An Address to the Four Kinds of Negroes

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“There are several kinds of Negroes in this country whose idiosyncrasies retard the progress of the race.” — John Edward Bruce

In 1899, John Edward Bruce distinguished Four Kinds of Negroes (Africans): The Jealous Negro, the Ignorant Negro, the Smart Negro and the Loyal Negro. Whichever you are, he and I and several others want to speak with you. It is first in the correction of ourselves that we can correct others. As usual, enjoy this reading and many others, make use of the many contact forms on this site to engage us in conversation, and recognize yourself as an instrument for uplifting our race, whether in handing our flyers, handing in donations or lending a hand to building for self. We can secure a Prosperity for ourselves, we can accomplish unparalleled greatness, we ought to ground ourselves in our own knowledge and we need to organize under African principles. Enjoy this address. Subscribe, share, love.

An Address to the Four Kinds of Negroes
By Onitaset Kumat

“There are several kinds of Negroes in this country whose idiosyncrasies retard the progress of the race. The first is the jealous Negro, who hates to see other Negroes prosper. The second is the ignorant Negro who refuses to believe that any other Negro can do what to him seems impossible of accomplishment, and who makes a demigod of a white man, and tells him all his business. The third is the very smart Negro who assumes to know everything, to understand everything, who is suspicious of every other Negro and devotes his spare moments trying to find out things to criticize. Then there is the earnest, manly loyal Negro who realizes the fact that it is to families, nations, races to whom Almighty God has given missions and that as a race the Negro has a mission which no other race can perform for him as well as he himself can perform it.”

It isn’t strange that the four kinds of Negroes in 1899 match the four kinds of Africans (Negroes) in 2013. An Ancient Proverb explains this Phenomenon: “The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature.” As the Africans in question are dominated by European people and both Africans and Europeans have a particular Nature, their interactions, like a Lion and a Deer’s, remain the same despite the generations that pass between. So John Edward Bruce, like many other Africans, addressed these four kinds of Negroes throughout his life. I will show you some addresses, including especially the African Blood Siblings Core Tenets (in green): our guide to African Liberational Philosophy.

The Negroes:

The Jealous Negro

“The first is the jealous Negro, who hates to see other Negroes prosper.” — John Edward Bruce

For you, we teach the Core Tenet, “Prosperity, Independence, and Community is the removal of Impoverishment, Dependency and Individualism.”

John Edward Bruce had this to say in 1919,

“The greatest danger to the Negro in America is his potentiality for individual achievement which not only makes black competition a menace but evokes also the unreasoning racial hatred of those civilized white persons who find it impossible to accept the Negro as an equal . . .”

He had held onto his disagreement with individualism for many years before. In the ABS we enunciate that Poverty is Dependence is Slavery and we see in the Core Tenet how Individualism is linked with the three.

Dr. Amos Wilson writes in Blueprint for Black Power (available here: more on the subject:

The ideological individualism with which Black and lower class America is indoctrinated by the White ruling elite, an ideology which it does not apply to itself, is designed to atomize those collective groups into aggregations of individuals each of whom is almost exclusively concerned with his or her private or personal interests and life in opposition to the collective, social interests and life of the group as a whole. The ideological pablum of individualism fed to Black America produces in that community the concept of the individual as one who “exists as something abstracted from a social matrix, apart from the web of tasks, obligations, affections, and collective relationships which give people their identities, their social meaning, and their experience of humanity and of themselves.” This privately defined, socially abstract, deracialized, de-ethnicized individualism is perfectly designed to induce a false and self-defeating, alienated state of consciousness in the members of the Afrikan American community in order to sap its vitality and potential. Furthermore, it functions to induce and motivate in Afrikan Americans the behaviors, attitudes and social relations which perpetuate their own subordination which at the same time, and by the same means, support and empower the racist status quo—thereby making the Afrikan-centered collective overthrow of White power an impossibility.

It’s upon you, Jealous Negro to see that you must remove impoverishment, dependence and individualism from yourself and thus your Siblings in order that Prosperity, Independence and Community can be yours. This is achieved through Organization. And this achievement can improve your lot. Become a member of the African Blood Siblings to organize for our uplift.

The Ignorant Negro

“The second is the ignorant Negro who refuses to believe that any other Negro can do what to him seems impossible of accomplishment, and who makes a demigod of a white man, and tells him all his business.” — John Edward Bruce

For you, we teach the Core Tenet, “Knowledge, Wisdom and Love are weapons against Ignorance, Error and Hate.”

In 1919, John Edward Bruce relayed one of the oft forgotten points of our domination,

“The early Britons were once rated as the most ignorant and stupid of all races, yet a thousand years of opportunity have given them a place among the races of mankind second to none.”

This is said to say even if today we are not in the highest position, we contribute to our own future. There’s no telling if there were early Britons who denied their potential, but assuredly enough of them raised their lot that today those of low rating are now the esteemed persons the world over.

