Allegory of the Classroom

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“What is my enemy?” — Onitaset Kumat

In the Allegory of the Steering Wheel, the above question is answered.  Yet it’s also answered here.  This is the world famous “Allegory of the Classroom,” that should inspire you to no longer look around but yourself rally to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  It was written for the television program but gained international fame here on this newsletter.  It’s further developed at the final point of this dialogue.

Allegory of the Classroom
By Onitaset Kumat

“Firstly, I find it apt to tell you a tale that I have heard from a child.  He spoke to me wiser words than one would otherwise expect from the runt.  In his little, dusty pants, the youth told me how his classroom teacher was a racist.  He reported how this teacher proposed that Africans had no history.  He said in this classroom, of the thirty students, ten looked about after this comment, clearly knowing better and very perturbed.  The child reported on how eyes jumped to and from other eyes, to a point where each of the ten touched each of the other ten, or the sides and backs of the heads of the other 20.  He went into more detail, claiming that every ‘conscious’ kid looked at every other ‘conscious’ kid and registered the ‘unconscious’ kids.  So in this classroom, every concerned child looked on every other child.  Finally, each eye showing a slight shyness, a lack of concern, or maybe a need for a spark, stopped and class continued; the teacher unchallenged.  The story perplexed the child, but greatly informed me.  You see, it takes one thing to be ‘concerned,’ blame it on history, but whence concerned, one looks for leadership not amongst soi-disant leaders but amongst soi-disant followers.  So to speak, leaders do not lead, followers do.  Therefore, truly followers–meaning everyone–is a leader.”

From the dialogue “Why should Blacks support Black leadership?”

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