“The Internal Prejudices of Negroes: Those who want to be white and those who want to remain black”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The Greatest Weapon Used Against the Negro is Disorganization.” — Marcus Garvey

In today’s article, we quote Marcus Garvey.  Marcus Garvey spoke “The Greatest Weapon Used Against the [African] is Disorganization.”  We should make the greatest weapon used by the African be this organization.  Promote the African Blood Siblings!  Write to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, share, love.

This article has a plethora of lessons. I share this one for two:

  1. The racial category of “Black” as opposed to “Negro,” “African,” or “Original” fits into the false paradigm of “people of color;” false because we are a people of Originalism (African Philosophy), not simply another variant of European people.
  2. The National Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People (NAACP), the espouser of the school of thought toward our racial genocide, continues to influence our community.  As our ancestor opposed them, so ought we.  Subscribe and join the opposition.

The Internal Prejudices of Negroes:
Those who want to be white and those who want to remain black
By Marcus Garvey

Very few persons, besides those who are deeply and sincerely interested in the Negro race, understand and fully realize the great internal conflict that is silently being waged for the defeat and ultimate destruction of the real Negro who has given a race, character and history to the world.

The unthinking whites and blacks drift along recklessly, and careless of racial consequences. To them, everything happens by chance, hence no effort to regulate or arrange their own lives and outlook. They give no thought toward the future of their respective races; they drift along with the tide. But there is always a number, even though small, of active minds, ever ready and prepared to lay out the course of salvation; and it is to these we look for direction in all those things that affect the human race.

The black and white races are now facing the crucial time of their existence. The whites are rightfully and properly crying out for a pure white race, and the proud and self-respecting blacks are crying out for a morally pure and healthy Negro race.Between both, we have a new school of thought, advanced by the “near white” or “colored” man, W. E. B. DuBois and his National Association for the “Advancement” of “Colored” people, who advocate racial amalgamation or general miscegenation with the hope of creating a new type of colored race by wiping out both black and white.

Gradually the DuBois School has succeeded in the West Indies and South America — in such places like Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbadoes, British Guiana and some of the Central American countries.

They have defeated the whites in the tropics and brought them to terms, hence, in these places the hybrid may intermarry among the pure whites with all freedom. After a generation or two the descendants boldly classify themselves as white, and, like the Rhinelander case in New York, make it difficult to tell who is white and who is not.

By skillfully engineered efforts the DuBois School is winning out in America. Already they have cornered the best governmental and other positions, in the name of the Negro or “Colored” race, with which positions they are better able to entrench themselves for the silent but determined fight to win out against both races.

The men of the DuBois School have succeeded in getting the ear of the Republican government and the leading Republican politicians of the country, to the extent that they can get anything done from the White House to the Department of Labor. They can get one of their group appointed an assistant attorney general, ambassador extraordinary, or demand and get the dismissal of any white government employee, as in the case of the white official who was recently dismissed in Richmond, Va., or they can have imprisoned anyone they desire.

This school of “colored” leaders is skillfully using the numerical and voting strength of the darker Negroes to strengthen their position and to force their claim, at the same time having no more social or honest fraternal use for them than the most prejudiced southern white man.

The group that holds to and fosters the term “colored” has a deeper meaning behind the use of the term than can be imagined on the surface. “Colored” doesn’t mean black or Negro. It has a literal meaning for the group, in so much so that when you speak of “colored” in the West Indies where the group has already succeeded, everyone knows you do not mean a black, dark or Negro person, but a socially superior person in the class of the whites.

Du Bois has visited the West Indies and has made a keen study of this West Indian arrangement, and he and his association are making great efforts to make it the adopted social policy of America as well as internationally.

All the people who call themselves “colored” are not part of this scheme or plan. The majority of the people called “colored” are satisfied to be classified as Negroes or blacks, with the hope of redeeming the race through the promotion of a modern moral standard. These people, like the blackest Negro, want to see the race morally united into one, and for this they are steadily working, but with the hostile opposition of the skillful “colored” leaders who have social ambitions, designs and plans of their own.

According to the arrangement of the “colored” leaders, the following plan is decided and acted upon; it is made very successful in the West Indies, and is now being successfuly fostered in America and elsewhere:

In countries where the blacks outnumber the whites, the “colored” build up a buffer society, through the financial assistance and patronage of the minority whites. They convince the minority whites that the blacks are dangerous and vicious, and that their only chance of successfully living among them is to elevate to positions of trust, superiority and overseership the “colored” element who will directly deal with the blacks and exploit them for the general benefit of the whites. The whites being not strong enough to stand alone, accept or acquiesce and thus the “colored” element is elevated to a superior position and naturally becomes attached to the whites. The skillful group, however, by its ability to acquire wealth, through the privileged positions allowed, immediately starts out to socially equip itself educationally and culturally to meet the whites on equal terms. They also skillfully strengthen their positions by stirring up the blacks against the whites, explaining to the former that all their ills are caused by the whites, then they go back to the whites and intimidate them by drawing their attention to the great danger of the dissatisfied blacks, and offer as a solution the uniting of the whites and “colored” in a social and economic union to offset the supposed common danger from the blacks. By this artful method the “colored” elements of the colonies have socially subdued the white man, who now looks on and sees the prosperous “colored” gentleman leading away his sister or daughter in the bonds of marriage without the ability to raise the voice of protest.

The “colored” elements have arranged it so that the blacks are always kept down, so that they can use their dissatisfaction and disaffection as an argument to strengthen and further perpetuate their positions of social equality and economic privilege and preferment with the whites.

