that doing something worthwhile would cost about 2 percent of GNP in perpetuity. Two percent of the U.S. GNP is over $100 billion a year, and that is an annual cost that would continue forever.” — Thomas Schelling

In essence, who is willing to sacrifice money for the continued life of non-Europeans?  The best allegory here, that recurs and shows their Philosophy, is that historically Europeans used African Babies as bait to hunt for Alligators.  See the following video:

It’s not in my interest to suggest anything odd about Thomas Schelling. Thomas Schelling is a ninety-one-year-old economist, who was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2005 and had a significant role in involving the United States in the Vietnam War as well as influencing the World Community, in the Copanhagen Consensus, to not priortize Climate Change largely for the reason that its injuries befall Non-Europeans or as he puts it “Developing Nations” (mind you, Europe deliberately underdeveloped Africa.) Thomas Schelling belongs to a field known for its “bottom-line:” European Economics is the study of continual economic growth or appeasing Mammon (read Du Bois’ take on Mammon here) and as such it comes as no surprise that an award-winning Economist would opine how to balance the costs of human lives against the costs of economic growth. He’s not unique, he’s a product of European Culture. Unfortunately, so are most Africans in the Occidents (West) without the influence of the African Blood Siblings.  Read the article “Occidentals” to really understand Europeans.

Global Warming is as real as the planet Venus is hot. And Global Warming is assuredly related to the prevalence of Carbon Dioxide. However Global Warming more effects Agricultural Communities (which historically have been African Communities [See Diop’s profound “Two Cradle Theory”]) and limiting Carbon emissions limits the bottom line–economic growth. Obviously energy producers will fund efforts to let the Africans die and this is what we see today with profound surprises (for instance the role of Black Churches in this genocide.)

It’s manifest that African people respond to this assault in kind. At the African Blood Siblings we propose the greatest protections against this participation in our own destruction. Rather than our empowerment of energy producers like ExxonMobil which fund Climate Change denial to our explicit detriment, we disengage these corporations intelligently, by limiting our participation in the global economy by localizing our economics around African Blood Siblings Community Centers. When, for example, our Communities are centralized, transportation, deliveries and mobility becomes concentrated, thereby limiting the variety of energy consuming movements. What’s more, this limit will make us self-sufficient and self-contained, creating for us Prosperity, Independence and Communality. This fate is all too realistic. Only that cadre of visionaries is required to make this protection of our race a reality. Join the African Blood Siblings. Contact us today. For, the record on our destroyers is clear: Despite the science, ExxonMobil is increasing its emissions.  Subscribe, share, love.

How Global Warming Promotes African Extinction and Why You Forgot
By Onitaset Kumat

This post will mostly involve quotations from divers sources. I will remind those unfamiliar that ideologically speaking, the European Marxist is a greater friend for the African race than the European Capitalist. Yet the Marxist has the flaw of being without consideration for African culture and thereby the uniqueness of the African race (Our Ancestor Marcus Garvey also warned us that the Class in question–the Proletariats {the working class}–are more prevalent at our Lynchings than their Bourgeoisie {Big-Business Owners} counterparts, hinting that neither is to be trusted). While the Marxist’s analysis are profound they are not perfect. Truthfully speaking, the African most hold his own ideology. For this the African Blood Siblings uphold “Restorism,” the most perfect known ideology for Africans: in a word “Sankofa” meaning “Return and Get it.” In principle it means the creation of Prosperous, Independent African Communities at Home and Abroad.

We begin with Thomas Schelling’s article “Green House effect,” written for the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. He does not join in Global Warming denial, he merely points out that hindering Global Warming is costly especially as, ultimately, Global Warming has less of an impact on developed (Read European) nations. Here are his words (bold is mine):

Climate changes would have greater impact in underdeveloped countries. Agriculture provides the livelihoods of 30 percent or more of the population in much of the developing world. While there is no strong presumption that the climates prevailing in different regions fifty or a hundred years from now will be less conducive to food production, those people are vulnerable in a way that Americans and west Europeans are not. Nor can the impact on their health be dismissed. Parasitic and other vectorborne diseases affecting hundreds of millions of people are sensitive to climate.

