A Solution To The Rape of Our African Women

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

It’s the tragedy of our age that the above truth is not recognized.  It causes so many more problems for our people than we realize.  African men would conspire against African women with Asian men out of some deluded belief that Asian men have greater kinship than African women.  It’s not absurd.  It’s the consequence of your inaction.  Take responsibility and build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  There we will develop our consciousness to not be so victimized.  Write for more information.  Subscribe, share, love.

A Solution To The Rape of Our Women
By Onitaset Kumat

Rape Victim in Africa (Courtesy NYT)

On the continent, there are bright, sunny days where birds sing, relaxation flirts and we twitter.  On one such afternoon, a young girl of seventeen, walked outside of her hut and saw her best friend, a young beautiful, intelligent and charming daughter of Africa, like herself–up to her neck in sand.  The discovery was dishearting, for shortly after, the buried girl’s head, a repository of useful contributions to this world, was smashed by rocks thrown by onlooking militants.  Their rationale: this woman refused to marry a Shabab commander.  At this execution, one of the Shabab told the seventeen-year-old, “You’re next;” months later, five Shabab militants would burst into the youth’s hut and, in the name of Islam, gang-rape her.  This is Africa.  Today’s Africa.  In Somalia.  Today’s Somalia.  Against this do we organize.

The name “Somalia” naturally associates with “Punt,” the land fabled as the birthplace of Kemetic civilization.  Naturally, we need not fall into Occidental thinking of “One Localized Origin;” the civilization of Kemet, Kush, Ghana, Bemba, Shona, and so forth are inherent in our people.  What we should recognize is that African civilizations of antiquity held women in high esteem; but these Oriental and Occidental influences, have destroyed our sensibilities so much, that as revealed in this article, Original (African) men would offer Original women to Oriental (Asian) men as a matter of doing right.  This elucidates on the problem: We forgot Originalism (Our Philosophy) and ignore the problems Occidentalism and Orientalism, of which Occidentals and Orientals are firmly attached.

To speak to our role on the rape of our African women, one must analyze the evidence.  Below, then, is commentary on the related article.

“I’ve had some very bad dreams about these men,” she said, having recently escaped the area they control. “I don’t know what religion they are.”

African people have at worse lost their Philosophy.  This makes us make statements like the one above.  It is the result of foreign mis-education that we believe ‘religion’ has a deeper importance than ‘Philosophy.’  Our role in this woman’s rape is allowing for this flawed thinking.  Our gifted ancestor Frederick Douglass documents in his autobiography how he can accept Christianity but not as practiced by the European; this statement was an implication of the separation of religion and Philosophy; more so, it was an implication to the integration of Philosophy and race.  Our people need to recognize that different races have different Philosophies and promote our race through promoting our Philosophies.  The Arab, for instance, has enslaved Africans before Islam and has only strengthened this slavery since.  The Islamic religion, like its Occidental and Oriental predecessors, even reflects the Philosophical thinking of misogyny, intrinsic in Occidentalism and Orientalism.  What focusing on ‘religion’ rather than focusing on ‘Philosophy’ does is it makes the African unprepared for the assaults that are otherwise historically guaranteed.   To stop the rapes, we must address the Philosophies of our people.  Otherwise, the rapes will go unabated.

Somalia has been steadily worn down by decades of conflict and chaos, its cities in ruins and its people starving. Just this year, tens of thousands have died from famine, with countless others cut down in relentless combat. Now Somalis face yet another widespread terror: an alarming increase in rapes and sexual abuse of women and girls.

Somalia had once traded very fine goods of remarkable craftsmanship with Kemet; today tens of thousands within die from famine and suffer from countless combat.  This difference relates to the presence and rulership of Occidentals and Orientals.  Venture to read on trades of Punt and Kemet and you will notice how differently we can live in re-embracing our original Philosophy, Originalism.  How besides from adopting our Philosophy can we live to our remarkable standard once more?

