Dr. Ben on “The Symbolism”

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

WE, all of us here, AFRICANS ALL, have been forced to live and perform at the bottom of the socio-political stratum of European, British, European American and Asian societies for the last ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX [1,346] YEARS — Dr. Ben

At the Malcolm X event mentioned in the last post, I was able to see Dr. Ben up close and personal.  He’s ailing.  Please aid him.  Below is a post on symbolism, there’s much to learn from Dr. Ben, the dialogue on race can help you understand the below post.  There’s also much to do for ourselves.  Rally twenty community members to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.

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Update: AfricaWithin.com has been suspended from the internet.  A way to see what’s removed from the internet is to check the wayback machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20101213030706/http://africawithin.com/jochannan/drben_ascac_address_symbolism.htm

We, The Sons And Daughters Of “AFRICA’s” Great Sperms And Ovum, Let Us This Day Of 6086 N.Y. / 1986 C.E. Speak As One Voice Academically

By Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan
360° , H.P., O.E.E.A./4|90
Elder of A.S.C.A.C.

(A paper for, or an address to, the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization)

The Symbolism

The Law Of Opposites and Diagram of Opposites presented below have been given too many spookish forms of interpretation in contrast to those left us by our AFRICAN ANCESTORS of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes High-Cultures.

of the

The Four Elements: AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH
The Four Qualities: HOT, DRY, WET, COLD

Thus when we speak of all AFRICANS coming from everywhere with their “SPOUSES,1 I certainly don’t wish to have any excuse given me based upon the “LAW OF OPPOSITES” quoted to justify so-called “INTER-RACIAL MARRIAGES”2 and/or “AMALGAMATION OF THE RACES”3 between “AFRICAN-ASIANS, AFRICAN-EUROPEANS, AFRICAN-BRITISHERS,” et al. Surely I don’t claim any “SUPERIORTY”4 or “INFERIORTY5 of either grouping! On the other hand the fact is that WE, all of us here, AFRICANS ALL, have been forced to live and perform at the bottom of the socio-political stratum of European, British, European American and Asian societies for the last ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX [1,346] YEARS.6 We have seen this “LAW” and its “DIAGRAM” used and abused by an ancient Greek named “ARISTOTLE,” and of course many others that preceded and followed him. He poked fun at our “NILE VALLEY HIGH-CULTURE.” In so doing ARISTOTLE even tried to recall the poignant FEATURES, which were not given to any mere “MOTRAL”7 who entered into the MANSONIFIED SECRETS of the GRAND TEMPLE [Lodge]8 at Wa’set, Upper Ta-Merry from any foreign soil.9 His result we will notice below; thus “ARISTOTLE’S “FOUR HUMORS” or “PLAGERIZED NIGHTMARE.” The ‘humorous‘ part is that ARISTOTLE knew not with what he was dealing, somewhat as A DRUNKARD DRINKING FINE SCOTCH ON A BEER STOMACH FULL OF GAS. Amen-Ra.

Clockwise From the Top:
blood,” Dry, “black bile,” Cold,
phlegm,” Wet, “yellow bile“, Hot

Aristotle’s IMPUDENCE,10 not unlike that of other EUROPEAN and ASIAN professors, theologians, anthropologists, sundry “MIS-EDUCATORS and their misguided AFRICAN PROTÉGÉS, is clearly defined on pages 447–448 of my own work—Black Man of the Nile and his Family, Professor George G. M. James’ Stolen Legacy,11 Professor Henry Olela’s From Ancient Africa to Ancient Greece: An Introduction to Philosophy;12 these being only a very choice few of the numerous works by AFRICAN SCHOLARS who had to take it upon themselves to become our own AFRICAN AUTHORITIES ON AFRICA AND AFRICANS—all of this to the dismay of the self-appointed European, British, European American and Asian BENEFACTORS’ of African People in the so-called “THIRD WORLD”, etc. Thus it is that ARISTOTLE’S MISGUIDED INSOLENCE died with him, no less so as it will equally die with his PROTÉGÉS in the University of Chicago, Ill.; Yale University, Conn.; University of Pennsylvania, Pa.; John Hopkins University, Md.; University of California-Berkeley, Ca.;13 University of Berlin, Ger.; University of Saborne, Fr.; Oxford University, Gr. Brit.; Moscow University, U.S.S.R.14; and also others, all of whom have continuously engaged in acts of “CULTURAL GENOCIDE” against all AFRICAN PEOPLE, in particular those of US of the NILE VALLEY HIGH-CULTURE from Uganda and Ethiopia all the way down following the course of the WHITE15 and BLUE NILE16 to Sudan, Nubia, Nubian-Egypt and Egypt. As our late brother Claude McKay reminded us, paraphrasing his poem in “The Principle” section of this PAPER/ADDRESS;… “PRESSED TO THE WALL, BUT FIGHTING BACK”… at every inch of the way. But WE WILL NOT DIE CULTURALLY, SPIRITUALLY or PHYSICALLY in spite of the ARISTOTLEANS teaching their racistly DISTORTED PLAGIARIZED VERSIONS of our MASONIFIED PHILOSOPHICAL, THEOSOPHICAL, MATHEMATICAL, SCIENTIFIC, ASTRONOMICAL, etc. THOUGHT that came down from the first GRAND TEMPLE/LODGE at Sakhara,17 or second GRAND TEMPLE/LODGE at Wa’set, TA-MERRY, Northeast Alkabu-lan/”Africa.”