While seemingly objective here. You’ll learn that he ultimately dismisses Global Warming as a concern for the World Community. Ergo, the tie between Global Warming and African Extinction are pronounced. Why extinction, you ask? Because the big picture is that Global Warming will be unabated solely because it’s an effective killer of African people. Imagine, for instance, if it were Europeans in trouble.

Again, return to the Historical incident of using African Babies for Bait.  Remember, European Babies were just as available.  See the video:

“Population is an important factor. Carbon emissions in developing countries rise with population. For instance, if China holds population growth to near zero for the next couple of generations, it may do as much for the earth’s atmosphere as would a heroic anticarbon program coupled with 2 percent annual population growth. Furthermore, the most likely adverse impact of climate change would be on food production, and in the poorest parts of the world the adequacy of food depends on the number of mouths.

You already understand this passage. The next few passages come from a heading titled “Why Should Developed Countries Do Anything?” ultimately answering that it shouldn’t do anything because it will limit economic growth.

Why might developed countries care enough about climate to do anything about it? The answer depends on how much people in developed countries care about people in developing countries and on how expensive it is to do something worthwhile. Abatement programs in a number of econometric models suggest that doing something worthwhile would cost about 2 percent of GNP in perpetuity. Two percent of the U.S. GNP is over $100 billion a year, and that is an annual cost that would continue forever.

Imagine what you are reading if you will. Hundreds of Millions of Lives are at stake. But so is two-hundredths of the U.S.’ productive capacity (GNP meaning “Gross National Product” or simply a measurement of a nation’s Production.) So it becomes–Why save lives? This is an actual European, no jokes about it.

One argument for doing something is that the developing countries are vulnerable, and we care about their well-being. But if the developed countries were prepared to invest, say, $200 billion a year in greenhouse gas abatement, explicitly for the benefit of developing countries fifty years or more from now, the developing countries would probably clamor, understandably, to receive the resources immediately in support of their continued development.”

To give you a background, Europe underdeveloped Africa. Now Africa is threatened by a problem European people created. In response, Europeans are reluctant to pay for the problem, now blaming the mentality of the African people who are threatened to ‘pay for the problem’ with their lives. This is European culture. This is why the African Blood Siblings tries hard to restore our African culture. These are people who put a price tag on your life and on this planet. You’ll see more further down. However, if you want to read Schelling’s full article click the following link:

This next article is from National Geographics in 2006. Here is deeper insight into the climatic changes that are predicted for Africa in the years to come.

Many climate scientists already predict that less rain will fall annually in parts of Africa within 50 years due to global warming.

Concise and to the point. However this has implications.

Now new research suggests that even a small decrease in rainfall on the continent could cause a drastic reduction in river water, the lifeblood for rural populations in Africa.

This, mind you, is well-known by the big energy companies. But it’s Africa. And now “you go along” with Climate denial. Unaware, we hope, that “it’s Africa” is the driving argument for why denial exists.

“The Cape [of Good Hope in South Africa] is a biodiversity hotspot,” de Wit said. “Will it be there in 50 years?”

It’s excellent practice to think 50 years into the future. How does your activity today effect the Black race 50 years down the road positively? The African Blood Siblings is providing solutions. Are you an advocate?

If de Wit’s estimates are correct, the situation for rural Africans is grave, said Adil Najam, a professor of negotiation and diplomacy at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

Many people in Africa spend more time and money on acquiring water than nearly any other resource, he said.

If water becomes more scarce or expensive, people will do what they must to obtain it.

Africa is our Continent. What are we doing but watching it get destroyed under our own noses.

If you want to read more of this National Geographics article, click here

These next articles are from Monthly Review, a Socialist Paper. Marxists are a subset of Socialists. This is an ideology that believes itself to be antithetical to Capitalists and Pro-Capitalists in Economics and Politics. They have long been advocates of the African race albeit without Cultural considerations. Read with a grain of salt. Especially as we learn that Liberation only comes through Economics, Politics and Culture together.  Review “The Trinity of Liberation.”  This first article, “The Scientific Case for Modern Anthropogenic Global Warming,” contains evidence toward Global Warming and how flimsy Climate Denial is. If you wish to strengthen your debating capacity read this link, otherwise, we’ll proceed to further relating how Global Warming Promotes African extinction and Why you forgot. The link:

This next article is called “Capitalism in Wonderland.” I read it around three years ago and it ranked among my favorite papers. Here you see the deliberate principles of African Extinction at play and just how important Money–or “Mammon”–is to the European. Of course all in Socialist jargon.