Such is the game that is being played over in America by the DuBois, Weldon Johnson group of “colored” persons of the National Association for the “advancement” of “Colored” people. The Universal Negro Improvement Association stands in opposition to this association on the miscegenation question, because we believe in the racial purity of both the Negro and white races. We feel that the moral disadvantage of slavery should not be perpetuated. That where our slave masters were able to abuse our slave mothers and thereby create a hybrid bastardy, we ourselves, at this time of freedom and culture, should not perpetuate the crime of nature.

We desire to standardize our race morally, hence our advocacy of all elements and shades within the race coming together and by well understood and defined codes build up a strong and healthy Negro race with pride and respect in itself, rather than seeking, as the DuBois group does, to practise an unrestricted intercourse of miscegenation.

All the hate that the leaders of the small “colored” group can find has been levied at me for my interference with and interruption of their plans. My indictment, conviction and imprisonment is but a small effort of theirs to help destroy and ruin me because of my effort to save the Negro race from extinction through miscegenation.

The “colored” group has scientifically arranged their method of propaganda. In America and the colonies, they hold out certain baits and hopes to the educated and financially prosperous men of the darker groups; such as encouraging them to marry the very lightest element of their women, and adopting them into their society. These darker men, for the special privilege and “honor” are used as active propagandists to deceive the great mass of dark people so that they would not suspect the motive or the design of the “colored” element. Generally the darker men who marry the very lightest “colored” women, who sometimes pass off as white, become more hostile to their kind in the mass as well as by individual contact than the very leaders, as the leaders are generally careful not to attract or arouse suspicion of their motive. The majority of the “colored” leaders who seek after white women and the darker men who marry very light “colored” women, are seldom on social terms with their own mothers if they are dark. If they have their mothers in their homes, which is generally never so, they hide them away either in the kitchen or a back room where they do not come in contact with either their light “colored” or white guests. Sometimes a mother is referred to, if seen, as one of the servants.

Such is the great problem that I have sought to solve, and no one will wonder why I have been made a criminal in the struggle to rescue and save the Negro race from itself and from continuous suffering and ultimate extermination.

Marcus Garvey, “Philosophies and Opinions,” p. 84-87 [Emphasis Mine]

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7 thoughts on ““The Internal Prejudices of Negroes: Those who want to be white and those who want to remain black”

  1. It appears that we have more to fear from some of “our” historical Black organizations than we think. In doing research for my Michael Jackson’s essay, I read Leonard Rowe’s book: “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson.” During his battles and confrontations with the music agencies concerning racist practices, he stated this fact:

    These agencies also make annual contributions to civil rights organizations such as
    The Urban League, NAACP, and the Martin Luther King Center. This is done to
    camouflage their discrimination and to keep them off the civil rights organization hit list.
    By receiving sizeable donations, I believe these organizations are most likely to ignore
    the wrongdoings of these talent and booking agencies. page 23

    There is no other way to put this: The masses of Blacks are being used in order to enrich organizations that are supposed to protect us and advance our interests. This is a betrayal of the worst kind. This makes sense when we see that the plight of the masses of Black people are worse than they were 40 years ago in spite of the existence of these organizations. It is a no brainer to know that you can’t take money from people who represent the system you may have to challenge on institutional racism.

    1. I send my thanks to you. The essay will be something to show posterity. You should consider sending it to news outlets too.

      I love that Marcus Garvey was so correct. I feel a strong affinity with him. It’s something that the NAACP receives sizable donations right under our noses; and we ‘go along with it.’

      1. I have just completed reading “Marcus Garvey and the Vision of Africa” edited by John Henrik Clarke with assistance from Amy Jacques Garvey. I read Garvey in my Black Studies classes in college, but the profoundness of his teachings didn’t register with me then as it did after reading this book. He actually stated how I felt during the 60’s and 70’s when “leaders” were directing all our energies toward “integration”. I was embarrased and felt that we should be fighting for stronger Black institutions and businesses. I thought we should want to remain in Black communities and make them good neighborhoods. Garvey sized up these integrationist and their anti-black agenda and was fearless as he spoke truth.

      2. Yes. If we make it a goal to improve our communities and neighborhoods, and we make it our goal to make such a goal the goal of our siblings, then we are set.

        More and more my eyes are opened there. We need to set concrete goals. On my part, it may be to sell a certain number of books or gain a certain number of subscribers. Dallas Newton, have you considered what concrete goals you wish to accomplish in the way of our African liberation?

  2. I am considering joining and supporting an organization whose philosophy fits with the betterment and dignity of people. I think this is best done within one’s own race or nationality first. People seem to naturally progress in this manner. At any rate those nations or people who try to bypass strengthining their own group first seem to suffer attacks from other people and are further weakened.

    1. Hotep Dallas Newton,

      One of our Philosophers, Kwame Ture, distinguishes an ‘organization’ from a ‘movement,’ and the main distinction is a Philosopher best leads the former and a Lawyer best, the latter; as an organization sticks to its tenets, whereas a movement reacts to events.

      So, to truly join and support an organization, you need to investigate our African Philosophers and read over their tenets. It’s very interesting to note that our spiritual systems are organizations, lead by Philosopher-Priests, but as I take it, you want a secular political organization. For instance, the Yoruba religion, from what I am researching, is organized that the membership, especially the priesthood, can each approach an enlightenment, so to speak; and whereas such is great for us, I presume that you prefer a secular political rather than a spiritual solution to the problems of our race.

      As such, it’s a matter of what goals you want to achieve. I can list a handful of organizations with different goals in mind, but naturally I am biased to one. Tooting my own horn, I adore the Philosophers of African Blood Siblings. Long ago, I wrote our “Grievances” out. Have you checked it out?


      That same Kwame Ture said that we all need to organize. If out there is no organization for you, create one. That’s what I did. If you do not mind a small organization, based around a truly, in many ways, “Original” philosophy, then mine ought shine.


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