The Allegory of the Male Lioness

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Always watch and follow nature.” — African Proverb

Many African cultures were convinced that obedience to proverbs could sufficiently govern a territory. This is especially reasonable when those proverbs are indigenous to the territory, as these proverbs are passed down as scientific time-tested ancestral wisdom–scientific in the respect that they have been used in living experiments and the results have been successful. This method of government has made Africans the longest-living, most-enduring people on the planet by far. And this method is used by other animals in Nature. Today, we are losing this Culture for “Modernity,” the effort to remove Culture and Survival from a people. The results of Modernity are Absolute Impoverishment, Dependence and Individualism or in other words Slavery. The following Allegory relates a “Modern” Lion tribe as “modernized” by Hyenas. This gives insight into our situation. The answer is Organization and Restoration. Write us and join us. Our people are being “Modernized.” “Modernity” is Genocide by another name.

The Allegory of the Male Lioness
By Onitaset Kumat

I sat on the side of the Lion’s Negus-Negast, King of Kings, and asked him of his favorite military campaign. He told me his were limited, yet his grandfather had the best story he’s ever heard. He then repeated an unforgettable allegory.

His grandfather had led an army of 3,000 Lion-Warriors across the width of Africa to rout thirty Hyenas who slaughtered some seventy Lions and Lionesses in a Kingdom of one-hundred.

“Seventy of one-hundred massacred by thirty!” I exclaimed, and the Lion King affirmed. He explained how in this Kingdom the women were friendly with Hyenas and in their friendship the Hyenas convinced the Lionesses that a rigid gender system is oppressive and dysfunctional. The Lionesses were convinced by the theatre of the Hyenas (for Hyenas too have rigid gender roles) and returned to their Kings insisting they will not do “women’s work.”

Oddly obedient, the male Lions were now male Lionesses. These strong, large, fit Kings now assembled themselves into the mightiest hunting force in the Savannah. Impeccable military strategies were employed in the capture of gazelle. And true to the reversal, the females had first pick of the food.

Beyond hunting, the new Lionesses took on the role of the former as best they could. These men licked their children clean, took the kids out on hunts, and even provided milk for the young–though obviously not Lion’s milk but instead, through the females, the Hyenas provided sustenance.

“Did they poison it?” I interrupted, but the Lion insisted that though Hyenas were their enemies, they are leagues more noble than the races which are my own (Europeans and Asians.) He then informed me how the wrong milk is itself a poison to a developing animal and within a generation this mighty hunting force had degenerated into the savannah’s laughing stock.

“Well,” the Lion King continued, “my grandfather had scouts in the camp and around the Hyenas. Noting the weakness of the Lions and the strength of the Hyenas, scouts convinced him to interfere. That is when he led the 3,000 Lions across Africa.”

“I do not understand,” said I. “How does thirty defeat one-hundred?”

The Lion King responded, “Woman’s work is no joke. But neither is a man’s. Men cannot behave as women without malnourishing his Race and women cannot behave as men without making her Race vulnerable. When the Men are malnourished and exhausted from women’s labour, who will protect the Race from its enemies? You need to only look at a Male and look at a Female to determine which is more suitable as the Protector. True of my race and yours, men are manyfold stronger.”

“I must ask then what became of the women?” I asked implying a punishment but the Lion King never thought along those lines.

“You know our women. After a hunt, if a Hyena comes around, there is no interracial conversation or friendship, the Lioness calls the Lions to kill them.” After saying this, the Lion King sensed how I reflected on my Race. He then consoled me, “Africans are the Wisest, but Men and Women must allow one another to be complements–Men and Women. It’s not as simple as Men will be Men and Women will be Women. It must be in your Culture that Men will permit Womanhood and Women will permit Manhood. This was stolen from you, as it was in the tribe of Male Lionesses, yet knowing what you lost, return it to your spirit.” My head lowered so the Lion King continued, “The Male Lionesses’ troubles were the Hyenas’ charisma. Be more vigilant with Yurugu (European people) and allow your woman to bring every dealing with Yurugu to you. Yurugu will then have no charisma with her and will allow you to be the Man your spirit compels you to be.  The Man fully against your enemies.”

I remained discontent so the Lion King and I sat until he slept. I then returned to Brooklyn, New York from Africa. I could not tell the Lion King that where I live, Yurugu is both protector and healer, role-wise both our Men and our Women. We do not have the army that can march from one part of Africa to the other. I was saddened. Yet, the work ahead of me is clear. As a Lion can not allow Hyenas to confuse his Women, we Africans can not allow Europeans or Asians to confuse our own. By the Lion’s Law, the confusing Hyena deserves death. It’s upon me to know and practice African Law.  It’s upon all of our men.

2 thoughts on “The Allegory of the Male Lioness


    You have greatly influenced and reinforced my perceptions as a blackman here in the hells of north amerikkka, even though I am here in the mother land trying to make my word my bond.

    It is so hard to find like-minded (thinking) people in these modernize times. I am do back in the states in April, what can I do to strengthen your organization besides money which I need for my own organization?

    Where are you located?


    1. Peace King,

      The struggle is ancient. The more Warriors the more effective the War. I am in New York, but as long as we keep recruiting soldiers to the struggle we are all strengthened.

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