Political Strategy for the Congo

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Peace is the fruit of activity, not of sleep.”KMT Proverb

There is a strange silence on nearly all of the injustices affecting our people, but we have no reason to contribute thusly.  There is a stranger lack of strategy in addressing these injustices.  The ABS actively works against this.

Below is not only the tragedy of the Congo.  Below are certain strategies that we should undertake.  This is another reason to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Saving those women who are raped by 40 men for years on end or these boys who are killed for the work they put in is why you build to organize your Community.

Political Strategy for the Congo
By Onitaset Kumat


Above is a link to a documentary named “Blood Coltan.”  It was produced in 2008 but presents a picture of an ongoing conflict (in the Congo) and a way of life for many of our continental Africans.  To summarize the display, “Capitalism” is shown: The people are given huge debts, through which their means of survival are by transporting resources according to the fixed prices of Europeans.  It’s a system of permanent debt enforced by violence.  For the last five-hundred years, this is how most all Africans live and die, diaspora or continental, when interacting with Europeans.

By Ethics we ought fight back.  But in fighting back there are many such ways.  One way is violently, another, however, is usurping the European role.  Labour is not only forced through violence, but through being the only means of survival.  Thereby, we diaspora Africans ought organize to ‘make the survival’ of continental Africans easier.  Early on we observe how from the miners to the collectors, coltan is very cheap, following which is a simple processing which makes it ready for sale.  We as wealthier Africans can pay the miners higher than the collectors and if organized sell the coltan more expensively and better even process it for our own cellphones, cutting out all non-Africans and benefiting ourselves.  That route should be explored.  Yet another route is buying the fertile land in the Congo and giving the miners employment as lucrative farmers.  Then there’s no need for them to mine, we can get cheap foods and eventually the mining business will be defunct but in our control.  Naturally, these solutions attract the violence of rebel groups through Europeans, something we need to understand.  But if we provide ‘rebels’ with a way of life, they too will turn over.  Then it’s a matter of the Europeans brazenly coming themselves to fight for our enslavement.  We have just resentment against them.  In the documentary it is revealed how much the women are raped, sometimes forty men on one woman for years.  This is an ugly slavery like that which we have experienced.  We will be just to rise up!

The first step is building an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  You need to take responsibility for your inaction and start building to organize the above solutions.

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