The Story of Beyonce and Jay-Z

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Envious greed must govern to possess and ambition must possess to govern.” — KMT Proverb

The Story of Beyonce and Jay-Z is the story of Africans in America with Negro Wealth applying the Laws of Succes for Greed known as “Mammon.” I’ll explain to you what the Laws of Success are, what serving Mammon means, and for what you should use the Laws of Success. It’s hard, hard work writing out this information to you but someone has to do it. Please subscribe and share these articles. And see that this newsletter continues by attracting more donors.  And write the ABS about helping to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers, we need environments where we can be our African selves.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Story of Beyonce and Jay-Z
By Onitaset Kumat

I heard much later that when he was asked about his success, he was curious to what the interviewer meant by ‘success?’ When the interviewer specified his wealth, he retorted “I can tell you in a very few minutes how I accumulated my money, if that is what you call success.” This man had millions of dollars and had counseled one of the greatest African leaders in America, who himself indirectly and directly inspired many millions of Africans for better. This man was not Jay-Z but Andrew Carnegie and whom he counseled was Booker T. Washington. Booker T. took the advice on how to be successful and used it to improve our race. I do the same, I teach the laws of success and advocate improving our race.

Beyonce’s latest album cover. There’s a reason why she’s so light.

It’s not the same for Jay-Z or Beyonce. The laws of success are simple, and forthcoming, yet the goals of success explain whether one seeks to advance the race or destroy the race. An excellent example of this dichotomy is seen in Du Bois’ take on Mammonism. Either we will pursue Truth and Justice, the Two Maat Goddesses, or Money, the evil known as Mammon. Mammon is Jay-Z’s, Beyonce’s and their ilk’s pursuit. In Mammon is the destruction of our race.

It’s worth noting that one can pursue Truth and Justice, Maat, and receive money. For instance, I sell “Maroon and Build For Self,” edit the African Blood Siblings Newsletter and organize our people internationally to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers, bastions of Maat for our race. Do I receive so-called Negro Wealth? No. But am I providing a costly service to African people worldwide that deserves recompense? Absolutely. Besides me, there is Cuffel. Cuffel was a young woman I met over a year ago who now runs the international sandwich shop named “Cuffel’s Sand.” She pursued a healthier diet for African people and made it happen through goodwill and we recompensed her for it. Another example is Miss Otel, whose daughter Merilan recently wrote me. Miss Otel has starred in a plethora of films that have raised the self-esteem and self-worth of many Africans all over the world. She was monetarily rewarded in light of her aims of Truth and Justice.

Beyonce’s alleged ethnic background. What does it mean?

But these excellent characters are unlike Beyonce and Jay-Z. Jay-Z had detailed his whole life in one action. At twelve years of age, he shot his Brother for stealing his jewelery. This is a contract with Mammon. It’s a life-long contract too, in 1999 he stabbed an allegedly bootlegging record executive. Today, in the Congo, Africans, like Jay-Z, stand with Rifles in hand, forcibly marching young children, compelling them to  dig for Coltan in mines, enslaving them to enrich the pockets of the Riflemen, the Pilots, the Merchants and especially the Europeans. These men, like Jay-Z, praise Mammon and the destruction of our race. These men have been shooting their Brothers for Jewelery since they were knee high. To understand Beyonce’s mammonism, one can start by looking at her long-time manager (ending in 2011): her Father, Mathew Knowles, a worshiper of Mammon. He has worked his daughter Beyonce and her friends Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and Latavia Roberson from their childhood onward all to make money for himself. He had often kicked the latter two from Destiny’s Child whenever new contracts arose, then begged them back when contracts were settled.  Finally, when the latter two requested new management because of his greed, he booted the two from Destiny’s Child and replaced them.  One replacement, Farrah, had to tan her skin to appear darker than Beyonce.  To this day Beyonce strives to look lightened, even claiming her ethnic background as “French, Native American, and African-American” (see the images above.) The other replacement, known as Michelle, had to drop her first name “Tenetria.” The “gospel” singer admits that flights and hotels are more important than hair color and her name, a frightening admission for Mammon from this African “good girl.”  Eventually, when “Beyonce” became a household name, Mathew Knowles disbanded Destiny’s Child and now Beyonce makes money with her Mammon praising husband at the expense of the race. One song of Beyonce’s named “Who Runs the World” explains it all. “Who Runs the World” features the backdrop beat of Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor.” Major Lazer is a European musical group which degrades African people as licentious, lascivious, vampiric idiots. This is the backdrop for which Beyonce aims to improve her wealth while allegedly empowering women.  Compare the two videos.  See how the only “empowered” woman from her music is her.



