Should Black ‘Homosexuals’ be excluded from Black Power Movements?

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“I have not copulated/penetrated with/a copulator/penetrator.” — The 11th of the “42 Laws of Maat.”

The question ‘Are Black Homosexuals excluded from Black Power Movements’ is a classic example of rainbow sabotage of RBG. In fact, in America COINTELPRO strategically divided Black Movements with similar questions as issued by COINTELPRO agents at key junctures in their movements. As Pan-African Nationalists we must equip ourselves to not be divided over this question, as agents, sleeper-agents and pseudo-agents will attempt to do otherwise whenever and wherever we gain significant traction.

After addressing the question, I will link several Recommended Resources. If you have any doubt in your mind regarding the Homosexual/Dissexual question, please review all of them.

Should Black ‘Homosexuals’ be excluded from Black Power Movements?
By Onitaset Kumat

The short answer is yes.

In the doubtful event that an African is actually born Homosexual it behooves us, as servants of our Ancestors, to not exclude this African. For as Africans we must think African, and if one among us were actually willed by our Ancestors to him- or herself never become an Ancestor, then clearly even our Ancestors excluded that ‘Homosexual’ African from their/our circle. “As above, so below.” The innately Homosexual African, if any exist, was given an agenda in opposition to our traditional African culture which recognizes and promotes the African unborn.  Through distracting their same-sex, eliminating possible relationships, hindering the unborn and themselves never returning after death, the Homosexual African embodies disorder in African Communities and Continuity. To give this person a platform in either the re-creation or the maintenance of the Pan-African Nation, is akin to giving Yurugu, non-Africans, a platform; being that in order for an African to be born Homosexual their non-African ancestors must be dominant over their African ancestors: in that circumstance whether they are African must be called into question as well as whether Homosexuality is their only perversion.

Fortunately, Africans can not be born Homosexual–or Dissexual* (perverted from true sexuality); however African can be Dissexualized. Understanding this, it is evident that the African can be re-oriented toward true sexuality (African Woman and African Man.) Therefore it is only a matter of how an African was Dissexualized in order to re-sexualize that African.

So whether “Black Homosexuals” are excluded from Black Power Movements, it entirely depends on why that African is dissexualized and what they are willing to do about it.

If by virtue of birth an African is dissexualized, then that African is indefinitely excluded from Pan-African Nationalism: they are Yurugu with a tan.

If by virtue of trauma an African is dissexualized, then clearly that African must either self-heal or be healed by the Pan-African Nation in order for that African to be included in Pan-African Nationalism.

If by virtue of choice an African is dissexualized, then clearly that African must choose differently in order to be included in Pan-African Nationalism.

So absolutely the Black Homosexual is not to be included in Black Power; however should that African be able to be re-oriented toward true sexuality, the Pan-African Nation should be willing to work with them. The same can be said of other dissexualities.

*Dissexuality include but is not limited to sexual perversions with animals, children, violence or non-African people.

Recommended Resources:

If anyone is convinced that Homosexuality/Dissexuality is an authentic African expression, I recommend reading Odwirafo’s Kokobo-Warning. This 48 page collection of 4 papers addresses the Ancient Prohibition against Homosexuality, the oft-cited Brothers holding hands, the dating of the story of Set and Heru and Ptah Hetep’s instructions against Pre-Pubescent sex. It is freely available, but supporting Odwirafo with patronage is highly recommended as well.

If anyone is convinced that Homosexuality/Dissexuality can not be ‘cured’ listen to Llaila Afrika’s “The Detoxification of Homosexuality.” This 57 minute presentation goes deeply into how one can detox themselves of Homosexuality down to a science.

If anyone is convinced that Homosexuality/Dissexuality has a place in African Society, listen to Neely Fuller Jr’s “Homosexualiity and Lesbianism.” This 10 minute animation by the skilled artist carlitoway44 puts the issue very simply as weighing the pros and cons of Homosexuality/Dissexuality and setting the record straight.

5 thoughts on “Should Black ‘Homosexuals’ be excluded from Black Power Movements?

  1. Reblogged this on Kushite Kingdom and commented:
    This is a very insightful post by my brother Onitaset. He explains perfectly the point I was making about the homosexual agenda in black movements. He’s a very intelligent brother that makes a strong case. I suggest you all check out his blog.

      1. The agents are everywhere. I get them a lot too. You have to stay on your toes and be alert at all times. But they wont stop us from getting our message out there. They can try as much as they like.

  2. TRUTH! Well said brother and Dr. Umar Johnson has several YouTube sights that speak to this like “The history of homosexuality” and “Gay is the new black”

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