Lil Wayne and Cosmic Wisdom

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“If the Master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submission is slavery; if he teaches truth, this submission is ennoblement.”  — KMT Proverb

My loyalty to Africans is unbounded.  My intelligence, our Creator’s endowment, I turn to our people, the Originals, Africans.  I struggle daily, but rest too.  In a recent resting, I had a television on.  It showed a commercial for the sugary soda Mountain Dew.  The commercial featured Lil Wayne teaching error.  Our people rightly condemn Africans when they denounce African women on shade (as Lil Wayne and Kevin Hart have recently done) and sometimes our youth condemn our vulgarity (as Watoto from the Nile did Lil Wayne.)  But Cosmic wisdom is a gift given me that I return to our people.  Spread the gift by writing to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers and distributing our flyer.  Please share, please subscribe and please read.  Subscribe, share, love.

Lil Wayne and Cosmic Wisdom
By Onitaset Kumat

The Mountain Dew commercial named “This is how we Dew: Anthem” was released onto Youtube on April 12, 2012.  It’s transcript, read by Lil Wayne, is the following:

“Ladies and Gentleman, if you got anything from me, it’s to find your thing and do you.  Because we all know it’s not what you do; it’s how you do.  ‘And this is how we dew.'”

Beside from the preamble “Ladies and Gentleman” and the misnomer “And this is how we dew” this transcript attempts to pass for truth.  And under normal circumstances, our people would either accept this transcript as wisdom, and thus submit to enslavement, or our people would be confused by this transcript, but have no remedy.

Accordingly, on February 4th, 2012, I released “KMT Self-Knowledge and Cosmic Wisdom [quotations]” onto this newsletter.  In so doing, I gave to our people the Cosmic Wisdom our due.  With this as a resource, I will show how Lil Wayne’s quotation is erroneous and provide the truth so to ennoble you, my reader.

Thus I begin with Lil Wayne’s first quotation:

“[I]f you got anything from me, it’s to find your thing and do you.”

“Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion”  — KMT Proverb

Siblings, you do not need to look outward for your purpose.  Your purpose is within you.  Look inward and you shall know.  But, to look outward, especially in Oriental or Occidental societies, will confuse you.  Lil Wayne sees himself as unique, looking ‘outward.’  Yet no one but every one controls the outward world, so to look outward, he will be controlled by no one but every one.  See how his language and behavior are influenced by the outward world.  It’s for money, in fact, that he denounces African people.  I could never for money so much as ignore our people.  I looked inward and now, at twenty-three, I provide ancient wisdom to the people I love.  See that I provide truths; see your ennoblement.

Lil Wayne’s second quotation:

“Because we all know it’s not what you do; it’s how you do.”

“What you are doing does not matter so much as what you are learning from doing it.”  — KMT Proverb

Siblings, be careful with ‘how you do’ for ‘how you do’ needs to change with what you learn.  Lil Wayne may want you spiritually stunted, but I do not share that desire.  I want you to grow.  I want you to look at what you have done and learn how to do better.  I share with our ancients the will for your becoming a paragon amongst our people.  For you are due the world.  This truth ennobles.

Lil Wayne is trying to pass lies for truths.  I am happy that the ancestors chose me to set our messages straight.  But please it is our passivity that harms us: share this article and share my name.  I hope to serve our people that we may look back on a global system of peace, surrounding our eternal habitLoyal Africans please support me.


5 thoughts on “Lil Wayne and Cosmic Wisdom

  1. Lil Wayne
    (Verse 3)
    I got shot when I was 12,
    Lost my pop when I was 14
    Shot again at 20
    Will I shake these old dreams?
    We already have the holy water on my face
    And 3 blood drops dried on the side of my eyes
    Why we gotta kill our own kind when we rise?
    Got me looking down the ladder now when I climb
    Pulling up on my nephews
    And they don’t wanna drive
    They wanna learn how to work the tool
    And who am I not to do the duty?
    And just think, if pops advice get sent through black ink
    And that stinks, but homie that’s real
    And in the hood even steaks smell bad on the grill
    I remember when if you was a hustler, you was a winner
    Now that’s like raking up leaves in the winter
    And that ain’t even cool, to miss a few summers

    1. Hotep NML,

      I thank you for the comment. It’s Lil Wayne but he borrows a bit from Tupac Shakur who also detailed ‘street life’ and ‘rationalized his behavior in that context.’ Though, to me, it is telling that someone would rationalize criminality over music. Do you see a point in that?

      In this song, “Don’t want you to see me cry”, Lil Wayne portrays himself as a victim and victimizer. Though he should have the money to encourage productivity in his community, through employment opportunities, he seems to focus on drug intake and “looking cool.” Though, not in this song, he also promotes sexual gratification as a veritable goal to put to music.

      It’s very interesting. His passage on his daughter, in verse 1, reveals his mentality very quickly:

      “Guide my daughter see that she [walks] straight one
      When them fake guys, please see that she dont date one
      I live positive stay away from snitches haters and broke [n-words] with they face hung”

      Here [Line 2] it is presumed that people are ‘fake’ and ‘fake’ is to be avoided (as opposed to fixed.)

      In Line 3, he himself avoids ‘snitches,’ ‘haters,’ and the poor and ashamed. Sometimes we think that ‘hip hop’ as a genre is geared toward ‘the poor and ashamed’ yet here he admits to avoiding this supposed audience. More, if your people are ‘poor and ashamed,’ why avoid them and why not help them? This is just another example of teaching error.

      Meanwhile, the very ‘poor and ashamed’ are listening to him, finding him wise, when he’s essentially saying ‘disorganize.’

      I think that, that’s interesting. What is your take on this?

    2. bit played out, thie idea of a double-conscious lingering in the mind of the rapper, and yet, it has truth, as was highlighted by the Bryan Hurst documentary on hip hop. Every artists has the victim and victmiser within them, but ultimately, operating within a distinctive context, they are not to be the targets of speculative remarks. End of…
      ps. “please dont shoot me down”

      and also, what about his “nigerian hair” comment.

  2. I greatly appreciate your output of wisdom for the community! I know that these “entertainers” are provided scripts and other information to pass onto their “fans”. Yes, they are misnomers with intention to stunt growth and brainwash the masses. I have never cared for Lil’ Wayne’s “talent” or lack thereof. I hope that our people will restart using our spiritual eye to see and spiritual ear to hear correctly. Blessings and Continued Light!!!

    1. Our ancestors instructed:

      Peace is the fruit of activity, not of sleep.

      And lived according to:

      Seek to be part of a brotherhood, sisterhood, or group, for we accomplish more together than alone.

      It’s the conjunction of these two, the African Blood Siblings, which will return our spirituality to our people.

      Thank you for your comment.

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