What’s more, our people have a history of being very impressive and any monument of Kemet can assure you that nothing is impossible. What’s more, ours is a problem of not doing basic industries. Yet look at this submerged testimony from 1790 from a European on our ancestors,

“I have been surprised to see with what industry they manufacture their cottons, their indigo, and other dying articles, as well as several sorts of manufacture in wood; they make soap; they tan leather, and work it exceedingly well, and even with good taste … they work bar iron … into several articles, as for instance, lances, instruments for tillage, poniards, &c.; they work in gold very ingeniously, and so well, that I never have seen better made articles of that kind in Europe; a great number of articles for ornaments of gold, silver, brass, leather, &c.” (Minutes of the evidence taken before the Select Committee on the Slave Trade, p.32, by Norris et al.)

Another European had this to say,

“The fame of the Ethiopians was widespread in ancient history. Herodotus describes them as “the tallest, most beautiful and long-lived of the human races,” and before Herodotus, Homer, in even more flattering language, described them as “the most just of men; the favorite of the gods.” The annals of all the great early nations of Asia Minor are full of them. The Mosaic records allude to them frequently; but while they are described as the most powerful, the most just, and the most beautiful of the human race, they are constantly spoken of as black, and there seems to be no other conclusion to be drawn, that that at that remote period of history the leading race of the Western world was a black race [A Tropical Dependency, p. 221, by Lady Lugard].

More affirmations of our possibilities can be read from Dr. Ben, Dr. Nantambu and even Europe’s finest mind, Socrates. Of the last, we see how the story of Atlantis is a story told by our Ancient Ancestors in Egypt to one of Europe’s Seven Sages Solon who sitting at their feet was told he and all Europeans are perennial infants, think on that.

You belong to a race, which directed can stun the world so greatly that our song is sung every which way you turn. Come to the African Blood Siblings. Uplift your race in Organization, realizing our potential is greater than all we see today.

The Smart Negro

“The third is the very smart Negro who assumes to know everything, to understand everything, who is suspicious of every other Negro and devotes his spare moments trying to find out things to criticize.” — John Edward Bruce

For you, we teach the Core Tenet, “Organized Justice defeats Organized Injustice.”

In the same 1899 essay regarding the four types, John Edward Bruce related the following,

“The condition which hedge the Negro about in this country, are to a large extent of his own making–the result of his apathy, indifference and refusal to make the most of opportunities at hand. When we take time to look facts squarely in the eye, we can not fail to observe that the Negroes who make the loudest complaints about existing conditions which hamper and annoy them are those who do the least to change them. They are those who do not believe in the efficacy and potency of organization intelligently directed, or who, if they believe in it, are not willing to repose confidence in the wisdom, prudence and good judgment of those who have the capacity and the executive and administrative ability to lead.”

In a 1915 essay, John Edward Bruce said,

“Our environment makes us think white, and some of us think white so persistently that we haven’t time to think black.”

These ideas are one in the same. Europeans have a phrase that goes “Nothing is certain but taxes and death.” That means that Europeans have one unwavering role: Pay Taxes. It is subtle, but this is the Crux of their Power. For through taxes they pay for their organization (Governments) and it’s their organization which exploits, dominates and deliberately disempowers you.

What’s more, you finance that White Power Structure and don’t finance this Black Power Structure. That’s a significant portion of your income going to your own Enslavement and none of your income turned toward your Liberation. It’s upon you to reverse this trend. Martin Delany explained the root of understanding your next move,

“Whatever liberty is worth to the whites, it is worth to the blacks; therefore, whatever it cost the whites to obtain it, the blacks would be willing and ready to pay, if they desire it.”

It’s important to realize that Taxes and Organization are the cost to the Whites. You should take it upon yourself to give taxes and promote organization too. Charles W. Anderson (1897) explains why Organizations,

“To make steam effective you must bind it up in an engine; to make water serviceable, you must harness it in a mill; to make electricity manageable, you must mask it in a battery; and to make men useful in reformatory or remedial work, you must recruit them into an organization.”

Kwame Ture also speaks to organization,

“Some people think traitors are those who do something against the movement. You can betray the movement by not doing something for the movement.

Hitler said: “Tell a lie a million times and the people will come to think it’s the truth.” Revolutionaries say: “Tell the truth a couple of times, you will smash a million lies.” And that’s exactly what the million and more march did.

If you would look at the lies of the capitalist media you would think all we’re concerned about is drug addicts shooting each other, crime, raping each other, ripping off each other; October 16th one day put all those lies in the garbage can forever.

What have we done? We must heighten our organizations.

Kwame Nkrumah said, “Unity presupposes organization.” Many brothers and sisters think they are in unity with the people but they don’t belong to any organization at all. All the time.

Unity presupposes organization. If you’re not in an organization, you’re not united with your brothers and sisters.

History will not be denied. You can either be part of the historical process, come to take the serious task of organizing your people on a day to day basis, or you can come every Wednesday night, clap, feel good, jump up, say you were there, and go back, and wait until next Tuesday night.

Our people are looking for direction and the conscious must provide that direction. The people are looking for unity, let’s give them unity. the people are looking for power, let’s give them organization. The masses want unity, let’s move from mass mobilization, to mass organization.”