The Shabab militant group, which presents itself as a morally righteous rebel force and the defender of pure Islam, is seizing women and girls as spoils of war, gang-raping and abusing them as part of its reign of terror in southern Somalia, according to victims, aid workers and United Nations officials. Short of cash and losing ground, the militants are also forcing families to hand over girls for arranged marriages that often last no more than a few weeks and are essentially sexual slavery, a cheap way to bolster their ranks’ flagging morale.

This reigns among the purest Oriental thought available on the internet.  African people need to realize that Asian people, like European people, see no wrong in what’s wrong.  We tend to wish to re-educate them, neglecting to educate ourselves.  No more!  The only thing wrong with Oriental or Occidental vices are that they are practiced on us.  I repeat, their only vice is to practice said vices on us.  Let us not be cultural imperialists, trying to correct other cultures, but rather embrace our own culture.  Mainly, we should realize that for thousands of years, these Orientals and Occidentals have been doing what we think is ‘wrong’ to themselves.  A review of history will show that our numerous attempts at civilizing savages has brought us pure woe.  Assert your civilization, for that is your plea!

Somalia is a deeply traditional place, where 98 percent of girls are subject to genital cutting, according to United Nations figures. Most girls are illiterate and relegated to their homes. When they venture out, it is usually to work, trudging through the rubble-strewn alleyways wrapped head to toe in thick black cloth, often lugging something on their back, the equatorial sun burning down on them.

Notice in this phrase, how uncaring the Occidentals are of our plight.  They want war with the Orientals, so they point to the Orientals’ mishaps.  Yet, how can Somalia be deeply traditional with a foreign religion?  Nevertheless, it’s said that a broken clock is right twice a day: this Occidental points to our wretched lives as under the Oriental; and here you know of our wretched lives under Occidentals.  Meanwhile, the accounts of Punt, Zimbabwe, Congo leave little to wonder at the grandeur of African leadership under Originalism.  Sankofa:  Look back to move forward.

At the same time, aid workers and United Nations officials say the Shabab, who are fighting Somalia’s transitional government and imposing a harsh version of Islam in the areas they control, can no longer pay their several thousand fighters the way they used to. Much as they seize crops and livestock, giving their militants what they call “temporary wives” is how the Shabab keep many young men fighting for them.

Notice, the Occidental says “a harsh version of Islam.”  A remark made to confuse you into believing that religion trumps Philosophy.  The author writes as if Islam had a good version.  We need to understand that Islam hates women.  The original “God” of Mecca was a Goddess named “Allat.”  Muhammad, in hating women, changed her to “Allah.”  But Islam is not uniquely hateful.  Judaism, for instance, changed the story of Aset and Asar who came into the world simultaneously into Eve and Adam, respectively, where, rather than simultaneous birth, the former came from Adam’s ribs, beside from later being ‘cursed’ to servility.  This hateful servility, though, is absent from our narrative of Genesis.  Read the “Memphite Theology Stone” in London’s Metropolitan Museum.  Granted, African Muslims have done great things for this world.  But this is because they are Africans.  The series of vices we see today has to do with their Muslim faith.  We are a people who have done couvade, male simulation of pregnancy, for thousands of years in respect and honor of our women–Occidental and Oriental religions made us disrespect them.

“There’s no cleric, no ceremony, nothing,” he said, adding that Shabab fighters had even paired up with thin little girls as young as 12, who are left torn and incontinent afterward. If a girl refuses, he said, “she’s killed by stones or bullets.”

As young as twelve should not surprise the reader in the least.  If I remember correctly, the revolution in Zanzibar (?) was an Original upsurge against Orientals, finally tipped over when the Oriental legislated the “right” to marry our young daughters.  They do not see this as wrong, though we do (in fact, to be honest, the Islamic Prophet married a very young woman named Aisha).  We must respect that we have different, incompatible Philosophies and not be outraged, but reject them wholly–them and their Philosophies.

One young woman just delivered a baby, half Somali, half Arab. She said she was selected by a Somali Shabab fighter she knew, brought to a house full of guns and handed off to a portly Arab commander, one of the many foreigners fighting for the Shabab.

“He did whatever he wanted with me,” she said. “Night and day.”

She said she escaped when he was sleeping.