The Law of Success is simple: Devote a Group to a Specific Purpose. This group has to be harmonious, and the specific purpose has to be possible. Afterward, with persistence, it’s done. Jay-Z is successful because he formed a group to become rich through the music industry. His group was originally three people: Dame Dash, Kareem “Biggs” Burke and himself. The portmanteau “Roc-A-Fella” shows his love for Mammon. The same formula can be seen with Beyonce. In 2010, Beyonce surrounded herself with 150 people devoted to her musical career. Many of these 150 were with her for over a decade; some since she was 12.  Two of the more important entities are her Mother and Father. Her Mother owned the Salon where they first practiced and performed; her Father had been her manager. He loves Mammon. His specific purpose was to pursue Mammon, as such Beyonce and Destiny’s Child had advertised for White companies (and White beauty) at the detriment of Black companies (and Black beauty), all in the name of Mammon.  More, Beyonce’s hatred of the race and love for Mammon is deeply ingrained.  Even without her Father’s management, skin-lightening and blond hair has been her constancy.  Most of us do not know the Law of Success. Hence Michael Jackson’s story of becoming enslaved by his Music partners and Rihanna’s recent story of being abused by her accountants; as well as our typical stories of begging Whites to enrich them (the true face of employment). When we do not devote groups to our purposes we devote ourselves alone. Alone, we are subject to, as Beyonce’s Pastor Rudy Rasmus puts it, “the wolves who are circling.”  Hence why we are poor or hardly keep our wealth (see this post).

So Beyonce and Jay-Z’s stories are told. They used “The Laws of Success” for Mammon, a wholesale sanctioning to the destruction of our race. In Jay-Z’s words from “Moment of Clarity:” “I dumb down for my audience and double my dollars.” But with this article, you are wise enough to see through their evil intent and see in yourself that you can do better for our race. For the Laws of Success are applicable to your condition and there are many examples of success done for Maat (read them all):  Queen Ann Nzingha, the Samaraka Maroons, Bethelem Tilahun Alemu, Nat Turner, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, and Onitaset Kumat,. Success, you see, is building your own services from the ground up, rather than adopting another’s services. Jay-Z and Beyonce created from the ground up, but they created from the ground up for Mammon–evil: do not do this.

Months ago, I wrote “The Units of Organization” which explained how harmonious groups are the roots of liberation. The specific purpose today is “African Blood Siblings Community Centers.” From countless examples, the Law of Success will guarantee these Learning Centers in your Community. You only need to find harmonious people. Seek out those who will the restoration of the race and in the meantime subscribe to this Newsletter. I will continue to serve Maat and you. And you will be successful in restoring our people.


8 thoughts on “The Story of Beyonce and Jay-Z

  1. Onitaset:

    Hollywood has an agenda. It’s being played out in front of our very eyes but we’re blinded by the fancy footwork, dazzling costumes and heart pounding lyrics.

    Since whites took over rap and hip-hop, it’s all gone downhill. Very sad indeed.

    1. tookever? I think that in the first place they permitted it to exist. Guess very few people “just make it” nowadays, if by “takeover” we are talking about the explicit corporatisation of the “art” (/craft,)

      1. There’s a different sound when Europeans explicitly control the music. But the sound when Africans control it is hardly different in the respect of Community Building. It’s a shame because our music, in this Europeanized existence, seems to be between “”Community Stability” and “Community Destruction” when really our music should be “Community Building,” something that I am rare to hear of.

      2. a few artists have complained about the absence of live recordings nowadays, and with that, the general homogenisation of otherwise diverse, vibrant sounds. It is sucking the life out of the expression.

    2. Sister truthbetold,

      It’s my sincere impression that our music wasn’t ever really good (going back even to the 60s). Certainly, we have many good examples, but even some of the best don’t have true messages of Community Building and the descriptions thereupon. Maybe they had Black Love as between a man and a woman, which is great, but certainly we must openly reflect whether we ever had positive music.

      For instance, on the subject of television, I recently revisited “Good Times.” In that show, the Brother and Sister continually argue, the supervisor is continuously harassed and when Janet Jackson’s character is introduced, she’s an abuse victim. Nevertheless, we reflect on that television as wholesome compared against, say, today’s. But is it? Where is the Community Building? What song has Community Building?

      Our Reggae was Black Uplift Music, but when Community Building? When did Marley put to music Community Building? And even Marley’s sound changed when Whites co-opted. But did we ever really understand the purpose of music if our music rarely, if ever, emphasized Community Building?

      It’s something to think about–as we build Communities. :)

  2. Beyonce and JZ’s negro wealth will be safe as long as they speak and act within parameters that don’t threaten White Supremacy. This is sort of a catch 22, because their wealth in a true sense of the word is only safe with Black Empowerment. Witness Michael Jackson. He stepped out of the parameters set to ensure negro wealth. When he donated to the cause of Tawana Brawley, his name was blasted all over the television, along with other wealthy African-Americans, like he had created a crime. It was down hill for him ever since.
    Speaking of the media blasting people’s names all over the television who support a cause they do not agree with; I was watching Fox news this morning and the female commentator suggested publishing all the names of those signing a petition to support Christopher Dorner. I bet the media never talked about exposing the names of those who contributed to George Zimmerman’s defense.

    1. The European is practicing his Natural Law: Survival of Europeans. It’s “Just” to the European for his ideal Peace requires him to be Dominant. There’s nothing adverse there. It’s upon us to have a sense of Justice which restores our African Civilizations. This is done in African Nationalism. As long as we avoid this point, we’ll avoid Power and in turn avoid Protection.

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