What is African Power?

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Man must learn to increase his sense of responsibility and of the fact that everything he does will have its consequences.” — African Proverb

Older than every civilization today, this proverb describes the core of Power. Power is the ability to increase another’s sense of responsibility and exact consequences. Power needs to be Organizational but only when the Organization’s Membership has mutual responsibilities can the Organization truly be Powerful. The clearest example is the European Race. The European Race organized in such a way that every European is responsible to every other European whenever an interracial conflict surfaces. Those who deviate among Europeans are faced with consequences. In this mutual responsibility to their Race, Europeans are the most Powerful racial group in the World despite being 10% of the World Population. Fortunately, the situation for African people is hopeful as long as we Organize for African Power. The African Blood Siblings can and will. Join with, Donate to and Recruit for the African Blood Siblings. Be responsible to us as other races are responsible to their Organizations and as we grow in Power so to will you. African Powerlessness or African Powerfulness: the choice is yours.

What is African Power?
By Onitaset Kumat

Any man can be made Powerless. The steps are simple. First remove his society’s mutual responsibility to him then transplant him into a society that shuns mutual responsibility to him. Viola. You’ve created a Powerless man.

Similarly, any man can be made Powerful. This process is simpler: transplant him into a society that claims mutual responsibility to him. His power will be no more and no less than his society’s.

The concern then becomes how does a society become Powerful? Power is the ability to increase another’s sense of responsibility and exact consequences. A society, community, family or best said Organization is as Powerful as its ability to increase another’s sense of responsibility and exact consequences (rewards or punishments) accordingly. An Organization is Powerful when the Consequences it exacts are Respected; Powerless when the Consequences it exacts are Disrespected. Mutual Responsibility is the cornerstone of Organizational Power. For the most part, Africans today are Powerless.

The root of Powerlessness is “Misorganization.” Disorganization is a misnomer. Everyone at everytime is a part of many Organizations. From societies, communities, families, businesses, neighborhoods, nations, races, cities, tribes, spiritualities, ideologies, countries, sexes, classes, kwk. One can not be Disorganized (without Organization) but Misorganization (membership to the wrong Organization [for example an irresponsible one]) is possible and prevalent. For the most part, Africans today refuse to develop Power for themselves and in many ways make unnecessary sacrifices to empower Europeans or Asians. Particularly in how few have membership with African Empowerment Organizations. In this many Africans must have membership in European or Asian Empowerment Organizations, Organizations which have no responsibility to African people, and that’s the reasoning behind our Social Discord.  E.g. Africans in America pay for and request aid from European Law Enforcement despite how European Law Enforcement is not responsible to Africans and paying for and requesting aid from African Law Enforcement can be easily Organized.

A case and point, an Individual can not be Powerful outside of Organization. Power is the ability to increase another’s sense of responsibility and exact consequences. An individual can exact consequences all her own; yet how can an individual alone make these consequences respected? Unfortunately this Powerlessness is the root of our Social Discord. For instance, a pickpocket can slam a woman on the ground, take her jewelery and run off. If she has no responsibilities to an Organization and consequently no one has responsibilities to her, she may try but she won’t be able to reclaim her possessions especially if the assailant belongs to an Organization which would protect the assault. This brings us to the European murders of Africans. Without Power the consequences exacted on Europeans by Africans will not be respected; instead these consequences will bring more consequences to Africans. For example, if Trayvon’s parents killed Zimmerman, the state may rob and kill them and their conspirators. However, with Power, an Organization could kill Zimmerman and the state certain that it could not retaliate without untold damage would respect that Organization’s deeds (this could prevent Trayvon’s murder altogether.) Today, Africans in America rely upon Europeans–the local Power–to exact the consequences be they rewards or punishments. So both a delinquent and a law-abider is held responsible to Europeans and therefore the individual behaves within the self-interest of Europeans even though Europeans are not responsible to them. This is the genesis of anti-African Africans; our Misorganization causes our Self-Destruction.

In this Africans must Re-Organize (Organize is a misnomer as we already are “Misorganized.”) This Re-Organization must be toward being responsible to an Organization with an ability to increase another’s sense of responsibility and exact consequences. Normally, a people gain this ability by building a Boko or Community Center. The builders of the Boko and its earliest adherents (members with mutual responsibilities), in the case of the African Blood Siblings Boko, are the Organization for African Power which can increase a Community’s sense of responsibility and exact, Communal, consequences. In becoming Powerful through its consequences being respected, the individuals of the Community will behave in the self-interest of Africans and, as the Boko is responsible to these individuals, properly oriented Africans of pro-African, anti-European and anti-Asian bent will be developed. As a Kanda or Community aligns with its Boko, the Power of Europeans and Asians will be negligible and the Empowered Kanda will have the power to seek and develop other Kanda so the Prosperous, Independent African Community becomes a Network of Prosperous, Independent African Communities at home and abroad. From there the Unity of the African Continent or Pan-Africanism is a small leap. However the first step remains clear: Africans interested in African Power ought join with, donate to, and recruit for the African Blood Siblings. A member’s best chance at an Organization being responsible to them is to first have responsibilities in an Organization. Email AfricanBloodSibs@aim.com for more detail. Regular donations to the African Blood Siblings or African Power are encouraged. Share this article.

4 thoughts on “What is African Power?

  1. I like this post a lot. We need to stick together as a race and build our own communities, stores, groceries, malls, hospitals etc for us to benefit instead of Whites

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      Well-said and from the looks of it you’re no stranger to the goal of Self-Determination and African Power. However, as with all things, we need boots on the ground: Workers more than Speakers. As Marcus Garvey said, “[We] must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service.” Building doesn’t only take patience, it takes charisma and commitment. A Member and I stood out for hours attempting to spot a Brother or Sister who would seek to build for the Race. One Sister we met was ecstatic yet skeptical. She figured through her own industry the African Race could be liberated. The Member and I had to sway her to visiting one of our groups. But should she come, and should she see our hearts, she’d make another addition to a growing team of Africans looking to build. As Kwame Ture put it, “Unity presupposes Organization.” Here at the African Blood Siblings we differentiate Fashion from Passion from Action. The road to Action is narrow. We recruit from the best of us.

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  2. My concensus is this is true.
    There is many qualms pertaining to judicial judiciary preponderance.
    Again I see the potential and presence of the commission’s that exist as Caucasus that are african painted within the corporation America.
    Yet the synergy in intellectual harmony and plight is under developed.
    The municipal duties and functions of civil functions of our people our majority relegated to
    Subsidiaries to international banking families incorporated not african.
    On a previous topic that I lost due to my own technical issues on my end I alluded to trust,community pooling finances and the realization of those needs positive interest ,return,phyical and psychological support of each other is imminent.

    1. It begins at home then friendships and ultimately organizations. Unless we immerse ourselves in African Empowerment, we’ll be immersed in African Disempowerment.

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