Firstly, note how the New York Times doesn’t attach a nationality to the Arab, but does to the African.  Worse, notice how it’s an African who hands over this woman to the Arab.  That’s what their Philosophy does to us.  That’s their point in teaching us.  We need to embrace our own to put an end to handing over our daughters.

One 18-year-old who asked to go by Ms. Nur, her common last name, was married off at 10. She was a nomad and says that to this day she has never used a phone or seen a television.

Married off at 10.  Do not be surprised.  The statistics of pedophilia, even within families, of Occidentals and Orientals once surprised me.  But I have come to learn that it’s their Philosophies.  Research, for instance, what chunk of the internet, yes chunk, features pornography involving minors.  The percentage would stagger your African mind.  Finally, recall that the Occidental woman, in fits of intimacy, calls the Occidental man “Daddy.”  I include that for your processing, if you need heavier ‘proofs’ research pederasts, look into the percentage of woman admitting domestic sexual abuse or read on the pedophilia of religious and political institutions as well as the prostitution market.

I have come to realize that we need to embrace our Philosophies and correct those of our number convinced otherwise.  In not studying the proper Philosophy, our people abet these vices.  That spoken, if you or I do nothing in the way of educating our people, we do the harm.  Our role in the rape of African women relates to our lack of Originalism education.

Do your part and share this article.


Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/28/world/africa/somalia-faces-alarming-rise-in-rapes-of-women-and-girls.html?_r=2&src=recg

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5 thoughts on “A Solution To The Rape of Our African Women

  1. These rapes are horrible!! But after they only seem to castrate the little BLACK girls. I heard the Arabs dont castrate THEIR little girls..why do we do this! Even in Ethiopia i dont blame anyone for female castration but weird black muslims—-please dont call it CIRCUMCISION

    1. Zipporah,

      You educate! Please, if you will, write an essay on the matter that I can feature it on this site.

      I never knew of the Arab’s sole castration of our Siblings. I am very grateful for your knowledge. I only partially overheard Dr. Clarke point out how the Musta’rab (Arabs by adoption) used Islam politically while we Africans used it Spiritually.

      What can we do to help our Siblings? Please review the Trinity of Liberation[1] and the Units of Organization[2]. How can we liberate our Siblings there? What’s a cultural, political and economical standpoint? For instance, how can we make them commune against this, govern themselves and become economically self-sufficient? One woman in Ethiopia[3] had made a difference for her people. What can we as a team do?


      [1] https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/join/the-trinity-of-liberation/
      [2] https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/join/the-units-of-organization/
      [3] https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/models-of-entrepeneurship-in-african-women/

  2. This is an excellent article. The only small criticism is your reference to Frederick Douglass. His embrace of Christianity, whether or not he practiced it as the Eurasian did, facilitated his embrace of the European female, whom he married at a time when African men were being lynched for even looking at a Eurasian female in the USA. This small discrepancy in your choice of ancestors does not detract from the useful commentary in the article, but in my humble opinion, we have to be very careful of whom we refer to as “gifted ancestors”. Some of the people whom we were given to respect, like Frederick Douglass, were actually traitors and confused agents for the Eurasian system of domination.

    1. Peace,

      Not only our ancestors, but so many of our people are traitors, confused agents or even unwitting self-saboteurs. It’s almost guaranteed, in this environment of disorder, that our people will sabotage our efforts–even in conscious circles. As an example, Malcolm X, despite marrying an African woman, held tightly to a non-African belief system. To this day, Arabs use his name to attract Africans into Islam. In fact, there are more African Muslims than there are Arabic Muslims! And there are more African Christians than there are African Muslims! We are disordered.

      I agree that we must understand our recent ancestors had flaws, but I don’t know if we should say that they were not gifted. Who among us was not disordered and erred in that disorder? I’ve had European instructors and voluntarily furthered my mis-education, if I am harsh on Frederick Douglass, should I, when I am reincarnated, tell myself I am not gifted and deny my intellectual birthright?

      I think it’s an interesting question. But we should remember, we are our ancestors and we are our descendants. So we must always speak highly of our nature. While I nurture may be off–we can learn from our ancestors and learn to perfect ourselves until we once again return to the perfection we once were!

      Thank you for the comment!

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