Thomas Schelling, a recipient of the Bank of Sweden’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, and one of Lomborg’s eight experts in the Copenhagen Consensus, is known for arguing that since the effects of climate change will fall disproportionately on the poorer nations of the global South, it is questionable how much in the way of resources the rich nations of the global North should devote to the mitigation of climate trends. Here one can’t help but be reminded of Hudson Institute planners, who in the process of proposing a major dam on the Amazon in the early 1970s contended in effect—as one critic put it at the time—that “if the flooding drowns a few tribes who were not evacuated because they were supposed to be on higher ground, or wipes out a few forest species, who cares?” Similarly, while chief economist of the World Bank, Lawrence Summers, now Obama’s top economic advisor, wrote an internal World Bank memo in which he stated: “the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest-wage country is impeccable and we should face up to that.” He justified this by arguing: “The measurement of the costs of health-impairing pollution depends on the foregone earnings from increased morbidity and mortality. From this point of view a given amount of health-impairing pollution should be done in the country with the lowest cost, which will be the country of the lowest wages.”

We read of Thomas Schelling already. These other examples are just a continuous trend we see in European people. In fact, I’m in New York. New York has a Nuclear Power Plant. New York transports its Nuclear Waste into, among other areas, cities in North and South Carolina. These cities are largely poor and near entirely African. I’ve been spreading the news of these injustices for years through “Maroon and Build For Self” (read more of the ABS’ Literature here) and the African Blood Siblings Newsletter. It’s an old topic under the title of “Environmental Racism.” We can only address these abuses with Organization.

The answer is provided explicitly by the Stern Review itself, which argues that past experience shows that anything more than a 1 percent average annual cut in carbon emissions in industrial countries would have a significant negative effect on economic growth. Or as the Stern Review itself puts it, “it is difficult to secure emission cuts faster than about 1 percent a year except in instances of recession.” So the atmospheric carbon target is determined not according to what is necessary to sustain the global environment, protect species, and ensure the sustainability of human civilization, but by what is required to keep the capitalist economy itself alive.

This is the sum total for why Europeans will kill Africans. To please shareholders. That and their historic, continual and natural animosity with African people. Read all around the African Blood Siblings Newsletter for more information therein.

The starting point that led to Summers’s conclusion in his 1992 World Bank memo is in fact the same that underlies the analyses of both Nordhaus and Stern. Namely, human life in effect is worth only what each person contributes to the economy as measured in monetary terms. So, if global warming increases mortality in Bangladesh, which it appears likely that it will, this is only reflected in economic models to the extent that the deaths of Bengalis hurt the economy.Since Bangladesh is very poor, economic models of the type Nordhaus and Stern use would not estimate it to be worthwhile to prevent deaths there since these losses would show up as miniscule in the measurements. Nordhaus, according to his discount analysis, would go a step beyond Stern and place an even slighter value on the lives of people if they are lost several decades in the future. This economic ideology, of course, extends beyond just human life, such that all of the millions of species on earth are valued only to the extent they contribute to GDP. Thus, ethical concerns about the intrinsic value of human life and of the lives of other creatures are completely invisible in standard economic models. Increasing human mortality and accelerating the rate of extinctions are to most economists only problems if they undermine the “bottom line.” In other respects they are invisible: as is the natural world as a whole.

The article goes more deeply into “Discount Analysis.” In essence, in Economics, “Discounting” involves valuing the far future less than the immediate future. This is obvious when you consider short-term growth more pleases shareholders than long-term. So though Global Warming is an accepted fact, Europeans understand that it’s more troublesome in the future, so don’t see why they should dent present profits when the future won’t be inhabited by them . . .. This isn’t fiction.