I end this aspect of my presentation…IN HONOUR OF ALL AFRICAN WOMBS… each of which better known as “HEAVEN,” described and illustrated on the CEILING of a small chapel in the TEMPLE OF GODDESS HET-HERU, City of DENDERAH, Upper Ta-Merry, and as shown on this page;

“HEAVEN IS BETWEEN A BLACK WOMAN’S…LEGS. [Proof: Goddess Nut Giving Birth To God Ra—the Sun in the morning—through HER VAGINA, and received HIM back…through HER mouth in the evening (the sun’s rays fall upon Hathor on the Horizon)].

Glory to Goddess NUT 18 as she gives BIRTH to God RA 19 —represented by the SUNDISC, and symbolic of all of us here when our AFRICAN MOTHERS did likewise as we made our own DEBUT here on the Planet EARTH as Goddess HET-HERU 20 equally looked-on holding in her hands the “TREE OF LIFE” the Haribu distorted as the “FORBIDDEN FRUIT TREE,”21 etc. Life in the Raw“!


  1. Solely “African Women” are intended here; not even Asian Women who are not of African origin are to be considered exempted.
  2. The marriages between any two combination of different “racial groups.”
  3. Where the intent of an “inter-racial marriage” is to accomplish a “non-racial” outcome.
  4. A feeling of being borne by some sort of endowment due to one’s race, religion,” etc.
  5. The opposite of no. 4 felt by the victim due to manipulative coercion.
  6. This figure reflects a period beginning at ca. 640 C.E. or 18 A.H.—the beginning of the Arab-Asian Moslem slave traders from Africa to Asia.
  7. Anyone subject to “die.”
  8. The center of Dynastic Nile Valley Education System [the co-called “Mysteries”] based upon the teachings of the priests and scribes under the supervision of the High Priest and Chief Scribe.
  9. From any land other than Alkebu-lan / “Africa.”
  10. Equally to challenge without competence, call to question. Etc.
  11. Published by New York Philosophical Society, New York, 1954.
  12. Published for Black Heritage Corp., Atlanta, Ga., 1981.
  13. All of these schools of “Higher Learning” are located in the U.S.A.
  14. These schools of “Higher Learning” are located in England and Europe respectively.
  15. Flowing down north from Uganda to its connection with the Blue Nile in the City of Khartoun, Sudan, Northeast Africa.
  16. From Ethiopia down north to connect with the White Nile at Khartoun, then continue northwards.
  17. The first “Education System” in the Old Dynasty–1st through Xth Dynasty—or Old Kingdom.
  18. Goddess of the Sky [Heaven] in the Theosophy of Dynastic Egypt and other Nile Valley and Great Lakes Region’s High Cultures.
  19. This “God” or “Deity” was from the south—Upper Egypt-Nubia.
  20. The correct Nedu-Netcher [Hieroglyphic] name for the misnomer by the Greeks—”Hathor” and/or “Hator.”
  21. The “tree” mentioned in the “Adam and Eve” allegory of the Book of Genesis, Chapter II, verses 8–25 and chapter II, Verses 1–19 of the Hebrew [Jewish] Torah and Christian Old Testament, etc.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Ben on “The Symbolism”

      1. Ok, got the part about corruption but beyond that, at what point can it be applied. Also, did anyone ever review Egyptian philosophy and conclude that maybe they were wring ?

      2. Brother Gos,

        You are one concerned about Education and Gifted Education, especially regarding African people. However, in this investigation of yours you should come across the Philosophical differences between Education and Mis-Education. In “What is Responsibility?” the differences are made clear, “Education is Intraracial Education” and “Mis-Education is Cross-Racial Education.” The rationale is that “Education” itself instructs on “Knowledge of Self,” however “Knowledge of Self” differs racially.

        The Egyptian Philosophy is handed down Knowledge from thousands of years of African Civilization. I’d wager to say it’s some 60,000 years. In this regard, insomuch as “Knowledge of Self” is the aim, 60,000 years of refinement lends to ‘wrong’ being contradictory. I am sure that you can see why.

  1. Asante Please continue to educate the people. We are witnessing what was written by our Black ancestors who were under foreign ( non-Black) invasion , but could see the eventual truth that “The end will be as was the beginning” Kem Wer Amen-Ra. Baba Kitwana.

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