The Allegory of the Kidnapped Youth

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“I grew up like a neglected weed, ignorant of liberty, having no experience of it. Now that I’ve been free, I know what a dreadful condition slavery is.” — Harriet Tubman

The Allegory of the Kidnapped Youth is our allegory. Harriet Tubman there references it. You understand this site more from it. It’s written for you. Take this Allegory and write the ABS about helping to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center. We must say no more to our condition. Subscribe, share, love.

The Allegory of the Kidnapped Youth
By Onitaset Kumat

Four words had my blood racing like an Olympian.

I darted over to the screams and pulled aside the pasty old man from the complaining child.

“You’re not my Father” she repeated and with the man in my grip, I looked at him demanding an answer.

He stuttered.

“You have three seconds to explain yourself.”  I began counting.

“Well . . .” he started as a group of heroes closed the circle around him.

The young lady started, “He kidnapped me!”

From then, my ancestors pulled my hand back to strike this man.

Seeing his fate sealed, he blurted “She’s misbehaving!”

From then his lights were out.

I tell this story to you, my African Blood Siblings, because the man in this story is the Occidentals, and the young lady, us.  We were kidnapped, brought here to be abused, misused, embarrassed and harassed; but when you listen to our kidnappers, they claim that we are misbehaving (crime this, crime that).  Well never, my beautiful Africans, should you take heed to the words of the kidnappers; they are truly the only wrong party.


4 thoughts on “The Allegory of the Kidnapped Youth

  1. The Allegory of the Kidnapped Youth

    I like this!
    You said quite a bit with only a few well chosen words.
    The “moral” of this “kidnapping” is very clear and puts things in its proper perspective/light and truth!

    We should not emulate those whose ways are not our ways. This isn’t a new paradigm shift, it’s just further logic, reasoning, evidence and clarity of what I’ve always known, felt and said – just not as succinctly.

    1. Hotep Matari,

      I thank you for the compliments. Please share the allegory with our siblings and share the site too; have them subscribe. We need to transform from “Americans” to “Africans.” This is our shared will. Let’s liberate ourselves!

      I hope that you enjoy the other posts, too. I wrote or selected them that we may one day be free.


    1. Thank you. I responded to your email. Check that my response did not go into your spam.

      I am hopeful of our future if pieces like this become as widespread as we will. Each one of us ought do our part.


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