What is History?

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Knowledge is consciousness of reality. Reality is the sum of the laws that govern nature and of the causes from which they flow.”KMT Proverb

The following article is a real treat.  It’s the complete answer to “What is History?” with “The Allegory of the African Grain.”  Share it as this knowledge kindles our best activities and devote yourself to our victimized Siblings through the African Blood Siblings.  Building a local African Blood Siblings Community Center assuredly will reconnect your locality with Africa, politically, economically and culturally.  Write for more information.  Subscribe, share, love.

What is History?
By Onitaset Kumat

We may never know of such a place, but suppose for a moment that you and I stumble upon a land where months pass by like hours and we can watch in a single sitting the growth of an acorn into a tree. It is in this sort of land from which our understanding of history can come. History seems like the past and it seems complicated, but actually if you give me one moment, I can explain the whole of the field in one allegory. In this land where time is quickened, let us suppose too that space is shortened, so with one hand I can be in Africa and with another Europe. Then suppose too that I have European grains and African grains. It’s up to you to now watch what happens as the African grains grow in Africa and Europe and as the European grains grow in Europe and Africa. You will notice that if the grain grows it grows into a sort of wheat that indicates it’s grainage and where it was grown. This is “The Allegory of the African Grain;” the allegory explaining History.

It’s hard to fully understand the allegory. Especially if you are like the African grain grown in Europe. In Europe, down to the specificity of nationality, sometimes even statehood, “History” is taught for and from the perspective of Europeans. Many times growing up we overhear Africans argue how wrong this is. But it seems more bizarre to me to teach Europeans from an African perspective; especially when Europeans are more peculiarly tribal than any other people on the planet. For instance, the French don’t teach German History as good as they do French; the English don’t teach Russian History as good as they do English; the Europeans in America don’t teach the History of Europeans in Europe as good as they do the History of Europeans in America; Europeans in Michigan don’t teach the History of Europeans in Kansas as good as they do the History of Europeans in Michigan. The list goes on. So the allegory confuses because for the most part European education only reveals that European grains become European wheat.

I have thought much more than most on why this is. We need to own our own institutions for education. This institution needs to teach us what we’re not learning otherwise. In this case, the lessons will be on “The Allegory of the African Grain.” In this case, we’ll learn “What is History?” This is what I write you to do. I write you to build in your Community an African Blood Siblings Community Center. I write you to be the necessary change in your Community.  Because right now our people in your community do not understand history and we make costly and many times fatal errors for it.

Truthfully, there’s a serious need for us to understand history. Because if we understood and knew history, I would not have to tell us to build a Community Center. For we already had Community Centers. But even then, sometimes we didn’t even know why. But we knew a long time ago why. But right now we’re in no shape to so much as do for us and that’s why we don’t do for us. Because most of us were mis-educated then mis-lead from this mis-education by mis-leaders. Some of us weren’t even mis-lead, just mis-educated. We were told about European grains turning into European wheat and that didn’t make us remotely conceive of African grain and African wheat. So we don’t even know how easy it is to build a Community Center. You don’t know. You think I’m asking you to do something hard; this is easy, when you understand history.

Do you understand that we organized the Underground Railroad, even returning to plantations to free more of our people? Do you understand that we catalogued the stars so precisely that stellar “discoveries” were made using our records? Do you understand that in Eredo, Nigeria around 1000 AD, we built the largest pre-modern structure in the world, do you know how much organization that takes? Do you understand that Ann Nzingha of Angola had a network of informants in Brazil staging revolutions and uprisings from across the Atlantic during our enslavement period? Do you understand that we are the greatest thing under this Sun and me telling you to build a Community Center is like asking a Tiger to kill a handicapped rabbit? Do you understand History?

You’ve been had. You were told that you are nothing and you fell hook line and sinker. But you are the World. Do not forget that your body is the House of God. The African Blood Siblings organizes around your Nature, as an African grain who will become African wheat. With your aid and attention to this organization, you will re-gain that connection you long for as an African grain.

For the allegory is simple. If in Europe, or America, or Asia, or wherever, the environment is made African, the African grain will grow as though in Africa, as it is supposed to. But when the environment is unlike Africa, the African grain may not grow but if it grows will not be as it is supposed to be. Still, the African grain is always remarkably African; just as the European, is always European. This is History. All that you need to learn from History is this: Each race has its own natural morals and its the responsibility of each race to suit its environment to those morals. All of history is this one reality: This is why Napoleon attacked Haiti, Natharum Godse killed Gandhi, the Asians rape African women and the Europeans lynched Africans.This one reality. Let you, you African grain, become African wheat: build an African Blood Siblings Community Center for your locality to grow.

2 thoughts on “What is History?

  1. I am less a fan of history than I am of chronology. I like sequence which shows how people got in the place they are today, with examples of things which preceded their plight.

    1. It may not surprise you but David Hume had a similar definition of “History” but his was in Yurugu fashion, where he universalized the evils of Europeans as to do with all human beings. I coincidentally corrected his Philosophy by explaining that certainly the European’s nature is unchanging, but it’s different and distinct from the African’s. His example of universal behavior, for instance, is that if you leave a wallet unattended in a crowded park, you can’t expect to find it again. Ironically, Ibn Battuta, in recording our ancestors, wrote that if a wallet is left unattended, the owner can find it again with ease.

      See Ibn Battuta’s quotation here: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/of-ibn-battuta-the-14th-century-berber-traveler-in-africa/

      It’s beautiful how things fall into place very easily. :)

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