“We are Losing our Rights by Omission” By Alton H. Maddox Jr.

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The Occidental’s sense of ethics is necessarily tribal.”Onitaset Kumat

On May 25th, 2012, 10:43 AM, Alton H. Maddox Jr.’s communication entitled “We are Losing our Rights by Omission” entered my mailbox.  Below is the transcript.

Alton H. Maddox Jr. is an illegally disbarred master of law.  When he practiced law, even Europeans conceded that it was difficult to name a better lawyer.  In addition, he is one of the few people truly and sacrificially devoted to African people.  Count me there with him.

In reading his work, you can view more into the nature of Europeans.  Particularly their tribalism.  But very importantly, you can learn what laws we fought for and how these laws are eroded.  For instance, we fought for Public Affairs programming and now they are all lost.  In essence, in not educating ourselves, socializing our young, or learning of our past; we continually go back to square one.

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Without further ado,

We are Losing our Rights by Omission
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

The responsibility for providing education to Black children rests solely with Black adults. Unfortunately, whites have hijacked this responsibility. In New York City, Black adults have subscribed to the notion that Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows best for Black children.

This is the same mayor that oversees one of the most wicked and brutal police departments in the nation. Black parents should be tarred and feathered. The transfer of custodial rights from Blacks to whites is a recall vote back to slavery.

When “Open Line” announced its forced and illegal retirement on April 29, 2012, the “Open Line Team” –Bob Slade, Judge Bob Pickett and James Mtume– were unaware that this announcement had no legal basis and it was null and void.

Under FCC law, “Open Line” has a life until June 1, 2014. Blacks have listened to “Open Line” but have no knowledge of media rights. WRKS-FM has a responsibility to provide “Open Line” to the Black community until at least 2014. A media rights organization must monitor WRKS-FM to ensure that it fulfills its obligation.

Assuming arguendo that WRKS-FM can lease its radio license to ESPN, it would be illegal to assign or to terminate its public affairs responsibilities to the Black community. This would include “Open Line” and “Week-in-Review”. An assignment of duties is illegal.

There was a reason that Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. penned “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community”. Until 1964, Blacks lived unofficially under Dred Scott. The Fourteenth Amendment had been washed away under the Compromise of 1877. The definition of the “slave quarters” was expanded. This definition would be upgraded in 1968.

With this new penumbra of transient and illusory rights, Dr. King recognized that we might do better returning to Dred Scott. With rights, there come responsibilities. Without a self-determination structure, rights can have a chaotic effect on a people. People, who enjoy rights over a long period of time, have crafted a business model to sustain those rights.

The “Founding Fathers” had the last word on those persons who have been granted inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution. This is for white men. Otherwise, the U.S. Constitution is xenophobic, ergophobic and misanthropic. Thus, George Zimmerman enjoys greater rights than Trayvon Martin.

The rights that were created for Blacks and other groups in the 1960’s are not inalienable rights. Stated differently, Blacks and other groups are still second-class citizens. This is why Frederick Douglass made this statement: “You may not get everything you pay for but you will pay for everything you get”.

These rights that were created for Blacks are slowly fading away. Many of these rights are unknown to us and most Blacks refuse to familiarize themselves with these questionable rights and to construct a business model to, at least, sustain them. Our rights arise out of business needs and foreign affairs.

We have put all of our eggs in one basket even though the First Amendment states that there is a separation between church and state. There is also the Internal Revenue Code and the Faith-based Initiative. An advocacy group should not be subject to these restrictions.

The presidency of Barack Obama was ushered in to warn Blacks of the provisions of the First Amendment and the provisions of the U.S. Constitution itself. Mr. Obama is bound by the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is for white men, of white men and by white men. Mr. Obama is an oath-taker. The system is the problem.

The rights that Blacks enjoy in the United States will be measured by our own activism or the lack thereof. These are group rights and we have group duties. All hands on deck. After November 2012 and for the next four years, Blacks will refuse to look in the mirror and it will be to our detriment. If we fail to blame ourselves, we should take a second look at “Rev. Whoop and Holler”.

Somebody should not only be teaching us our rights but also how to enforce them. It starts with the nature and rationale for rights. These rights operate in the same manner as a balance sheet functions in a business enterprise. Instead of Blacks functioning under a business model, whites have created “silver rights” and “silver rights” leaders for us.

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