The Real Point of Discussion

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“No discussion can throw light if it wanders from the real point.”  — KMT Proverb

What’s first?  Focus!  When we gather to speak, one African rails against Barack Obama, another African protests against mis-coloured nipples in Japanese animations, another African speaks against African women/men, another African says European and Asian people mistreat them, another African tells you to study for yourself, another African blasts the Church and Mis-leaders,  another African complains of how few Africans are in “that” venue, another African chimes in how Hip Hop is deteriorating, another African discusses natural and straightened hair, another African summarizes your genetic presence in each continent, another African recommends a new film coming out and by and by we remain in the same condition: Interracially Dependent in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness; dependence on living and creating.  We are focused at the African Blood Siblings.  We do not talk to talk, or talk to hear ourselves, but we talk to create, this is the Real Point of Discussion.  Below is a real outline toward Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness.  Read the ABS Newsletter, Write to Create an African Blood Siblings Community Center, Rally a team, and look around when you finished these steps.  You’ll see that you Restored our Communities.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Real Point of Discussion
By Onitaset Kumat

We ruled Africa.  Then, our industry and community were world renowned.  Altruism was our order.  Today, we are restoring that rule.  Here is how.

Seen by many, the image above can be read in a number of manners, but predominately two: Europeanized and African.  From the Europeanized, “Africa is going to the highest bidders, woe is us;” but from our African, “Africa is going to the highest bidders, let’s get together and bid.”  The African Blood Siblings is reacquainting us with our manners.

Each of us know that bidding for a continent is inherently illegitimate, but it is happening.  What do we do now?

I venture to say that we need to diet differently.  We read that Africa is exporting corn, palm oil, rice, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, sugar cane and forestry.  We need to think of consuming these gifts from our continent.  Then we organize that we own our own acres and provide for our Brothers and Sisters that independence which can end the mercy for which we beg.  It will not be simple, but this is an achievable mastery.

Our ancestor Garvey said it this way in “Africa’s Wealth”:

“If the oil of Africa was good for Rockefeller’s interest; if iron ore was good for the Carnegie Trust; then surely these minerals are good for us.  Why should we allow Wall Street and the capitalists group of America and other countries to exploit our country when they refuse to give us a fair chance in the countries of our adoption?  Why should not Africa give to the world its black Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Henry Ford?  Now is the opportunity.  Now is the chance for every Negro to make every effort toward a commercial, industrial standard that will make us comparable with the successful business men of other races.

This is the real point of discussion: racial independence in food, clothing, shelter and consciousness.  That real point will always be synonymous with the African Blood Siblings, because first we will create independence, then we will forever protect it.  Join our discussion, comment and subscribe.  And always speak on the African Blood Siblings.  We are creating African Blood Siblings Community Centers that we shall create our independence at home and abroad.

Thank you.  Speak on the Real Point of Discussion: The African Blood Siblings.

18 thoughts on “The Real Point of Discussion

  1. That map of Africa is very telling.There’s so much resources(oil,gold) in Africa it makes sense why other countries are always over there trying to steal some of it. Africa has to be mindful that not all of them are allies. You don’t get something for nothing.

    1. We know this. Yet no choice is given people forced from their subsistence. It’s upon us to restore Africa’s subsistence. At the moment, we discuss every other issue besides this restoration. This is where the African Blood Siblings comes in. Spread the message. And our discussion can become meaningful.

      Thanks for sharing Brother,

      1. True indeed. They seem so preoccupied with other things. If they knew better they’d do better.

      2. Brother, it’s about “us” not “them.” We “know” better, but how much of us are ‘doing better?’ Any and every African person can tell you that our neighborhoods are dominated by non-Africans, but how many of us resist keeping this reign going? “We know better.” But it boils down to whether “we do better.” The problem is rooted in our lack of “Common Sense.” Or more clear “Our Common Sense with Other People” or “Common Nonsense.”

        Until we restore our “Common Sense” or more clearly “Consciousness” we’ll continue to empower others at our own expense.

        Let’s not discuss “others”–As Michael said, let’s talk to “the man in the mirror.”

      3. You misunderstood me. The “they” I was speaking of is us. It’s just that many times I think of black folks in terms of conscious and the unconscious. I feel as though the unconscious don’t care about what’s happening to us here in Amerikkka or in Africa. But the reality is that many of us co called conscious black people aren’t doing enough either. Sure we talk a lot about ancient history,black science and great civilizations. But like you said,we need to restore our common sense.
        Off topic,what’s your opinion on this anti-Muslim film The Innocence of Muslims? You’re a smart brother,I’m curious to know your take on this issue. It’s been all over the news. I personally think it’s just more propaganda by the media to cause more hysteria between Arabs and Jews.

