The Science of Struggle

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“If our people listened there would be no struggle.” — Onitaset Kumat

I have personally collected over 200 email addresses to subscribe readers to this site.  Most heard me insist on their subscription, but few listened, and even fewer listened to when I insisted that the articles be shared.  Though I write ‘share’ articles, and many readers read this, few listen.  So I personally share each article I write–with the working emails I collected who did not sign up–and still some don’t so much as open the articles.

Therefore, my will of creating Prosperous, Independent African Communities, rescuing the downtrodden of our continent and uniting our homeland is a struggle.  Not because Europeans and Asians oppose me, but because Africans do not listen to me–despite not only my sacrifices but my personal appeals.

It’s evident, however, in talking to hundreds of our people, many whom literally thank me for my ‘struggle,’ that we do not understand ‘struggle.’  Therefore, the below dialogue–that should be shared–shows the Science of Struggle.

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The Science of Struggle
By Onitaset Kumat

Knobeco: Onitaset Kumat, you are uniquely commendable. For I grew up with many African people and have seen many vow to never aid Europeans or Asians; yet as time passed, you alone are a vigilant advocate of the African cause. You alone are not satisfied with the selfish ‘just making ends meet.’ You alone fight against the destruction of our race. At twenty-three years of age, you alone struggle for African people! I commend you!
Onitaset Kumat: I do struggle. Do you know why?
Knobeco: You struggle because of your unwavering love for African people and your undying will to restore us to our due position on this Earth.
Onitaset Kumat: It is true that I have an unwavering love and undying will, but “struggle” does not have to do with love or will. There is an unspoken science to struggle. As it were, the science of struggle is privileged knowledge. But with your help, we can proliferate it amongst our people. Are you willing?
Knobeco: Yes.
Onitaset Kumat: Our race is grateful. First, let me ask you, for what reasons would you say that I am engaged in ‘struggle?’
Knobeco: There are a plethora of reasons. You selflessly sacrifice your time and energy for Africa’s unification. You frequently write to hundreds of people wisdom for their racial uplift. You exclusively deal with African commerce, never sharing any monies with Europeans or Asians. You intelligently harbor knowledge regarding race and history, sharing your scholarship with expert clarity and research. You skillfully organize dedicated Africans toward our liberation. You astutely sell the greatest pamphlet Africans can purchase. You bravely maintain the African Blood Siblings, the organization for African people. It is this list of deeds which attest to you as one in the struggle!
Onitaset Kumat: I do not doubt my involvement in struggle; yet in assessing ‘the science of struggle,’ these examples hide the issue. For one can ‘struggle’ and not do any of the above. For instance, two lovers can struggle with one another, correct?
Knobeco: Yes.
Onitaset Kumat: Then we must look deeper into these deeds to see what struggle entails. In order to, can you provide a very short version of our ancient creation story from KMT?
Knobeco: Yes. In short, out of the Nwn–a primordial liquid-matter–awoke the Creator. The Creator then thought of a Universe and spoke it into existence.
Onitaset Kumat: This is sufficient for our exercise. For in your summary, we can both attest that the Creator did not struggle to create the Universe. Simply, the Creator, out of a creative will, created with a creative breath. But this Nwn–what you call a primordial liquid-matter–but what I will call ‘the uncreated’ responded by changing into creation. However, what if the Nwn, though hearing the Creator, did not so change? . . .
Knobeco: Then the Creator would have struggled! I understand! When the Creator spoke the Nwn heard and listened. Returning to ‘struggle,’ we understand, for instance, that the lover who purchases goods as appeasement hears the mammonism and love of money but doesn’t listen to the self-esteem problems. And you, Onitaset Kumat, sacrifice notwithstanding your ‘love’ and ‘will’ because our people hear that we’re in trouble but don’t listen to your call to action. I understand! Struggle reflects our deficiency in listening to the creative!
Onitaset Kumat: Brilliant deductions beyond any available anywhere! And yet the Science of Struggle is not here complete. For there is another aspect of the Creation story. The Creator’s will to creation was an identification of the potential of the Nwn–the uncreated. In essence, the Creator ‘listened’ to the Nwn then created. ‘Listening’ has a goal of creation from the uncreated.
Knobeco: Thank You, Onitaset Kumat. It’s now very apparent how you struggle and it’s very apparent that you alone struggle for African people. For “struggle” is a two-way street. “Struggle” involves listening to the potential of African people and getting them to listen to how they can create. In your case, you discern potential then organize that potential toward the creation of Prosperous, Independent African Communities. Philosopher-King, you broke down the science of struggle: Listening and Making Whom You Listen to Listen in order to Create.
Onitaset Kumat: Yes. We are the most creative people in the world. Applied, we can overcome anything and everything. I have already outlined the keys to our liberation. I struggle because, if our people listened there would be no struggle. It’s our people who make our progress a struggle. Listen to this, Knobeco.
Knobeco: I am listening.
Onitaset Kumat: Then you know the Science of Struggle.  Share the wisdom.
Knobeco: I will listen to you, to lighten your struggle.
Onitaset Kumat: Shem Hotep, my African Blood Sibling.
Knobeco: Hotep.

3 thoughts on “The Science of Struggle

  1. Onitaset
    The black race has been so brainwashed into believing that we are our own worst enemy…I don’t know how to begin to undo the damage. I read Tom Burrell’s book: Brainwashed and it was a breath of fresh air! We won’t listen to one another because we’ve been taught that “white is right”. That’s why we take the word of the white man over our own brothers and sisters. Did you reaf the Plan? And Betty Davis Eyes? It explains this and the consequences…

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