Case Study for Original History: Queen Shebah III

Listen Siblings,

“Hence, the Original is by nature a Philosopher.”  — Onitaset Kumat

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We are Philosophers because we strive to restore ourselves to our cohabitation with the Creator.  The means to do so is a deeply Philosophical question.  For many of us grow under Occidentalist or Orientalist influences, so what we strive for seems out of our conception.  But it’s an accomplishment that we have always strived for, our ancestors and peers, you and I already.  The African Blood Siblings makes the striving more explicit and we plant out the means: the African Blood Siblings Community Center.

Below, is an example of an Original who strives to restore Africa, our Empress H.I.M. Queen Shebah III.  See in her yourself.  She has the royal lineage to restore the Federation of African Kingdoms and you should applaud her for it.  But for you to do work toward the restoration of Africa, you must do work for the African Blood Siblings.  Your work involves looking to your Brothers, if you are a man, or Sisters, if you are a woman, find those within your age, and organize twelve others to create an African Blood Siblings Community Center where you are.  Fill out the form to the right if you want to get started.  You will join our Siblings who are restoring Africa to that higher ground our ancestors and we always strived.  Subscribe, share, love.

Case Study for Original History: Queen Shebah III
By Onitaset Kumat

To you, Sibling, belongs the restorative consciousness, the ideology of restoration.  This, your innate belief system, already guides you.

One popular example of this belief system, as capable in you as is capable in any other African, is exampled by H.I.M. Queen Shebah and all graced with this Empress.  She is the descendant of the oldest Matriarchal Throne in Africa and has gained the acceptance of many African kingdoms dotting the continent.  In her actions, like those of yours and our ancestors, she strives to restore Africa, particularly the Matriarchal Throne that formerly ruled over Africa.

See more here:

She’s the Empress of African people; you and I.  She heads the African Kingdoms Federation, an organization that restores the federation of African Kingdoms.  The federation has a Youtube Channel which exhibits her influence and the respect accorded her.

Youtube Channel:

The following are some short videos showcasing our Empress.

In this first video, she is interviewed in Ghana where she discusses the aims of African Kingdoms Federation.  Bear in mind that as an African, like you, she strives toward “restoration.”  This is the flawless wisdom expected from the African Blood Siblings.

In this second video, she is again greeted in Ghana where you can observe the reaction of our people to observing our Empress.  They too are excited by what she represents:  A restoration.  Observe how precise the African Blood Siblings defined Spirituality that even this particular case can be seen.

In this last video, she is in Liberia.  Some of what she says reflects an Occidental education, to be sure.  But her reception is unquestionable.  We receive her out of a will of restoring what we once were.  This is the mainstay of revealing to you our empress.

Siblings, you are tasked with the restoration of Africa.  This the African Blood Siblings asks of you.  Fill out the form to the right; but also, look into yourself and see whether the people around you deserve to be appreciated for their talents, intelligence and beauty.  Then look at your peers in your area, and gather them to create a African Blood Siblings Community Center so to gain us that appreciation.  When you do this, you will join us on the World Stage toward restoring in the whole Continent our ancient ways, our cohabitation with the Creator.

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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