      4. I never heard of it, but White folk have been fighting for over 60,000 years. We can not stop them from fighting, but we can stop them from fighting us.

        I walk by Jewish homes where the man beats the woman and it’s really not any of my business. Patriarchal people behave like patriarchy.

        We need to be about restoring our Matriarchy, ’cause African homes are sounding a lot like European homes and that’s the problem.

        To me, Arabs and Jews, and Europeans and Asians in general fight because there is no honor among thieves–but our concern needs to be our honor. Let thieves be thieves, but let nobles–be noble.

        Thanks for asking,

      5. Great reply. I really understand where you’re coming from. How do you feel about the so called “gender war” going on. A lot of brothers and sistas are fighting right now. It can get pretty heated. Some brothers say sistas need to know their place and let brothers lead. Sistas believe they need a more important role in the community. With all these single parent homes,some say we already live in a matriarchy system. Since these young black boys don’t have fathers around. I thought the practice of Maat was balance. And that men and women both have their roles. The roles are supposed to compliment each other. It’s not about one being better than another. But some sistas feel their playing the background role in the revolution. What do you think?

      6. I just wrote a relevant example to Brother Gos. In essence, what we are observing is “Colored” dialogue. “Colored” being “Color added to White.” To really understand “Colored” dialogue, one must understand “White” dialogue. White women and White men are at odds with one another. People who explicitly identify with Whites–“Colored People”–are thus in a “gender war” too. The “Colored” phenomenon isn’t as widespread as we presume. However, the “gender war” is seen to rely upon the unchallenged premises of the European asili.

        For instance, in the example with Brother Gos, it’s seen that “Protect the Women and Children” and “Protect the Children” are two different premises with different results. In “Pre-Colonial (1790) Manufacture in Africa” we see the differences: as an African example, the women are the second-line of defense, whereas we usually know that in the European example the men are the first and last defense. This informs the question.

        On the continent, we lived in Matriarchy. Not “Single-Parent Homes” but a completely different social arrangement with sisterhoods, brotherhoods and maternal uncles. What we do today is live in European arrangements and it’s at the root of the problem. Nevertheless, “man” in Africa was considered “woman’s appendage,” that is that the “woman was the focus.” In Patriarchy, the “man” is the focus, and herein is the explicit problem. African people should focus on their women–building Sisterhoods–but we are focused on our men. We’re setting ourselves up to be Europeans rather than Africans.

        An excellent post for this conversation is “How you can save the African Family.” There “Maternal Uncles” is better explained.

  2. Not sure if we need a black Rockefeller as I’m sure the world could have done without a white one. As for the gossip lingers, that type of barbershop babble typifies what one would hear if they tuned into the London stations

    1. Little within the mainstream are better, because an important aspect of “Black” dialogue is that it is “colored” dialogue. “Colored” implies “Color added to White.” Or “Black” people with “White” writers, education, ideas.

      In the sciences, each hypothesis has ingrained premises. These premises are deemed objective but are actually culturally specific. However, insomuch as we are taught that these are objective, we end up with a European cultural lens–that’s universal amongst them–so whether in London, Lagos, Los Angeles or Laos, the same discussion is had, just different accent, different language.

      It’s only when we create institutions that do not only challenge the premises but balance on a different indigenous premise will the dialogue improve.

      An example can be seen in the introduction for “Pre-Colonial (1790) Manufacture in Africa.” There an invaded city puts its women to guard the safe house. The unstated premise being that women should be the second line of defense. In a European situation, the men are the first and last line of defense–women go in the safe house with the children. More explicitly, “Protect the Women and Children” is European; “Protect the Children” is African. Completely different premises.

      The African Blood Siblings Community Center is what creates those indigenous African premises amongst a stolen people.

  3. Very telling map Onitaset. It pains me to see Whites and Yellows over there. I’m going to do a post begging, yes…begging our people not to shop this holiday season. We need to put that 1 trillion dollar spending power in our own neighbourhoods.

      1. That’s just it. You won’t have to rear a child from young. The stages of life are universal. Know Thyself–> Be Thyself –> Complete Thyself. Tomorrow’s article covers Maddox but also discusses Martin Delany. These are Black Men.

        We can hardly believe what Black Men and Women achieved. But when we learn of what’s our potential we are transformed.

        Malcolm X exhibits this truth. Though his Father was an upstanding Black Man and his Mother, an upstanding Black woman (Both Garveyites); the former was murdered early on and the latter was distraught over it. When he arrived to New York, seeing more of our worse, he joined the worse. Finally, he was brought to an excellent example in members of the Nation and the Nation’s belief system, so he too join the ranks of upstanding Black men. This wasn’t a development from childhood but a development in adulthood.

        Understand “Knobeco” (Know Thyself –> Be Thyself –> Complete Thyself)

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