It’s necessary to see Organization as our means to Liberation.  Especially as European and Asian Organization is the means toward our Enslavement.  It only becomes that we must realize that only Organized Justice can counter Organized Injustice.  This is why you turn ought yourself to financing and organizing your own Prosperous, Independent African Communities with the African Blood Siblings.

The Loyal African

“Then there is the earnest, manly loyal Negro who realizes the fact that it is to families, nations, races to whom Almighty God has given missions and that as a race the Negro has a mission which no other race can perform for him as well as he himself can perform it.” — John Edward Bruce

For you, we teach the Core Tenet, “The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans.”

In 1915, the same time John Edward Bruce related that “As a class, we are not Producers; we are Consumers,” John Edward Bruce said,

“To labor for man because he is man is man’s noblest work.”

It’s upon you to update this into “To labor for Africans because they are Africans is an African’s noblest work.”

This means look into yourself and remove the European’s value system and indulge in an African value system. Dr. Amos Wilson (Blueprint for Black Power) succinctly explains this concept,

“Money follows value–we pay for what we value. Afrikans must value things European, things manufactured and marketed by Europeans, thereby enriching and empowering Europeans while impoverishing and disempowering themselves. The degree to which Afrikans value things Afrikan, things manufactured and marketed by Afrikans, they enrich and empower themselves. Thus, to the degree that the operational values which determine Afrikan behavior are truly Afrikan-centered, to that degree Afrikans become self-controlling, self-empowering, and will be liberated from European domination and exploitation.”

The main portion is in the first sentence: “Money follows value–we pay for what we value.” It’s not only in money, but it’s certainly in money that you need to express your value of our people. Mainly, love not money (as even DuBois warned against), but love to provide your organizations with money.

In 1919, John Edward Bruce promoted Garvey as a true African leader. His words,

“To me, two of the tests of true leadership are the absence of the love of money and a desire to help the masses to get on and up.”

. . .

“Garvey is relentless with crooks and fakers, and he is the idol of the masses of the common people of whom he is one.”

These qualities are for you to adopt. First and foremost become a member of an African Organization. Marcus Garvey in 1925 himself spoke on Leadership.

Negro Leadership and What it Means

I would not exchange two five-cent cigars — even though not a smoker — for all the Colored or Negro political leaders, or rather mis-leaders, of our time. The fraternity is heartless, crafty and corrupt. They exist for themselves only, and give no honest thought to the future, nor the condition of the people, except to exploit the said condition to their political benefit.

The leaders of the race are visionless and selfish. They think of none but themselves.

Among the whites, we have a few political charlatans and crooks, but that race can well afford, under the circumstances, to tolerate them, because they are surrounded and circumvented by Statesmen and race Patriots who are ever vigilant and on guard in protecting the rights of their people. Among us Negroes, there is no relief from such a class, because they monopolize our politics and obstruct our outlook. The only tempering hope is religion, and that is like dry bones, we have to wait a long while for them to come together in the Valley.

To use our present political leaders there must be a conversion and reformation in head and heart. I believe it to be impossible with the inviting system of graft, therefore I suggest that leadership be assumed by our uncorrupted youth, with a program clear, positive and determined, counting well the cost of opposition and persecution, which generally leads to the Bastile and the Guillotine.

It’s of you to be this new leadership in the organization which resonates with you. The African Blood Siblings remains the only Organization that upholds the Laws of Nature, Harmony and Morality. It also has Eleven Core Tenets designed to Liberate the African Race. With your membership and your valuing of our Organization, Prosperous, Independent African Communities can come.  With your Siblings, Join.

5 thoughts on “An Address to the Four Kinds of Negroes

  1. Have you ever seen this passage?

    The intelligent Negro traveller in foreign lands comes across four classes of Europeans. First, the class who are professionally philanthropic. These at the sight of the Negro, go into ecstasies over this ‘man and brother,’ and put themselves to all sorts of inconvenience to prove to this unfortunate member of the human race that they believe God hath made of one blood all nations of men, &c. The second class is composed of those who, at the sight of the Negro, have all their feelings of malice, hatred, and all uncharitableness excited, and who adopt every expedient and avail themselves of every occasion to give exhibitions of their vehement antagonism. The third class regard him with contemptuous indifference and care to exhibit neither favour nor dislike, whatever his merit or demerit. The fourth class consists of those who treat him as they would a white man of the same degree of culture and behaviour, basing their demeanour altogether upon the intellectual or moral qualities of the man- To the cultivated Negro, of course, the last class is the most interesting to meet, and if he had his choice between classes first and second, he would choose the second. Writers on Africa and the African race may be divided into very much the same classes; and the race has scarcely suffered more from the violent antagonism of its foes than from the false and undue admiration of its friends.

    — Edward Wilmot Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, 2nd ed. 1888 (available on Google Books)

    1. I haven’t, though the parallel with John Edward Bruce’s work almost assures that he had. It comes as no surprise that Edward Wilmot Blyden’s “Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race” was listed among the books in Bruce’s Organization.

      I’m grateful for this share.


    2. Four classes of Europeans ~ very interesting, worth a thorough discussion, after all… it is wise to find out as much about the enemy as possible, they certainly don’t waste any time finding out about the African.

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