A quotation on our past renown from Lady Lugard

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Our people don’t remember our accomplishments.” — Onitaset Kumat

Below is a quotation that whether surprising or not is truthful: Ancient History is the story of triumph for African people. We fell far but we can recover easily. It’s imperative for each of us to take responsibility for our uplift. Your task is to write the ABS concerning building a African Blood Siblings Community Center.

A quotation on our past renown from Lady Lugard
Commented on by Onitaset Kumat

“The fame of the Ethiopians was widespread in ancient history.  Herodotus describes them as “the tallest, most beautiful and long-lived of the human races,” and before Herodotus, Homer, in even more flattering language, described them as “the most just of men; the favorite of the gods.”  The annals of all the great early nations of Asia Minor are full of them.  The Mosaic records allude to them frequently; but while they are described as the most powerful, the most just, and the most beautiful of the human race, they are constantly spoken of as black, and there seems to be no other conclusion to be drawn, than that at that remote period of history the leading race of the Western world was a black race [A Tropical Dependency, p. 221, by Lady Lugard].

It is telling that American African scholarship relies upon European sources for its insight into African antiquity; Europeans are no more qualified to dissect our glorious past than we are.  Still, this piece of poetry by Lady Lugard provides such a packed message of our grandeur that I lend it for your sake.  African people need to know that even Europeans know that we were are the best.

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4 thoughts on “A quotation on our past renown from Lady Lugard

    1. I am very grateful Brother. I was on the streets signing a Brother up but he claimed to be without an email address. I then urged him to write down “African Blood Siblings” so as to himself be able to promote it. He told me that he would remember the name without writing it. Many say so but do not do so so I continued to urge. He then told me that he watched Public Access Television (“MNN” in particular) and has heard “African Blood Siblings” mentioned. I’m due to call him on that concern.

      Responsibility is ensuring good consequences. We have to take responsibility. Everything counts. The globally interconnected Prosperous, Independent African Communities are something we will create–because we are creating it!

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