Missouri V. Celia (1855) and Nafissatou Diallo (2011)

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

A Sister informed me that up until recently it was perfectly legal to rape an individual in Liberia.  True or False, it’s perfectly legal in America for a White man to rape a Black woman.  It’s not ‘legal, legal’ but the White man won’t be reprimanded.  To him it’s moral.  Look at these stories.  The worse part of it all is how deep our mental enslavement is.  In the case of both victims, they disagree with hurting the rapist European.  We don’t yet understand the above truth.  No.  You have to bring this truth to our people.  You have to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  You.  Write to help.  You.  Subscribe, share, love.

Missouri V. Celia (1855) and Nafissatou Diallo (2011)
By Onitaset Kumat

The rape of African women (and men) by European men is legion, and widely uncontested and disregarded.  What’s more, as you will read below, the perspective of Africans throughout their daily abuses are unfortunately, due to a forgotten history and philosophy, which this site aims to teach, self-defeating.  To wit, though raped for years, this African woman, Celia, who would otherwise be a proud mother in a loving land, never intended to kill the weak, putrid rapist who soiled her life.  Mind Control.

Below, I link to a modern case of rape, that of Nafissatou Diallo, who earlier this year had her case dismissed by her own lawyer, New York’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance.  Some of the African community attempted to have him removed for what even opposing lawyer’s regarded as unprecedented, but alas an unorganized people . . ..

It’s for these reasons that I wish to subscribe all Africans to this site.  It’s no joke that we are predated.

The above mentioned case [Missouri V. Celia]:

The Plaintiff’s Claim

That Celia, a slave, is guilty of the murder of her master, Robert Newsom

The Defendant’s Claim

That Celia killed Newsom unintentionally while defending herself against rape

Defense Cross-Examination of Witness #1: Colonel Jefferson Jones

Jones admits that he had heard that Newsom raped Celia immediately after her purchase, forced her into sexual relations in the following years and fathered her children. He says he cannot remember if Celia told him about the sexual abuse or if he heard it from another source. He testifies that Celia said she did not intend to kill Newsom, only to hurt him. However, the prosecution objects. The objection is sustained by the judge and the comment about Celia’s intention is struck from the record.

The Judge’s Instruction to the Jury

After contemplating the wishes of the defense and the prosecution, the Judge’s instructions favor the prosecution. He instructs the jury that no evidence or testimony was presented to prove that Celia had been acting in self-defense when she killed Newsom. Holding that he Missouri rape law did not apply to slaves, who were considered the property of their masters, the judge concludes that Celia had no right to kill Newsom even to prevent sexual advances. He instructs the jury that if evidence and testimony prove Celia to have killed Newsom, she should be found guilty.

For more on Celia’s case:

McLaurin, Melton A. CELIA, A SLAVE: A TRUE STORY (University of Georgia Press, 1991).
Gordon-Reed, Annette, ed. RACE ON TRIAL: LAW AND JUSTICE IN AMERICAN HISTORY (Oxford University Press, 2002).

Abridged Source: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/slavery/experience/legal/feature2.html

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For more on Nafissatou Diallo, who by the way had said, reflecting on the attack, “I don’t want to hurt him . . . I don’t want to lose my job,” see http://justicefordiallo.wordpress.com/ or search her name under news.

2 thoughts on “Missouri V. Celia (1855) and Nafissatou Diallo (2011)

    1. The Occidental’s sense of ethics is necessarily tribal. So to speak, the Occidental sees justice strictly in that which empowers Occidental tribes. Here are two examples: 1) A man “wrongfully” kills another man. 2) A woman sleeps outside her marriage. In both examples, they, Occidentals, ascertain how to react in a sense that improves the tribe: So if, for instance, the killed is Original or the cheated upon is Original, no ‘crime’ is committed (despite the laws). These are acts of “Tribal Supremacy.” It’s for this reason that Occidentals love fighting. Fundamentally, the Occidental’s ideology is “Tribalism.” Through “tribalism” they organize against the world and justify their worldly atrocities.


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