Dark Girls: Official Preview

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“[We] are never alone: not in body, not in mind, not in spirit.” — Onitaset Kumat

Shadeism is a real-life affliction that African people are dealt.  It’s the Occidental in our mind.  We need a space to learn to think properly about our culture.  This space is the African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Write the ABS to help build.  Inaction has consequences.

Dark Girls: Official Preview
Commented on by Onitaset Kumat

I intend to write another script for the television show, dealing with the “Willie Lynch letter.”  I am inspired to by another blogger I read which highlighted this film, “Dark Girls,” that was, until yesterday, unknown to me.  This film appears to address shadeism, but regrettably addresses it in the same manner of “Willie Lynch”–on myth.  I intend to write a post on the topic, but before posting that I should write two things.  Firstly shadeism is ancient: That’s the Hindu Religion!  Secondly, shadeism in America less has to do with slavery and more post-slavery, namely the post that I put up on W. E. B. Du Bois.  I will say one reason now as to why it is important to set the record straight: Slavery is by-the-by regarded as ‘yesterday’ amongst our people, whereas the NAACP is arguably ‘a today’; if we truly wish to address shadeism let’s at least have a tangible ‘today’ foe rather than a mythical, unreachable ‘yesterday’ foe.

To those interested in the film, here’s the website for it, perhaps you can write us an article:


2 thoughts on “Dark Girls: Official Preview

  1. Interesting video on dark skin women Onitaset. Oppression is real when you hear these sisters and see the tears in their eyes for not being told they are beautiful.

    It is clear that colonialism set us against each other in numerous areas. The light skin dark skin thing is one aspect of our oppression. We were separated from ourselves, our children, and men. Shadeism is a tactic used by the enemy to disband us which we can eradicate through a political organization with the realization that we are Africans and we are beautiful period no matter what skin shade!

    can you explain your response as shadeism as an ancient Hindi practice?

    Giving thanks for you and your blog! Ny

    1. Blessed Sibling Ny,

      I thank you for speaking your beautiful African mind. I was in the middle of study until you commented, so after reading your question, I turned to my nearby textbooks. I then transcribed three quotations and made a new post on the subject of Aryan invasions (by your inspiration: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/excerpts-concerning-the-aryan-invasions-of-india/) If you will also speak your beautiful African mind there, how blessed will this website be. :)

      I hope that the three quotations are sufficient. The first tells you of how we were replaced in India, the second tells you of Vedic religion’s racial superiority complex and the third tells you of Brahminism. Today, Brahminism and Hinduism are one and the same. The castes are based off of “shades” (the two polar Dravidian and Brahman being distinct races: Original and Occidental, respectively); this is why I wrote that shadeism is ancient and in the Hindu religion.

      Very interestingly, the term ‘shadeism’ is one I picked up from Indian discourses (particularly this video:

      ). A friend of mine, in the states, recently claimed the term to be ‘colorism.’ She also had other terms.

      If the question interests you; feel free to “Submit an Article” on the topic. Perhaps on Hinduism and Shadeism or the “Dark Girls” film or even this “Shadeism” documentary (or a “colorism” one.) Then, when your friends and family subscribe to this site, they can proudly name you as a contributor. :)

      Hotep, ask anything anytime, and thank you for speaking and thanking,

      Edit: http://www.cwo.com/~lucumi/runoko.html (This is Runoko Rashidi’s website. Here are many writings on Dravidians and Indians, among other things. Search the articles and your research will reward you. Hotep!)

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