How Plato insults every European

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“The body is the house of God. That is why it is said, “Man know thyself.””KMT Proverb

The above quotation comes from the inside of our ancient Temples.  Socrates is wrongly accredited with the statement.  More, Socrates’ claim of wisdom has a meaning related to an ancient poem below rewritten.  It’s fascinating to see the Truth.  The ABS provides African Blood Siblings Community Centers to be like the Temples which made us the grand inspiration of the world.  Help build.  Write the ABS for more information.

 How Plato insults every European
By Onitaset Kumat

It is said that Socrates had advised his contemporaries of Ancient Greece to “Know Thy Self.” Though the credits for this phrase in the occidental tradition fall upon Socrates, it’s well known that this phrase decorated the inside of pyramids long before Socrates was even a dream among men. It’s not well known however that Socrates famous argument on being wisest because unlike others around him he knew he did not know whereas the others did not know that they did not know also has a basis in Ancient Kemet–not ironically in a poem entitled “Know Thy Self” as according to Anthony Browder’s Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization:

“A person who knows not
And knows not that they know not
Is foolish–disregard them
A person who knows not
And knows that they know not
Is simple–teach them
A person who knows not
And believes that they know
Is dangerous–avoid them
A person who knows
And knows not that they know
Is asleep–awake them
A person who knows
And knows that they know
Is wise–follow them
All of these persons reside in you
Know Thy Self
And to Maat be true”

Interestingly, this means that Socrates called himself ‘simple’ and sought a master in Greece (though none could be found.) Further, he warned that all in Greece were dangerous or foolish. This then is an example of right in White faces, insults are being thrown.

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One thought on “How Plato insults every European

  1. To know thyself in all of its meanings, nuances and ramifications is one of the great truths that has probably been discovered over and over again by wisdom seekers across many cultures, continents and times.

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