Europe, Pedophilia and Re-Organization

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct.KMT Proverb

Our ancestors divided people on the basis of their moral capacity for self-governance.  In terms of pedophilia, the division is clearly African/non-African.  The following article is close to my heart.  I want an end to our victimization at the hands of Europeans and Asians.  Please, those among you loyal to our race, subscribe and help however you can.  Write the ABS about rallying to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Look to our youth and insist to yourself that they need a space to grow as African grain into African wheat.  Realize that we must help ourselves.  Subscribe, share, love.

Europe, Pedophilia and Re-Organization
By Onitaset Kumat

If you live in the Americas, Asia or Europe, you may have heard that children go missing.  If you live in Africa, you may have heard that children are kidnapped.  If you live, in the former, you may have heard of child pornography.  I will connect the dots.

“Though I never saw her, hundreds have.
She does not eat.  She is too sad.”

This riddle prefaces the tale of too many young Africans.  Some at three-years-of-age are the focus of videotaped sexual intercourse.  Even four years later, four years apart from the European rapists, these young men and women can not bare to put anything in their mouths.

But these kidnapped assaults are only the beginning.  Besides from European kidnappings, there are the ‘sophisticated’ European trappings.  In Kenya, for instance, one of every two teenage girls have participated in prostitution with European men.  In a normal nightclub, girls of twelve and thirteen are publicly molested by Italian, German and Swiss (among other) “tourists.”  But the only surprise is that this is surprising.

This is why I devote myself to our people.  I want to teach us what we need to learn.  Pedophilia and Europe go hand in hand.  Tourism was never good.  We learned this in Goree Castle.

Goree Castle was where Africans were stored before being shipped from Senegal. A young sister, Alexis Adams, had visited the girls’ ward there and wrote the following:

“Next was the girls’ ward. We were told that the virginity of the girls was sold to Europeans that stayed in the guest houses upstairs and that the value of a female was appraised based on her ability to bear children. I gasped as he spoke and covered my mouth. I wasn’t shocked, just mortified as the question “What if that was me?” continuously rung in my head. In that moment I got this indescribable feeling that would stay with me for the rest of the day. It was a combination of disgust, anger, and disappointment that manifested itself physically as a feeling of anxiety and butterflies in my stomach.”

What we did not learn in Goree Castle we learned on the plantations. The enslaved were divided into ‘sex slaves.’ There was a woman’s division, a girl’s division and a prized boy’s division. Too was rape too common.

Yet this isn’t an old predilection. Today, in the United States, the average age for entry into prostitution is 13. This European predilection is ancient: the likes of the Ancient Greeks had customs of pederasty. This is common knowledge amongst European people. This explains their NAMBLA organization–and their ‘gay rights’ movements.

But the history of pedophilia is foreign to African people.  The reason behind this is how we organized our societies.  We traditionally organized into Matriarchies with age-grade systems.  In a age-grade Matriarchy, a man marries into a woman’s family, his sexual partner must be approved by his mother, every African is socially fluent within their age-grades and public ritual prefaces sexual readiness.  This prohibits pedophilia because in marrying into the woman’s family, the woman has worth beyond sexuality; in maternal approval, children are protected; in social fluency, men and women socialize within their ages; and in public rituals, spiritual meaning is attached to sexuality.

In the videos provided, it is observed that we had lost this.  One mother admits to a powerlessness over her daughter.  This sound-byte was included as the European’s wish to tell you how he now has free reign over your children.

The European, whom we ironically finance, imposes upon African people an age-less Patriarchy.  Unlike in a age-grade Matriarchy, the European organizes with women marrying into the man’s family, where he selects sexual partners as per his fetish, where he views women as property and there is no ritual for readiness–in fact Europeans hate menstruation.  This organization encourages pedophilia.  For as men are not child rearers, the marriage into a man’s family is not procreational but recreational, his focus is sex and prestige; children and animals and other men and objects can not procreate; Europeans have historically had sex with all of these.  As men choose sexual partners over fetishes, a child can become a target.  As women are viewed as property, the respect for womanhood is never developed.  It’s common knowledge, for instance, that spousal rape was legal for four-hundred years in America: today, it’s only a minor crime.  Finally, there’s no ritual for a woman’s sexual readiness.  In fact, under European influences, even we Africans learn to abhor the menstruation of women; meanwhile, ancient traditions celebrate menstruation.  To wit, children, men and the elderly can not menstruate.

Of course, “The quest for knowledge is the quest for instruction.”  The European hates even European womanhood; his hatred for African womanhood is legion.  In Kenya, the “Minister of Tourism” is an Oriental man.  Orientals have their own history of misogyny to address and they have a history of being terrible at our borders.  But without so straying, we come to a new truth: Our purity depends on our separation and our return to our ancient ways.  For we had organized to protect our children, we have been disorganized to harm our children, and now must re-organize to our protection.

So loyal Africans empower our siblings.  Organize into brotherhoods and sisterhoods.  Even if it’s only a few of you today; organize under the principles of the trinity of liberation.  We need political, economical and cultural organizations.  With those we can protect the young three-year-olds being raped every week by Europeans.  And this can protect the thousands of children who otherwise are being kidnapped from us every year.

And in your organization contact the African Blood SiblingsSupport our newsletter, support our organizing efforts and support our people.  I write of our plight to our strongest Africans.  It is you, those who can dare to help our loyal, who take the right path toward our liberation.  Please share my goodwill toward our people.  Let us save our children from the Europeans who have raped us since we met them!  Let us again master this Universe.


8 thoughts on “Europe, Pedophilia and Re-Organization

  1. ‘Pederasty’ is not the same as child rape. The ancient Greeks would have had a positive influence on their child lovers, providing them with financial/emotional support and sharing their knowledge.

    1. Clearly Joe, you are an Occidental.

      But I do not mention pederasty as ‘rape.’ For that statement is a judgment and I do not judge Occidentalism, except to say that it does not suit Originals.

      You rationalize a habit that I would not rationalize on my own people. That’s fine. You are an Occidental and you should respect your ancestors; just as I should respect my own.

      My statement is that I do not want my people to associate with your people. After all, you just rationalized something I find sick when practiced against my people.

      As it were, your people also practice pederasty and child rape on my people. Do tell your people to keep it in your family.

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