“Cultural Imperialism” By Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

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“‘Cultural Oppression’ is a means toward moulding toward a culture.” — Onitaset Kumat

This is another interesting read. Mostly putting “science” in perspective. Eventually, I will come around to addressing the word “Cultural Imperialism [Oppression],” on its own merits. Until then, enjoy this.  And write the ABS about helping to raise your community’s consciousness with an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Subscribe, share, love.

Cultural Imperialism

 By Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

Peace, as it is said in Africa, is not a word but a behavior. In the lines that follow, I will be going from the perspective that the reader is an intelligent and honest person; a person that is capable of criticism and self-criticism. I would like to think that the reader is seriously preoccupied by the calamities and problems that are affecting this world…

The world, as defined by the contemporary educational system (schools, media, propaganda, politics, etc.) has not very much to do with the reality that is hidden from us. It is clear that when an educational system, whether it is media or academic, defines other people in terms of what they are or have that is good or bad, that system has nothing to do with the individual intellectual development. When other people are called developed (meaning deserving our respect) or underdeveloped (meaning deserving our hate), our system is nothing other than the instrument of the destruction of the world.
Our opinion of other people, cultures, and races today is he result of the so-called scientific works done by the ethnologists, archeologists, historians, etc. of the past centuries. The scientific cover has served as the basis for our hateful attitudes toward other people. Science has come to reinforce the religious beliefs of the past centuries by trying to place the same dark wishes and beliefs of religious and political leaders of these new societies in a sort of logic that is acceptable by the individuals.
When Romans decided to introduce a calendar of ten months of thirty days to the world, the Sidereal Calendar, based on the cycle of the Sirius star and astronomically exact, was already 70,000 years old. When, at the birth of Christianity, the religious leaders decided to wipe out all the preexisting knowledge, science was there to give its support to the idea that the world, meaning the human species, was only 6,600 years old! There are many examples until these days that will reinforce the idea that science is nothing but a doctrine that is controlled by groups of interests…

Take, for example, the problem of racism!!! Yes, racism! Science has played a role and continues to play a very big role in the attempt to legitimize the hate against other races. One should only check in scientific archives and one will find the so-called scientific reasons why the white man is better than the rest of humanity. Now, tell me the difference between this and Nazism. Many tests or so-called calculations of the IQ (intellectual coefficient) simply assign a sort of social status to every individual, that is already predetermined by politics, religions, and beliefs.

I would like to recognize that there is in every field, individuals that are serious and honest about their work, but do they deserve any consideration since their work is just a part of a system that has nothing to do with the principles of intellectual honesty?
The imperialsim of the last century was purely and simply an army attack against other people; but nowadays it is science, the academy, and the universities that do the work. Every imperialist nation goes from the principle of being better than the others, and since it is the educational system that defines values, Universities find themselves as the Trojan Horse in that system of destruction and enslavement of other nations.

Maybe it is time that all the Universities accept to assume their part of the responsibility in this destruction of the world. If the human of modern society is a monster, he has been fathered by these educational systems. The same institution that snatched for itself the right to educate and form the population, has succeeded on keeping a facade of diabolical innocence for too long, while honest citizens are showing their concern about the rhythm of the degradation of the world.
While we were studying the Gregorian Calendar, the leap year has been explained to us “scientifically” as a “scientific” result of the “scientific” fact that it takes the Earth exactly 365 -1/4 days to complete a full circle around the sun. It was the quarters that were added every four years to make a 366th day! What a joke, what a joke!

This joke has been taught to everybody as a scientific truth. The irony is that it is still taught today while our so-called scientists are still trying to find what is the exact distance between the Earth and the sun!
It is not a secret to any knowledgeable person that the speed of the rotation and revolution of the Earth are not constant, and it’s practically impossible to be so exact in such a calclation. Somehow, the leap year was celebrated 70,000 years before the Gregorian Calendar, so what will our “scientists” say?
Why, then, claim that science is teaching knowledge, while it is simply not any different from other dogmas, religions, and ideologies? Politics!! Interests!! Manipulation!! Manipulation!!

Source: http://nkwankala.blogspot.com/2010/07/cultural-imperialism-by-master-naba.html

The originating blog has many excellent articles: http://nkwankala.blogspot.com/

As always, I remain faithful to your excellence,

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