Krupp and Miriam Horn present this as a question of a competitive race between nations to be first in the green technologies and markets that will save the world. “The question,” they write, “is no longer just how to avert the catastrophic impacts of climate change, but which nations will produce—and export—the green technologies of the twenty-first century.” These analyses tend to be big on the wonders of technology and the market, while setting aside issues of physics, ecology, the contradictions of accumulation, and social relations. They assume that it mostly comes down to energy efficiency (and other technical fixes) without understanding that in a capitalist system, growth of efficiency normally leads to an increase in scale of the economy (and further rifts in ecological systems) that more than negates any ecological gains made (a problem known as the Jevons Paradox).

This is an important consideration. One Critique on Garvey so long ago was his advocacy of “Black Capitalism.” Black Capitalism as it were would launch us into the same problem. The Solution to the African Race is the Creation of Prosperous, Independent African Communities. This comes about through the efforts of the African Blood Siblings. This is what we know.

Other topics to explore in this article is Discount Rates, Target PPMs, and the Economist’s voice over the Ecologist’s. In short ,Discount Rates is devaluing the future for being the future, the Target PPMs (Parts per million) is a statement on how much Carbon should be emitted and to what level would be acceptable–European Capitalists are saying 700 PPM when it should be around half of that–700 PPM comes with catastrophic consequences (especially for African people). Finally “Economist’s” voice over “Ecologist’s” voice is essentially how people interested solely in Economic Growth have a higher say than those concerned over averting the oncoming destruction. To read it fully, click here,

This last article is entitled, “Petroleum and Propaganda.” An author named Powell uncovers the funding done for Global Warming denial. You’ll see why you forgot about Global Warming, despite that those who made you forget know full well that it’s happening and will be devastating. What’s more, you’ll learn that they knew this much over fifteen years ago.

Powell details the support of ExxonMobil for denialism, but omits the combative Koch brothers, owners of Koch Energy, the world’s largest privately held energy company. ExxonMobil is the biggest funder of global-warming denialism, spending nearly $16 million on more than forty organizations over the period 1998–2005. Powell also mentions in passing funding by ideological conservative foundations, motivated by opposition to government regulation of the economy.

On the Koch Brothers, Sister TruthbeTold, who recently wrote a children’s book to promote positive self-image for Black children, had done the research and shown that these men are intentionally attempting to genocide African people in the Caribbean and Africa. Visit her posting to see the wide list of industries they participate in and from where they steal their resources.  Recently Sister TruthBeTold has also posted on conservative threats against Obama’s re-election.

During its lifetime, the GCC established a research arm, the Science and Technology Assessment Committee, which was staffed by industry scientists. A committee led by Mobil Oil chemical engineer L. C. Bernstein produced a confidential 1995 report which was circulated to the members of GCC: oil and coal companies, electric utilities, attorneys, National Mining Association, etc. In a stunning admission, the Bernstein Report concluded that “the scientific basis for the greenhouse effect and the potential impact of human emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2 on climate is well established and cannot be denied.”

. . .

Thus, while the oil companies and their hired hands were proclaiming in public that global warming was not caused by burning fossil fuels, their own scientists were saying exactly the opposite in private. If you have never heard of the Bernstein Report, you have lots of company. It did not surface until 2007, a dozen years after it was written, during a discovery process in a California court proceeding.”

In essence, over fifteen-years-ago, oil and coal companies, electric utilities, attorneys and so forth were informed that it’s scientifically sound that greenhouse gases were responsible for global warming. These companies since pronounced to the public that the science is unsound. Today the dialogue is gone.

For the full report, read here:

A brief on that document can be read here:

Another ExxonMobil-funded think tank discussed by Powell is the Chicago-based Heartland Institute, which originated as a Libertarian propaganda outfit supported by Big Tobacco. The manager for industry affairs for Philip Morris, Roy E. Marden, served for years on the Heartland board of directors. The Heartland Institute raised $676,500 from ExxonMobil between 1996 and 2006; after 2006 Heartland stopped identifying their contributors. The institute published a slim booklet, The Skeptic’s Handbook, whose publication costs were paid by “an anonymous donor,” and whose author, “Joanna Nova,” is a pseudonym. Vast numbers of the handbook were distributed for free—and in total over 150,000 copies have been distributed in fifteen languages. The recipients include 850 journalists, 26,000 schools, and 19,000 leaders and politicians. The largest single recipients are black churches (over 25,000 copies) and trustees at colleges and universities (over 20,000 copies). In addition, over 60,000 free copies have been downloaded from their website.

