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“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

We now look at Diop’s Two Cradle Theory.  This Theory puts into focus how fundamentally the Occidental (European) and Oriental (Asian) differ from the Original (African).  This is ancient Knowledge returning to our people.  More details can be seen on the top pages.  Organization can build institutions to make this exoteric (common) knowledge.  Support the African Blood Siblings.  Your support can bring African Blood Siblings Community Centers where you are.  These spaces for African unity can foster loving, knowledgeable and wise Africans for our global restoration.  We must again empower ourselves. Write the ABS for more information.

(Determined by Environment after a separation
during the Ice Age.)

Southern Cradle-Egyptian Model 
  1. Abundance of vital resources.
  2. Sedentary-agricultural.
  3. Gentle, idealistic, peaceful nature with a spirit of justice.
  4. Matriarchal family.
  5. Emancipation of women in domestic life.
  6. Territorial state.
  7.  Xenophilia.
  8. Cosmopolitanism.
  9. Social collectivism.
  10. Material solidarity of right for individual which makes moral or material misery unknown.
  11. Idea of peace, justice, goodness and optimism.
  12. Literature emphasizes novel tales, fables and comedy.

Northern Cradle-Greek Model

  1. Bareness of resources.
  2. Nomadic-hunting (piracy)
  3. Ferocious, warlike nature with spirit of survival.
  4. Patriarchal family.
  5. Debasement / enslavement of women.
  6. City state (fort)
  7. Xenophobia.
  8. Parochialism.
  9. Individualism.
  10. Moral solitude.
  11. Disgust for existence, pessimism.
  12. Literature favors tragedy.

Source: http://www.jalumi.com/class/csu/Two_Cradle_Theory.htm

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  1. The succession to Pharaoh passed through the female. In order to legitimize his rule the potential pharaoh had to marry a ‘royal’ female. Theoretically, the lowest peasant could become pharaoh should he marry pharaoh’s daughter. Ideally, the eldest son was designated the successor, but even he had to marry a royal woman to legitimize his succession. Women in ancient Egypt had unprecedented rights in regards to property, divorce etc. If any such thing occurred in European countries, I am not aware of it. Mind you I’ve never looked it up.

    1. Thank you for that comment!

      I love those sorts of facts.

      Our history is so amazing.

      I intend to read Diop’s above mentioned pieces in their entirety, so to solidify our philosophy (Originalism.)

      Have you read them?

      I can recommend the “related post” on Ashra Kwesi. His review of the changes to the “Memphite Theology Stone” shows at least how the hatred of women is inherent in European philosophy (Occidentalism) or Asian philosophy (Orientalism) but unheard of in our own.

      If you know anything that I should read on our philosophy, please let me know.


  2. Change starts with a react to the situation. The situation on my mind is the environment of my neighborhood. These facts need to be made a public announcement for people to hear. If one person out of a million listens,then the message is successful.

  3. The Dynasties of that land and during that time period was highly Ethnocentric as is in many African Societies and non African Societies. Their Deity Amen did not approve of mixed marriages. Blacks in America are mixed and would more likely not permitted into those Dynastic families.

  4. Does this theory ever consider the fact that historians like Gerda Lerner have shown that agriculture coincided with the beginning of patriarchy and hierarchal class societies and that anthropologists like Gayle Rubin and Jared Diamond have pinpointed agriculture and farming as a primary source for sexual inequality, and that women in agricultural societies were sometimes made into overworked beasts of burden, mules, & broodmares? It has been postulated that agriculture was created around 16,000 years ago within Africa by the African WOMEN – who were responsible for gathering plants and raising the young while the men hunted. Patriarchy started somewhere between 12,000 to 10,000 years ago. Why would patriarchy and it’s subsequent debasement, exploitation, & enslavement of women have SKIPPED the place agriculture was started itself when agriculture was one of the sources of the ideology of patriarchy taking root? Anthropologists have also pinpointed pastoralism as being a source of patriarchy, something that we’ve seen African men do & something they likely did before men did it elsewhere. Aren’t there ancient examples of pastoralism in Kenya? Anyway, after the advent of agriculture, women had EVEN MORE work to do while the men benefited from their work and had increasingly less to do because they lived off the agricultural foods created by African women’s backbreaking manual labor, not hunting. You can even see it today with African women raising children, cooking, farming, drawing and transporting water, while the African men do some farming but more often take the finished products of African women’s hard labor and trade and sell it to others for their financial profit and social & political benefit. Almost like…pimps. Anyway, I’m tired of the lies. Black women have been oppressed so long they normalize their exploitation and oppression as being healthy, normal, BALANCED relations between men and women. I’m tired of innocent ultimate victim game I see black men playing. No other group of women has been oppressed at such a severe and overbearing level as long as black women have, and it started at the hands of their black male counterparts. Things will NEVER improve for black men unless they take full accountability for how they’ve degraded, exploited, abused, and oppressed their own female counterparts before other men EVER did it to them. Men practiced oppression on women first, and then they started doing it to each other. And THAT created for all other nasty forms of oppression to come like classism, colorism, and racism

    1. Peace Sis,

      Be careful with applying eurasianist models to Africanist people. “Patriarchy” (more accurately called “Eurasianism”) isn’t based around an economic model as much as a people. The eurasian has a “patriarchal” culture. I have a passage from Yosef Ben Jochanan in “The Book of Power” to the effect of how the family structures we imitate today deal with oppositional families (i.e. small, out of the way, and limited in generations and resource intake) due the resource scarcity in eurasia. “Patriarchy” is in this family form. “Matriarchy” (or more accurately “Africanism”) takes place in resource abundance as we see in Africa. Therefore families can be multi-generational, careful of all people, and structured to support women. I also have the miscegenationist Diop’s description of the pre-colonial African family structure and the balance of male/female labor. Be careful with looking at Africa through eurasian eyes. I do hope you can pick up “The Book of Power” and see why, what for and how we can rebuild ourselves toward real African empowerment for the African man and African woman!

      Ni Ta yetu!

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