The Effeminization of the Black Male

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

This would be the Black Salesman as mentioned in the previous story.  His goal is to sell the African woman–and African children–to the White man.  This is what rappers do every day.  We can only educate our people away from this.  Write the ABS to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Effeminization of the Black Male
Posted here by Onitaset Kumat

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9 thoughts on “The Effeminization of the Black Male

  1. I dont understand the references of pedophilia in european’s versus afrikan.
    Can you explain this to me more or point to a reference?

    1. Jahsuah,

      Can you make a particular time reference for this video?

      And what exactly is the question?

      Are you asking whether Africans had pedophilia? Or are you asking for more examples of European pedophilia?

      For the latter, I just read a young woman’s account on Goree Castle and her comments on the girl’s ward:

      “Next was the girls’ ward. We were told that the virginity of the girls was sold to Europeans that stayed in the guest houses upstairs and that the value of a female was appraised based on her ability to bear children. I gasped as he spoke and covered my mouth. I wasn’t shocked, just mortified as the question “What if that was me?” continuously rung in my head. In that moment I got this indescribable feeling that would stay with me for the rest of the day. It was a combination of disgust, anger, and disappointment that manifested itself physically as a feeling of anxiety and butterflies in my stomach.”

      — Alexis Adams,

      There is also the goings on in Kenya. See this comment:

      Besides, pedophilia is well-known in Oriental culture. For instance, the Prophet Muhammad married an underaged woman. See more here:

      For the former, it’s a question that’s harder to address. We need to understand what the Original culture of Africans’ is. But as far as I can tell so far, African youth marry African youth according to compatibility as decided by village Elders. And ‘youth’ isn’t necessarily ‘young and pedophilic.’

      I do not know your experiences, but I imagine that you have on occasion seen women or men in Africa exhibiting themselves for men or women in Africa. These youth are young adults. And either gender goes through a rites of passage for adulthood. Piecing this together, we can understand the extent of pedophilia in African culture.

      Namely, those sexually pursued are communally decided as adults. Meanwhile pedophilia in European culture is such that the youth are known children and pursued therefore.

      But please rephrase your question as best as you can that I can properly understand,

      Your Brother,

      1. have you read Mwalimu Baruti’s book on this very subject? It’s a mind blowing book! One of the best I’ve seen on this topic. Amerikkka is a homosexual culture. I really believe it’s in the nature of white people to be gay. It goes back to the Greek and Roman times. Even Socrates and Plato both had lovers that were teenage boys. Now they want to make black men gay as well. That’s why you see so many gay black men on television and films nowadays. It’s an assault on the black family. We have to fight against this genocide they’re trying to commit on our people. Our future depends on it.

      2. I never read the book, but I did hear on it. I was in a local library last week and observed an illiterate pedophile gazing at our children in a covert but sexual manner. We do need to fight, especially considering how often we are Black and Missing.

        I proposed the space for which our children can safely convene. It’s up to us to make it happen.

        Another resource here on the sexual nature of Europeans and Asians is “Europeans, Pedophilia and Re-Organization:”

  2. So far as Amon being intersex, why is it wrong for a female to be lesbian if kemet “afikan women” are the creator and don’t need to have a man sperm to create? Far as i know the woman was first and women where together before man came into the world. As i’m concern we all have both feminine and male gentail parts. If the eggs and penis wasn’t inside, there would only be a penis and vise versa. However a women penis ” gental” is inside that way she can created. Some women and men don’t want to create or can’t create, so that’s not what we are just made for. We are made to be in love, help, creator and for other reason, like teaching, building/est a life, army, empire. I know that isn’t wrong and i don’t have white friends. Alot of people wern’t rape, molested, abuse nor seen gay people growing up so the facts are not all accurate and to the ones who has been raped etc then that statement may be try. However, i know some people whose been raped are fine and married to the “” opposite sex. So please explain how its a mental thing?

    1. Peace,

      I am unsure how your question relates to the post. It seems that you asked two questions.

      1) What is wrong with lesbianism?

      2) How is lesbianism mental?

      The main issue with lesbianism is it’s non-reproductive. If there was a time when there were only women, the situation has changed. Women need men to reproduce. When women are unwilling to reproduce its clearly mental; however, if there are women unable to reproduce, it still wouldn’t justify lesbianism in a community. An inability to reproduce may be a disability, ergo something to seek healing for. All said, as an African people, we must be family focused and children-focused, in particular. Among youth, we must be our best examples: i.e. reproductive and in balanced relationships.

      1. Yes, reproducing is good, the foundation of life to keep going on. However some people don’t want children nor some may not be fit for taking care of children financially and mentally you know. So they can’t be wrong for that.. Lesbian reproduce, some naturally with a guy and some shot with sperm whats wrong with being a lesbian and the father raises the child as well or a very well educated man.

      2. Peace,

        To not want children is to not want to continue one’s genetic line which is literally self-imposed genocide. So what’s wrong with not wanting children is wanting to self-imposed genocide.

        To be financially or mentally unable to take care of children is a problem of mis-organization among our people; and demands a re-organization into financially and mentally stable families, not a mis-organization into genocidal couples.

        The issue with the father raising the child alone is similar to the issue of the mother raising the child alone. It’s taxing, stressful, and difficult. If the mother is not contributing to her child’s development for selfish reasons, not only does she send off the wrong message to her child but she’s also not doing her part in her own genetic security.

        In short, we go into relationships for our genetic survival and the development of our children. The mother who pursues a relationship of equal parts (as opposed to complementary parts) not only deprives herself of a complementary relationship, but deprives her genetic line of survival (genocide) and deprives her children (of either life or maximum development).

        Thanks for the question

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