Fable: The Debate Winner

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

What better Fable is there to teach this truth than “The Debate Winner?” What better Fable is there to teach “Leave him in error who loves his error?” or the philosophical basis of racial separation than “The Debate Winner?” Below you’ll read of an African who wins a debate against a European. See what happens. Then realize that many, many Africans who become ‘learned’ seek the same path as this “Debate Winner.” Then lend your aid to building African Blood Siblings Community Centers. Write for more information.

Fable: The Debate Winner
By Onitaset Kumat

After ten full rounds, spanning ten full days, the Original and Occidental genii, Black and White, finished their debate with a handshake.  Once again, the African proved himself more crafty and more witty than the European.  The ignorant Whites were appalled, the elite Whites, applauding.  “Here’s your award” said a powerful Occidental, handing but a measly trophy and a measly amount of money.

“Good show” said the losing Occidental, smiling a genuine smile for having been bested and thus bettered.

There shut the lights and the claps of approval died down with the crowd.  Held in the hands of the motionless Original was proof that he won a debate, but was he to believe the Occidentals or his lying eyes?

Since that time, the losing Occidental has joined the “elite,” empowered with the understanding and knowledge of the “winning” Original.  In his elite position, he hands out trophies and monies, like that won by the winner, and he adds all of his knowledge to the oppression of African people.

Tragically, through it all, the Original gained nothing.  In the course of his research, he researched Occidentals who disrespected Originals.  His genius, once pure, now has a tinge of Occidentalism that doesn’t at all fit with his ancestor’s philosophies, Originalism.

In the end, this champion of debate learned only one thing.  As a debate requires one to listen to one’s “opponent,” an African can not win a debate against a White person.  Because once you listen to a White person, and process what that White person says, it’s certain that you have already lost.

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4 thoughts on “Fable: The Debate Winner

    1. I do not mind. I just hope that jon doesn’t follow you back. :)

      Oh, I neglected to link to this one, a real-life “Debate winner,”


      It’s sad looking at it after the fact. Here’s a man with so much to give, giving to the wrong people, with nothing to show for it.

      Though, in a way, this is all of our stories at some point. Deluded, as we are, into the equal humanity of European people.

      Oh, and as to “nothing to show for it,” you might like this one:


      Here Du Bois describes an obscure African warrior. With luck, neither of us will be obscure, having created for our people better communities. :)

      Maybe next time you’ll give me a tour of your wonderful site. :)

      1. I shall do that. You are so kind. I’ll be sure to read your links. Jon will most likely follow me as whites are arrogant. I will take your advise and not answer.
        I’ll read your links tonight.

      2. In the other post, I show you my experience at the ‘best way to answer.’


        It’s, say, not engaging, but talking through them. You should see.

        As to the real-life Debate winner. I don’t expect you to read it all. I never personally read it myself. It’s just a man who engaged in a lengthy maybe three day debate on Youtube when a particular video was hot; and now it’s all pretty much irretrievable except for what I put on this site.

        He was countering ‘racists’ left and right. But for naught. Few people caught his commentary how fast that video was going.

        But you are kind, too. So while I’ll take you gift and smile; I say that kind people calling one another kind is hmm . . . kinda kind. :)

        You know when I really think about it, a writer like you might like this link: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/05/letter-from-merilan/

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