Europe, Pedophilia and Re-Organization

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct. — KMT Proverb Our ancestors divided people on the basis of their moral capacity for self-governance.  In terms of pedophilia,Continue reading “Europe, Pedophilia and Re-Organization”

Ancient African Love Poem

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “Love shall come to complete you; first know then be yourself.” — Onitaset Kumat in Fable: Knobeco and Love On the streets, I asked a woman, “What institutions do we have to propagate self-love?” As most of our people would answer, she opined that self-love is an individual’s responsibility.Continue reading “Ancient African Love Poem”

The Allegory of the Headless Chicken

Listen Sibling, I come in peace, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the writing on the wall–The European doesn’t want you to.” — Onitaset Kumat Today I answer whether we benefit from Western Imperialism by examining the killing of a chicken.  You laugh?  It’s an allegory with a video attached, which if you don’tContinue reading “The Allegory of the Headless Chicken”

Of Critiquing Napoleon’s quotation against the Black march

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solutions for Africans is Africans.” — Onitaset Kumat Write the ABS to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Today’s article is an exercise in understanding Occidentalism through a quotation of Napoleon Bonaparte’s.  It cites the following posts:Continue reading “Of Critiquing Napoleon’s quotation against the Black march”