Haiti: Where did the money go?

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“We need to remind Haiti of Toussaint” — Onitaset Kumat

Read of the ongoing abuses of Haiti following its Earthquake and ask yourself what will you do.  We are pleading for your help.  We are being killed without your help.  Write us to build, where you are, an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Let us raise ourselves to our global due.


Haiti: Where did the money go?
Comments by Onitaset Kumat


Insomuch as I can encourage a European-made production, I encourage this one.  I recently watched this documentary named “Where did the money go?” It is an expose of the faults of Occidental charity and Occidental hatefulness in Haiti.

For example, in one scene the narrator visits a popular restaurant among aid workers and looks at the menu, $72 wine and $34 steak, and scribblings, “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.”  The cameraperson records the European women tanning and drinking, which contrasts with the footage of African people starving, scavenging and suffering.

The expose at least reveals how little concern we in America have for the Haitians.  At this film festival, as done by caribbeing, they showed another documentary for Haiti.  This one showed Guadeloupe’s continued charity to Haiti.  One participant of the film festival was a woman from Guadeloupe who had informed me that organizations in that country know better than to give to aid businesses and instead do for self–they monthly distribute food in Haiti.

I spoke with this woman feeling bad that 93% of American donations remain in the U.S., meaning what billions the United States collected remained in the United States.  One European on the film aptly points out that services, accommodations and livelihood would be more plentiful and dispersed were American ‘selfishness’ not so total.

All in all, I can recommend the documentary.  I intend to incorporate the above clip into a future television show.  Tell me your opinion.
HTP (Peace)

To wit, I noticed that Wyclef Jean is now being harassed over something so common in occidentalism . . ..

4 thoughts on “Haiti: Where did the money go?

  1. It is absolutely necessary that people become more sophisticated in dealing with power.
    Judging from the history I do know about Haiti, the world political community has never had Haiti’s best interest at heart. The United States leads the list. In this world knowledge and understanding about people is crucial for survival. To strive for less is suicide and a lack of love for your children.

    1. Hotep Sister Newton,

      I had updated the other site for your sake–it doesn’t have too many visitors, so please feel free to both subscribe to it and share it. That one doesn’t need to be African only: Chairman expects that his enemy is in the audience.

      You make salient points that I neglected to mention. The world does disregard Haiti, so it should be no surprise that Haitians are suffering. I am working on a new post regarding Haiti–I’ll be sure to include this point. My own point was this: Europeans never built but slave colonies and pirate forts; to charge them with rebuilding Haiti will be to the downfall of Haitians. Personally, I wish to rally us to studying just how to rebuild. It’s something that we do not even know how to clean the latrines. It’s sad.

      1. what other site? and as for Haiti, I thought they were invaded by the US at least five times before the US decided to “help” them recently. Should anyone be surprised. I would have some major suspicions about a police officer who battered me five times being involved in my protection team>

      2. Ha, the other site is dead. The issue with our people is that we neglect to see the European’s nature. As such, we fall for the main deceit: that the European doesn’t have one nature.

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