The Black Churches comment should raise eyebrows. That the Black Church was appointed to do the dirty work in denying Global Warming–which comes with African extinction–should really, really raise eyebrows.

Some can reason that the Black Church is our current, albeit tribal, Community Centers. But you can see that without an African Culture, these same “Centers” can be used to play against our Economic and Political Interests (review the ABS piece “The Trinity of Liberation”). Obviously, African people should consume less of ExxonMobil and really cut into its profits. Meanwhile our Churches are promoting our genocide unbeknownst to us. African Philosophy remains the key to African Liberation. It’s why the African Blood Siblings doesn’t just promote Community Centers, but African Blood Siblings Community Centers. Only an Ethical Philosophy based around our Restoration can protect us from the actual destruction aimed against us as a people. Only the African Blood Siblings has that Ethical Philosophy (see “The Philosophical Basis of African Liberation and the Means to Achieve it.”

One significant omission in the book is that Powell attributes the attacks on global warming to fossil-fuel companies (mainly ExxonMobil), and their hired hands, following the strategy pioneered by Big Tobacco. He does not consider that efforts to transition to non-carbon-emitting forms of energy also provokes opposition, or at least lack of support, from the rest of business. Many non-carbon forms of energy are more expensive than fossil fuels. Business wants to minimize costs, including the cost of energy; renewable energy imposes additional costs on business. Also, the largest consequences of global warming will start to occur a few decades in the future, beyond the time horizon of big and small businesses. Business has to meet a payroll every month, and many businesses must keep the stockholders happy with quarterly statements of earnings. A problem, however severe, that is decades in the future is so far off that many businesses are unwilling to make sacrifices now to prevent the problems in the future.

I include this here as an insight into European Economics (Which further study shows is actual “Tribalism” hence our need to Separate (see the “Philosophical Basis for African Separation and the Means to Achieve it“).) European Economics strives to perpetual growth. As it were, we often contend that “Business” is the solution to African problems. It’s not so clear-cut. African Economics is the key to African economic woes. “African Economics” or “African Ecology” is only taught by the African Blood Siblings. Black people practicing European Economics is not African Economics. This is why the African Blood Siblings, more than any other organization, needs more membership.

Powell is not a radical or leftist in any way, but his book could be evaluated bearing in mind Marx’s dictum that the ideas of the ruling class become the ruling ideas of the whole society. The Inquisition of Climate Science explains in detail how the global-warming-denialist ideas that serve the interests of the oil companies (and fossil-fuels industry) become sincerely held beliefs for a significant fraction of society. Denialist ideas are rejected by the vast majority of climate scientists, and the oil companies themselves know better from their own scientists (as the Bernstein Report mentioned above shows). Nevertheless, they continue to promote and subsidize a denialist literature blocking the crystallization of mass demands for far-reaching social transformation, even though this is precisely what is required to avoid catastrophic global warming.

The Marx comment mirrors Amos Wilson’s inquiry in “Blue Print to Black Power” on how our people often ‘freely’ do what profits Europeans. This Global Warming Denial is a profound example that is costing us our race. If you want to read more of this book review, please click here:

I think that the conclusion is set. Some may object whether “Extinction” is too strong a word. But that’s a petty objection. The fact remains that we are empowering people who do not mind if we die simply because they do not want to displease their investors who want to see continual growth despite the global costs. It’s time for Africans to stop being contentious over semantics and instead become active in the development of their own communities.

It remains that the African Blood Siblings is the sole organization for our Liberation. Your membership is the backbone of our achievement. Give yourself to this noble effort and we shall rescue a dying people.

Or we die.

An environmental site put it this way:

January 19 2011: ExxonMobil, the world’s largest oil company expects global carbon emissions to rise by 25% in the next 20 years, in effect dismissing hopes that runaway climate change can be arrested and massive loss of life prevented.


This Source cited:

We, the African race, organized can stop ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil, organized, can stop the African race. Whose side will you be on? There’s no neither.

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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