Are Originals “People of Color?”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“And we laughed about the scared little Chinese whose restaurant didn’t have a hand laid on it, because the rioters just about convulsed laughing when they saw the sign the Chinese had hastily stuck on his front door: “Me Colored Too.”” — Malcolm X in his Autobiography

I’ve long taken issue with the term “People of Color.”  It’s an Occidentalist and hence superficial marker that dismisses our unique African history to claim that the world and its people should be divided into two Eurocentric tribes: Whites and Non-Whites “People of Color.”  However it’s a wrongheaded distinction.  Below is a discussion between the European Whitman, and Africans Heywood, Knobeco and yours truly.  Pass on the message.  Let’s take back our right to define ourselves how we want without Europeans being at our center.  We are not people of Color but people of the Origin; we are Originals–Africans, whom was made first.  Write the ABS about helping to create African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, share, love.

Are Originals “People of Color?”
By Onitaset Kumat

Knobeco: Heywood and Whitman, what do you do out here?
Heywood: Knobeco, my European friend and I are only discussing whom we conceive to be the most pretty women of color.
Knobeco:  You are certainly the “Black Salesman” ever selling African women.  Just as Onitaset Kumat would peg you.
Heywood: Onitaset Kumat?  I have not spoken to him since his television debut.
Whitman: Nor I.  I believe we spoke about Occupy Wallstreet and how it is a White movement.
Knobeco: You are both right and he was right.  But lo your fortune, here he comes.
Onitaset Kumat: Knobeco!  I see that you are with Heywood and Whitman.  Please be short as we must spread the word about the North Star!
Heywood: Don’t let us keep you, we are only discussing whom we conceive to be the most beautiful women of color.
Onitaset Kumat: You certainly are a Black Salesman–I see no reason for you to promote any women to an Occidental!  But what’s this about “women of color?”  What women do you mean?
Whitman: You should know, Onitaset Kumat.  A Colored woman is a Non-White woman.
Onitaset Kumat: How peculiar a terminology!  How do you figure?
Whitman: Well, to me it is obvious.  In the U.S. weren’t you once called “Colored” when we were called  “White.”
Onitaset Kumat: Yes, but the terminology ended, did it resurface?
Whitman: Yes.  Probably from the feminist movement.  But it does suit you all better.  I never was fond of “African-American.”
Onitaset Kumat: Neither was I.  But I’m sure that you are not fond of “African-Americans” either.  Nevertheless, a better term is “African” or “Original.”  “Person of Color” doesn’t even make sense as applied to African people.
Whitman: How not?
Onitaset Kumat: Well, is the Sun colored?
Whitman: Absolutely.
Onitaset Kumat: Ok, so light is colored?
Whitman: Yes.  More, light is color!
Onitaset Kumat: Yup, and the absence of light is the absence of color?
Whitman: Necessarily.
Onitaset Kumat: So Black is the absence of color?
Whitman: Mmhmm
Onitaset Kumat: Then “Black” people are not colored.
Whitman: Heywood, what do you say?
Heywood: It’s ridiculous!  Do you mean to say that White is colored?
Onitaset Kumat: Well, there’s an old joke around the world concerning the term.
Heywood: I’ve no time for jokes.  Answer my question!
Onitaset Kumat: Well, Heywood, aren’t you Black when you are born, when you grow up, when you get sick, when you are in the Sun, when you are in the cold and when you die?
Heywood: Duh.  What about it?
Onitaset Kumat: Well, ask Whitman, he is born pink, grows up to be White, turns green or yellow when sick, burns red in the Sun, changes blue in the cold and becomes purple at death.
Whitman: You do not lie.  Though you passed the joke all the same.
Onitaset Kumat: I did.  Heywood had the time.  Yet, wouldn’t you Whitman, the “White man,” be colored?
Whitman:  It seems that way.
Knobeco: Onitaset Kumat, on two counts you’ve shown the Occidental to be colored, but it seems a pointless quibble so far.  So what if by Physics, Black is not a color ergo Africans are not colored?; so what if by the changing features of Whites, Europeans are far more colored?  So what?  Is there something actually wrong with a distinction of color from Europeans?
Onitaset Kumat: Oh Knobeco, you took me from my fun, and yet, you know that I do not have fun without a reason.
Knobeco: Yes, so proceed with the discussion.
Onitaset Kumat: The idea of “White” and “Colored” falls under Eurocentrism: “White” as normal, “Colored” as abnormal.  More it’s a trap of Occidentalism.  Occidentals are Tribalists you know, therefore the belief that we are “Colored” claims that we are a Tribe opposed to Whites.
Knobeco: Yes, but is that a problem?
Onitaset Kumat: It is when it’s the only grounds from which we protest!  Especially as it’s inherently superficial.  For look at who is in the tribe with us: Orientals.  But while the Occidental culturally oppresses both Originals and Orientals, is our struggle against this oppression supposed to get the same solution?
Knobeco:  No, the Original pursues Originalism and the Oriental pursues Orientalism.
Onitaset Kumat: Therefore, isn’t it the case that a joined battle in the paradigm of Occidentalism will lead to Originals and Orientals pursuing Occidentalism?
Knobeco: So it is!  It remains a superficial protest and superficiality is a domain of Occidentalism!
Onitaset Kumat: Therefore the term hides the ills of the Originals and worse pairs us with another people who have culturally oppressed us since even the B.C. times in Ancient India but also as recently as yesterday’s Somalia, the Oriental.
Knobeco: Very true.
Onitaset Kumat: So then don’t you see why I dismiss the term “people of color?”
Knobeco: Yes, and it’s very evident too how you would dismiss “proletariat,” “working class,” “99%” and any other trans-racial grouping.  Our problems are racial.  We need to restore our global due.  No people can help us do this but ourselves.
Onitaset Kumat: Yes, now we must deliver this message to the people.  Especially since we are now building ABSCCs all over the world.
Knobeco: Farewell, Heywood and Whitman, the African Blood Siblings is on its path to liberate African people.  All onlookers ought spread the word!

6 thoughts on “Are Originals “People of Color?”

  1. Onitaset,
    I’ve never known really where the terms African-American or Coloured comes from. Honestly, it makes no sense to me. I despise the AmeriKlan way to label our people. Any hypenated form of ethnicity is a poor polital tool.

    Most don’t even realize it.

      1. It would turn out that Jesse Jackson was the main strength behind the term “African-American.” The truth is that in America, liberal circles denote everyone as hyphenated; for instance, most are considered “European-Americans.” In other words, all of the Americans are hyphenated–it’s a Liberal Philosophy of attaching oneself to America. Some argue even against “African-American” not to assume “African” but to assume “American.” In London we see the same phenomenon with your famous subway incident, where a woman attacked an African woman as being non-British, yet the African woman asserted that she was a British woman. It’s the same politics.

        Granted, with regard “European-American” some language caught on while others didn’t; though “Italian-American,” “Chinese-American” and “Irish-American” are popular terms here.

        Nevertheless, the last thing that you want to do is scorn your own Siblings. And laughing at the condition of other Africans isn’t a habit to grow. On the one hand “Bees come to the honey” and on the other hand we must focus on the veritable goal of Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. Insomuch as Africans all over the world are Interracially Dependent for Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness, we have no time to laugh, we have to focus on ending this trend.

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