“Very Young Girls,” The Maysles Institute and Originalism

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct.” — KMT Proverb

Pedophilia is the way of European and Asian people, the way of quantity.  We seek quality relationships.  The following article includes an assignment, go undercover to record how we can replicate successful models for the benefit of our people.  But always you have another assignment: Build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Write the ABS for more information.

“Very Young Girls,” The Maysles Institute and Originalism
By Onitaset Kumat

“In the United States, the average age of entry into prostitution is 13.”

“Very Young Girls” (2007) appears to be a film on child prostitution here in the states.  By the trailer and what little I have seen from the film (available in full below), the prostitutes, pimps and johns are African people like us.  This sort of film, while eye-opening, is dangerous for our African community.  Mostly because not only does it paint an improper picture of the ethnicity of the prostitution scene; it has no philosophy that suits our African siblings: namely, it’s stooped in Occidentalism not Originalism.

I will note that up until December 5th, 2011, it looked like the Maysles Institute was hosting this film.  I have never been to the Maysles Institute, but apparently it is in Harlem and it will not turn anyone down for lack of funds.  Meaning that one can freely watch the films that it has available and looking at the pictures it posts, our people freely engage in these videos: the videos are seemingly ‘intellectual’ and ‘relevant’ after all.

However, a look at Maysles Institute’s staff will show the real picture.  Though an African woman is advertised heavily as the Cinema Director, the Maysles family, conveniently owning an institute in Black Harlem, are a European family!  These films (see their Calendar) oftentimes have European directors.  And always, whether African or European, the philosophies are Occidental.

Should anyone brave to watch the documentary as available below, I ask that you submit an article concerning the “European Philosophy” being encouraged in the film; I will be happy to help.  Our people want your voice.

Also, should anyone dare to go to the Maysles Institute, bring a pen.  See what these Occidentals are doing and try to understand what makes our African Blood Siblings frequent them.  This field research should be here reported, that the record of how we can replicate the success will be stored.

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The Film:

Click here for the rest of the film:  “Very Young Girls”

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